how to make poster paint waterproof

How To Make Poster Paint Waterproof? Interesting Guide

Poster paints can be a lot of fun to work with if you’re a beginner. Try to keep it simple and get to explore the silver lining of your innovative ideas in a blast of poster paint.

As, we all know that poster paints are water-based, non-toxic, washable, and safe to use paints. With a touch of a creative mind and your sleeves rolled up, there’s actually no restriction on how you can bring poster paint in use.

Poster paint is ideal for individuals of any age; and best of all its reasonable, vivid, and has a great time finish which usually beginner artists prefer.

Poster paints are water-based paints that are washable in nature, so it’s not possible for you to change its composition and make it waterproof.

Don’t worry; we still have a lot in the box to unbox. You can try out different alternatives to secure your artwork/ painting i.e. a sealant or laminating.

How Many Types Of Sealants Are There?

Basically, there are two types of sealants available in the market i.e. water-based and thinner based.

  1. Thinner based

This implies the sort of a stain that you apply over oil paint (simply after it totally dries out) or acrylic paint to seal the layers and prevent them from any kind of damage. Whereas, for poster paints, which I’m almost sure that you would have done it on a paper, chart paper, or a paper board; to your surprise let me tell you that the thinner you just applied will be absorbed in no time and will end up giving you a sleek glossy look! 

  1. Water-based

This implies that you’ll have to blend in a little amount of liquid glue in water and spray it all over your painting making a non-permeable layer, in the same way, that we often do for delicate pastel colors.

To prevent the worst scenarios of your spray sealant merging up with the poster paint, you’ll have to make sure that the painting is completely dried and you’re safe to spray a sealant without destroying the artwork.

Can Poster Paints Be Used The Same As Acrylic Paints?

how to make poster paint waterproofThis is the thing that makes poster paint ideal for toddlers or beginners to use in a playgroup, workshop, or at home. Poster paints really differ from acrylic paints as it is washable in nature and acrylic is permanent in nature. So, you can make a wreck without panicking over the disastrous consequences of getting poster paints on your clothes, furniture, or any surface. The miraculous and extraordinary water-solvent a trademark that poster paint thrives with implies that it may be very blended to make a dark watercolor-style or it can be blended in with PVA paste to make a sleek, glossy thick, oil-paint like consistency.

A Little Bit About Poster Paints

Poster paint is a type of water-based paint, which is known to be ideal for beginners because of its various characteristics. Such as being washable in nature, inexpensive, good finish, drying out quickly leaving so space behind for a mess.

In the event that you don’t know how to paint and you’re a beginner at it, then at that point you expect to learn ‘how to paint as basic’ as soon as possible. As you cannot promptly make appealing poster paint paintings without mastering the art of painting first.

This is on the grounds that the rich texture and the creamy thickness of the poster paint in any shade may not be effortlessly dealt with by learners to deal with its art of painting at first.

The best thing about poster paints that beginners admire is their ready-to-use nature, which makes it handy for all projects.

In case, you’re a true art lover and you want to create one of your own masterpieces than try to follow out the instructions mentioned on the label of your poster paint bottle/ jar for miraculous results.

Apart from all this, you’ll experience the nostalgic feeling of childhood from good old school days when you had first plunged the brush in the poster paint. The feeling is incompatible because of the beautiful, smooth, and rich texture of the poster paints.

It is the right an ideal opportunity to quickly get to know about the main difference between the two water-based paints i.e. acrylic paints and poster paints. Acrylic paint is one of the quick-drying paints made of great colors, appropriately suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Despite the fact that this paint is water-dissolvable, this paint becomes water-proof and permanent when it gets dry.



Painters who have already mastered the art of painting and as well as the beginners who are new at learning always prefer the poster paints over other paints in contrast due to its biggest flex of being washable.

Also, such poster paints aren’t waterproof, nor can you make them waterproof by mixing up ingredients. And for the question “how to make poster paint waterproof?”, all you can do to secure your masterpiece of art is to secure it with a layer sealant. Happy painting!!

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