how to paint letters on canvas, how to paint words on canvas

Painting Letters on Canvas; What Are the Different Methods?

Canvases featuring inspiring messages are now quite trendy. Not everyone is born with excellent handwriting and a steady hand. But don’t worry, we’ve discovered a solution! We’ve tested and adjusted several ways for transferring writing onto canvas after creating dozens of quotation canvas paintings. Here are the best four ways for writing on canvas and […]

homemade varnish for acrylic paintings

Homemade Varnish For Acrylic Paintings; Everything You Need to Know

It is important to varnish your finished acrylic paintings. The varnish will guard the artwork from dust, UV radiation, and fading.  Furthermore, it provides a coating of luster that, almost magically, pulls the entire painting together and makes it appear even more spectacular, thus bringing out the gorgeous brightness of the colors. Varnish is available […]

how to preserve watercolor painting

Preserving Watercolor Painting; All the Things You Need to Know!

Watercolor paintings are a popular choice for wall art because of their understated colors, transparency, and delicate mixing. However, many people are skeptical of these delicate creations, questioning their durability and maintenance.  Watercolor creations are, indeed, delicate. Watercolor paints are composed of color pigments and water-soluble binders such as gum Arabic. These colors are mixed […]