What is the Best Way to Color Poster Boards?

Hello! Are you planning to color your poster board, or are you looking for tips to make your poster fabulous? In Today’s blog, we will be discussing the best and easiest method to color your poster boards, so don’t miss out as you’re in the right spot to make your poster board amazing and eye-catching.

What Is The Best Way To Color Poster Boards?

The best way to color your poster board is to choose different shades and mixtures in order to keep your poster board’s look charming. Keeping the background colors a little dark, the other colors on the front of the surface showing their beauty.

This is what I do while coloring my poster board. Also, here’s another friendly tip that you can note down that while designing poster boards, try not to panic with a white background. While using bright colors, it makes your poster look like sunlight’s dazzling rays. Try adding life to it like a professional, even if someone chooses the color combination for either clothes or painting, which must be tricky.

What Combinations Make Your Poster Look Elegant?

Dark colors on the light background of the poster will undoubtedly result in the words “Wow.” Most people try to use different shades, but the result is not as good and amazing as expected. The reason for this is; that they are not blending and choosing appropriate colors.

Many researchers and professionals of art introduced a scheme called 3 color schemes, which includes three color wheels.

The first color wheel includes primary colors, which are red, yellow, and blue. These are basic (primary) hues from which other colors are formed.

The second color wheel includes secondary colors; there are six colors in this wheel; the three colors or hues formed by mixing any two primary colors are; orange, purple, and green.

The third color wheel includes tertiary colors; twelve colors are in this wheel formed by the primary and secondary adjacent color combinations; red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green, yellow-orange, yellow-green. When these shades are blending on the poster board, it makes your poster board attractive.

Generally, combinations of colors are given with the color palette, and the codes are also provided. I follow the instructions and color shades on my poster board, which all my colleagues love.

What Factors Affect Your Poster Board Color?

The following factors affect the coloring of your poster board,

  1. You have to choose a board of excellent material for poster, some choose cardboards, some choose hard charts, and some select canvas for posters.
  2. Choose good quality colors because cheap colors produce cheap results. To get the expected results, carefully choose them.

When you search for the best ways to color your poster boards, many elements affect your poster board coloring.

Is Poster Paint The Same As Acrylic Paint?

No, there is a difference between poster paint and acrylic paint.

  1. Poster paints, unlike acrylic paint, if get dry; they can be washed out easily by pouring water in the paintbox or on the paint palette.
  2. Poster paint has a speedier drying time than acrylic paint.
  3. Poster paint is water-soluble and gives a water-opaque texture to your poster board paint.

You can easily use poster paint without worrying about your clothes, hands, or hair; because they are washable. Poster paint is not only fixed for posters only. It can be used for canvas painting and wood painting.

What Are The Best Color Palettes That Make Your Poster Board Pop?

There are 8 best color palettes available that will provide you a chance to bring your ideas and dreamy poster colors to reality.

These are the perfect shades that I used for my poster make-up. They have coded palettes, and you can purchase them easily if you want a professional touch in your color boards.

I am just recommending you these palettes that have worked the best for me.

What Precautions Should You Follow While Coloring Your Poster Boards?

  • While preparing poster boards, keep in mind which ceremony or event you will use them; If it is for a rally, for a strike, for a presentation or business purpose, or artistic work.
  • Keep your poster background light so that dark colors will amazingly cover your texture or surface of the board; meanwhile, posters with a dark background cannot correctly show off the light colors on them.
  • Never use primary colors red, yellow and blue in the background, always use their blend (secondary and tertiary colors)
  • Avoid using red, orange, and yellow colors because they are mostly used for warning and alarming conditions. Don’t make people worried.


To sum up the whole discussion about the topic, the colors for the poster boards are different for different events and ceremonies. They are planned and made over according to the event.

Usage of shades or blends of colors makes the board more attractive and charming. There are palettes available that give you more ideas to design the poster board elegantly. Shades are the result of a combination of primary colors and secondary colors. Poster paint is washable, and there is a slight difference between acrylic and poster paint.

Usage of primary colors in the background is not suitable for your color effects. Make the background of your poster light so that dark colors will increase the beauty and give people eye-catching stuff. Don’t use such bright colors that the poster looks itchy. Keep the theme of your board slightly bright and dark, which provides it with a tranquil and smooth touch.

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