The Best Sewing Machine Carrying Case

It is common knowledge among seamstresses that selecting a sewing machine requires time, effort, and research. While we always buy more fabric than we need, we also shop with great prudence. When buying a sewing machine case, we are not as vigilant.

And if you decide in a hurry, just that might occur. No matter how lovely your new sewing machine case is, it will be useless if your machine does not fit inside. 

The best travel case for sewing machines available has all been assessed in this article for your sewing machine. 

SINGER Universal Canvas Machine Tote Black 

  • This sewing machine bag is both stylish and secure. And it is dust-free. 
  • Its a small bag measuring 12 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.   
  • You have a transcending front zipped pocket for transporting tools and accessories. The inside of ergonomic, padded handle of the tote bag makes carrying it around a breeze. 
  • The Singer tote bag is impact resistant. 

This sewing machine bag provides enough room for the machine. It contains a lock, which will keep the device safe when traveling.  

Additionally, the zipper on this machine can be easily opened while removing the machine. Also, the edges of this sewing machine tote bag include extra pockets. You will also have the handles. You can transport this machine conveniently thanks to its handle. 

In addition, the plastic feet on this sewing machine tote bag safeguard the machine. Additionally, it has a pocket on the front for storing additional sewing supplies. This storage case will completely protect the sewing machine.   

This sewing machine bag is 13 inches wide and 18 inches long. The zipper on this machine, which is of outstanding quality, is one of its best characteristics.  

Bag zips frequently fail, but with this sewing tote machine bag, you’ll have the greatest quality. Unfortunately, the bag’s handle cannot be adjusted. 


  • Slim design 
  • lightweight 
  • It has a front pocket for additional storage. 
  • Provides ample padding for maximum protection for your machine. 


  • Limited to portable machines only 

Customer Review

This Singer Travel Sewing Machine Case is excellent. It holds my machine, the extended table, and accessories all in 1 easy to transport case that is not too heavy. It is a perfect size when going to classes or sewing weekends etc. I am very happy with this product.”

Tutto Sewing Machine Bag With Wheels 

  • The Tutto machine case also comes in a variety of solid colors. 
  • Tutto Sewing Machine Case on Wheels is made to be sturdy and long-lasting. 
  • The Machine Case can stack up to 150 pounds and has faster-circulating wheels than competitors. 
  • Although it costs much more than the typical sewing machine bag, the Tutto Sewing Machine Case on Wheels is well-built. 

The rolling tote’s frame is sturdy enough to safeguard your serger, quilting, or sewing machine. On the outside, ballistic nylon is utilized. Due to the enhanced strength, it is substantially heavier and near to 10 pounds in weight. 

These stacked goods are held by the two exterior straps, which may be tucked away inside when not in use. 

When not in use, the handle folds over the top of the case. Because of this, once you’ve unloaded your sewing machine, this case will fold to a depth of just 3″. 

There are several pockets inside and outside the wheeled case, both with and without zippers, and the case opens on the top and front. Your fabric fits perfectly in the mesh pocket. 


  • Several possibilities in solid colors 
  • Numerous pockets 
  • Robust zipper 


  • No insulation 

Customer Review

I’m very happy with this product! It’s high quality and fits my Baby Lock Lyric with more than enough room to spare. Along with my machine, I can carry the extended table, 6″ x 24″ ruler, and a ton of accessories to any sewing class I go to, and there’s plenty of room for everything. I would make a suggestion that you measure your machine first and shop accordingly. Size does matter here!”

Janome Universal Sewing Machine Tote Bag 

  • Its padded walls and high-quality, long-lasting construction will shield your sewing machine from falls and bumps.
  • It has a front pocket for accessory storage and a shoulder strap for convenient carrying. 
  • A one-year warranty and a full money-back guarantee are included with each bag. 

Another excellent rolling sewing machine carrier is the Janome Paisley Universal bag because it combines an incredibly lightweight design with unmatched durability.  

A lightweight material, velcro, is used for the straps. The bags don’t have any extra parts, compartments, or pockets. Only the main compartment and a tiny pocket on the front are present. 

Although the canvas and velcro materials are thin, they are not flimsy. To safeguard the sewing machine, the layers are abrasion-resistant. Additionally, the container’s interior walls are cushioned to absorb shocks. 

A 16-inch sewing machine might fit inside the tote bag with ease. The 12 height and 8″ breadth are also more than adequate for the majority of machines. 

For sewers who care about appearance, the carrying case is excellent. Nine color schemes, from plain red to purple paisley, are available. 


  • Extremely light in weight 
  • Universal 
  • Generally compatible with sewing machines 
  • It comes in a variety of designs. 


  • It lacks a shoulder strap and wheels. 

Customer Review

“This has a hard bottom, which makes it much more functional. The side pocket is just a pocket, which could be improved by putting in compartments, etc. The zipper for the main sewing machine section goes all the way down, which makes it easier to get the machine in and out.”


Having a sewing machine case is a blessing for those who use their sewing machines on the road. Furthermore, the wheels, handles, and other portable equipment make these tote bags simple to transport. The best part is that the sewing machines will be safe with these bags. 

In this review, I have different designs of case bags from which you can choose as per your needs. 

The Janome Paisley universal sewing tote bag is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a wonderful present idea for a friend, family member, or that special someone in your life, as well as a sewing machine tote bag for yourself. You may now travel with your sewing machine without worrying. 


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