Top 3 Travel Cases For Sewing Machine 

It is common knowledge among seamstresses that selecting a sewing machine requires time, effort, and research. While we always buy more fabric than we need, we also shop with great prudence. When buying a sewing machine case, we are not as vigilant.  And if you decide in a hurry, just that might occur. No matter … Read more

The Top 4 Child’s Sewing Machine 

Best Child’s Sewing Machine 

The first sewing machine youngsters use significantly impacts whether or not they enjoy it and continue sewing. As any seasoned sewer knows, learning on a problematic machine will make stitching a frustrating experience.  I have compiled some of my go-to kid-friendly models for this guide. They are trustworthy, accessible, and reasonably priced. I’ll walk you … Read more

Best Sewing Machine for Beginner 

Best Sewing Machine for Beginner 

Are you a newbie just entering the wonderful world of sewing? Not to worry, if you have the right sewing machine, you can finish any project assigned to you.  It’s common to get confused when there are so many options accessible.   In this article, I’ll discuss the best sewing machines for beginners that are … Read more

Sewing Thread Going Bad: What’s The Reason

does sewing thread goes bad?

Your sewing success is determined by the threads you use. Using thread that is too old can be dangerous, and cheap, low-quality threads are also not suitable for sewing. Does Sewing Thread Go Bad? To answer, yes. Thread deteriorates for the same reason that many other materials deteriorate exposure to the elements. Light, humidity, dust, … Read more

Which Sewing Machines Are Not Made In China?

Which Sewing Machines Are Not Made in China?

Embroidery is a profitable and enjoyable hobby. Everything starts with an idea, a design, color choices, styles, and, of course, a fantastic stitching device, from sewing simple items to generating skillfully innovative embroidered outfits. Choosing the right sewing machine will save you time, energy, and keep irritations away. Several brands are present in the market … Read more