How To Make Dry Poster Paint Wet Again?

Are you one of the seasonal painters who crave to paint out of nowhere and, then end up stacking up your painting supplies in a corner for a couple of months or years when you’ve satisfied your craving? If yes, then most probably you’ll be facing an issue of thick or dried poster paints. If it’s true, then don’t worry; today we’ll be discussing how to make dry poster paint wet again.

How To Make Dry Poster Paint Wet Again?

You can easily make poster paints wet again by adding in some droplets of Lukewarm water or a few droplets of flow improver/ flow aid.

If you have thick or dry paint, you are in luck! This is something to be thankful for rather than cursing your luck about it. This is because poster paints are water solvent paints and can be effortlessly dispersed with warm water or flow improver/ flow ad, as mentioned above.

  1. Try adding in a few droplets of warm water

Consider water as your best friend for dealing with dried water-soluble paints such as poster paints and acrylics. 

You may already know that poster paints are water solvent (which implies they can be broken down in water). All you have to do is to add in a drop or two of Lukewarm water to your paints to saturate them right away.

 An expansion in temperature expands solvency yet doesn’t impact the concentration of a product/solution, so warm water will blend in with the paint better without diminishing it out.

As per my suggestion, try mixing the paint with a little toothpick and, in the event that you have the opportunity and persistence, hold up over one night.

Consider it as a friendly reminder; don’t forget to seal back your paint bottle after adding in water. As paints often dry out whenever exposed to air, especially water-soluble paints as the water within the paints evaporate leaving it dry.

  1. Add in a few drops of Flow Improver/Flow Aid to restore your paint

Flow Improver/flow aid can make your thick paints fine enough, yet it does this in a very different way than water as you do not blend it indirectly with the paint.

  • Rather than mixing it directly with the paint, you’ll have to add in a few drops of flow improver/ flow aid in water.
  • After adding in a few drops in the water, mix it well and, then dip in your paintbrush well enough so that the bristles are soaked up.
  • After dunking in your brush into the flow improver/ flow aid solution, you can use the same paintbrush to get the dry paint out of the bottle to paint.

Consider it including what might be compared to olive oil to your water. When you have added flow improver/ flow aid to your water, the paint skims off your brush smoothly.

The only issue you’ll be having while working with a flow improver/ flow aid is that it has been known to build the measure of paint you use on a canvas. For numbers with a ton of surface area, so you must watch out not to use a lot of paint. 

Which Paintbrush Is Best For Poster Paints?

how to make dry poster paint wet again

Whenever it comes to picking the ideal brush for poster paint long handles paint brushes can never fail to amaze you with heir amazing striking results.

So, you will have to search for the paintbrush that is appropriate for every age, to get the best out of the apparent multitude of sprouting toddler artists of all ages in your gathering.

Poster paints are washable; however, you still have to look after your clothes while painting. Try not to wear new, fancy or light color clothes. Possibly Dad’s old shirt will make the ideal coverall for a little individual to embrace the little Picasso within themselves.

On the off chance that you or your fellow artist is planning to paint two or more than two paintings per session, in that case, I’ll advise you to invest in some great quality paint posts with covers, or keep a move of plastic kitchen cling wrap close enough so that it is in your reach to wrap up palettes or paint tubs immediately.  Ensure and set the covers back on your paints to maximize their life span.

Can I Add In Other Ingredients To Poster Paints?

You can add in more ingredients to your poster paints, to make them glitter, shimmery, shine, and a lot more!

Blending in your poster paint with PVA is such a great idea to thicken it. Apart from thickening the paint, it will enhance the colors of your paint by making it stronger and glossier. Washing or cleaning up a fluid may seem like a peculiar decision, however when added to poster paint, it enhances the beauty of the paint by giving it a glossy, sparkly completion.

In case you’re thinking to use your poster paints in group work or gathering, there is actually no better method to utilize your poster paints to do some string painting. Dip in about 10 inches or more of your string into poster paint and spread them on paper or cardboard with hands to make staggering patterns and impressions.

Also, half-fold some A4 paper with painted string in the center and afterward get the strings through, this would make a really good pattern on the sheet. Now unfold the paper to reveal a staggering pick n blend of hues in a splendid dynamic creation that would just make you go ‘Wow!’

Pros and Cons of Poster Colors


  1. Water-soluble
  2. Dries of quickly
  3. Very easy to blend in
  4. Inexpensive
  5. You can use it to give soft delicate effects
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Washable


  1. Dried paintings must be secured and kept dry otherwise, it’ll refresh the paint.
  2.     The watercolor paper must be utilized altogether for work not to be crinkled (extending paper as the technique can be utilized too)
  3. Must be utilized on paper
  4. Difficult to work in layers
  5. Unfit to make three-dimensional surfaces (this could be a professional based on what you’re painting)
  6. A slight change in paint shade when dry


There are no restrictions on the utilizations and uses of poster paint. And for the question “how to make dry poster paint wet again?”, you can follow the above directions. Poster paint is known to be the go-to material for fun painting session for making speedy and bright paintings in less time.

Have an energetic, untidy, fun time with a poster that paints a splendid variety of colors.

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