Is Acrylic Paint Washable? Tips For 7 Different Surfaces!

People choose washable paints for their painting activities for obvious reasons, of course. However, in some cases, factors like versatility are considered more critical than washability. And so people opt for acrylic paints.

Acrylic paint is a popular choice among both artists and other users. But using acrylic paints can be a messy business. It requires a moderate level of skills or proficiency to use acrylic paints. If you’re not careful enough, you may end up in shambles! And removing acrylic paint out of any material isn’t an easy task.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable?

If you’re here, it means that you’re already in a messy situation, right?

To answer your question, “is acrylic paint washable or not?” In general, acrylic paint is washable. It is easily washable when wet. But when all dried up, it has low-washability, but it’s not entirely waterproof.

However, the washability also varies from surface to surface. For example, It may be easy to wash it off from your skin but extremely difficult to get it off from fabric. Other than that, you would need the right solution and other paint removing materials to wash off the paint.

Let’s dig deep into how washable acrylic paint is on different materials.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable On Skin?

Is Acrylic Paint Washable on SkinSome ways by which you can remove acrylic paint from your skin.

Firstly, run some warm water over the spilled area. This will help loosen the paint bonds what has begun to dry.

If it’s fresh, then most of it should wash away just like that.


Warm Water Did Not Remove Acrylic Paint? Use Soap!

If they’re still some spots left, then use a mild soap and rub until lather forms and you see the remaining paint coming off.

If the paint spot is fresh and isn’t dry, then this method should do the trick. But you may need to make two rounds pass until the affected skin is spick and span.


Soap Solution Did Not Remove Acrylic Paint? Use Baby Oil!

If the acrylic paint has dried all up, then the chances are that the previous method didn’t work.

Dry off your skin, pour a drop or two of baby oil, and massage it into your skin. Work the dried paint away with the tip of your fingers or with a sponge or a cotton ball if the stain is a particularly stubborn one.

Baby oil is that one option that is gentler and healthier for your skin than those other paint removers, which have some harsh chemicals.


How To Remove Acrylic Paint From Skin Using Alcohol?

One other alternative to remove acrylic paint from the skin is by using alcohol.

Rinse the paint spot with warm water and soap. Now douse a cotton ball or a washcloth in standard rubbing alcohol and gently start massaging until all the paint is gone.

Alcohol is a solvent used for acrylic paint, which means that it will start to break down the paint once applied to the skin.

Note: We would like to warn you that acrylic paint should not be applied on the skin, especially sensitive areas, since acrylic paint is extremely toxic for your skin, and you can risk damaging your skin.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable on Fabric?

You can wash acrylic paint off your clothes; if you get to it right away while it is still wet.

But, if the paint has dried up, you would need a solution with the right amount of alcohol. You have to apply alcohol to the paint and then gently scrub the stain off the fabric.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable On Walls?

This depends on the wall. If the wall paint which got compromised is Latex, especially Gloss or Semi-Gloss, even Satin, Blue Dawn Liquid should do the trick.

Rub Blue Dawn Liquid around the paint a little, then using a warm, damp washcloth to rub it off.

Don’t have a Dawn Blue Liquid lying around? Don’t worry, I found this one, it’s good. If the following hack doesn’t work, then sanding or painting over the spot is recommended.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable On Windows?

Acrylic paint, which is specifically made for windows is maybe permanent and hence not washable.

If it’s regular acrylic paint, you can easily remove it with some soap and water. If the stain is thick and long ago dried, then you may need to do some scraping after you have soaked it with a warm soapy solution.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable On Concrete?

Concrete can take up a lot of beating, whereas acrylic paint can’t. Acrylic paint can be washed off from concrete; however, the process might take some time and effort.

Firstly, blot up as much excess wet paint as possible with a damp rag or a damp newspaper. Then saturate a clean rag in rubbing alcohol. Place the rag over the painted spot for about 10 minutes.

Then wipe the area with another clean rag saturated in rubbing alcohol after removing the first rag. Using a clean, soapy cloth, remove the rubbing alcohol. Rinse the spot with water and dry with a clean rag.


Water Did Not Remove Acrylic Paint? Use Detergent!

Mix 2 tbsp. of dishwashing detergent into 1 gallon of warm water. Dip a bristle scrub brush into the soapy solution and start scrubbing the paint stains. Rinse the area with water.

Sometimes, scrubbing is all that is required to remove paint stains.


Detergent Did Not Remove Acrylic Paint? Use Paint Thinner!

If scrubbing didn’t work out for you, then no worries, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Soak a rag with paint thinner and lay the rag on top of the paint stain for about an hour or two so that the paint softens. Once the paint softens, use a paint scraper to scrape the softened paint off the concrete surface. Rinse the area thoroughly by hosing down all traces of the paint thinner.


Paint Thinner Did Not Remove Acrylic Paint? Use Weak Acid!

If paint thinner does not work, don’t worry. This next step should do the trick.

Mix muriatic acid according to package directions. Usually, one part of a weak acid solution to ten parts water is all that is necessary.

Dip a stiff-bristle scrub brush into the acidic solution (Muriatic acid) and apply it to the paint stain. Scrub the stain until it disappears. Flush the area several times by hosing water.

Warning: Muriatic acid is a strong corrosive and requires gloves, goggles, and protective clothing to be worn when handled. It should be only used in a well-ventilated area, or the user must wear a respirator.

Many people believe acrylic paint is not the best choice for concrete, especially when it comes to the outdoors. But the truth is, concrete is that one surface that you don’t have to worry about damaging when you are trying to wash the paint off of it.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable On Plastic?

Acrylic paint is generally easy to clean off of plastic as compared to other materials.

Wipe as much wet acrylic paint as you can with a rag. Pour some vegetable oil on the dried up paint and rub it with paper towels. After rubbing vegetable oil, start scraping it off from the stain’s edges towards the center.

Vegetable oil softens the paint, and so you can easily scrape it off. If the paint still didn’t come off, then don’t worry. This other DIY should do the trick.

Saturate a cotton ball or cotton with denatured alcohol. Rub the saturated cotton ball or cloth on the paint. You should see the paint lifting off.

Warning: Before using denatured alcohol on the paint spot, first test it on an underside area. Check and see if the plastic gets damaged by it. If not, then you’re OK to proceed.

Is Acrylic Paint Washable On Wood?

Stripping paint from your wood is surprisingly easy, and the things you will need are things that you can easily find in your home.

Here are some methods to remove acrylic paint from wood,

Removing Acrylic Paint Through Soapy Solution:

Slightly dampen the rag and rub it over the painted spot. Mix some glycerin soap in hot water after removing most of the wet paint. Dip the rag in the hot soapy solution and keep rubbing and scrubbing until all the paint comes off


Removing Acrylic Paint Through Alcohol:

Remove the excessive paint by carefully scraping it off with a knife. Once most of the paint is removed, dampen a rag with alcohol and start rubbing the remaining paint from the wood.

Keep adding alcohol as much as needed for the cloth. Don’t be too harsh while rubbing since it can damage the wood. Alcohol can be the most effective method to remove acrylic paint.


It is a common misconception people have that acrylic paint becomes waterproof once it dries down. Acrylic paint becomes water-resistant once it has dried down. It does not become entirely waterproof. Applying excessive amount of water to the paint will get it off of any surface. And if not, then using alcohol or any oil should do the trick.