how to clean watercolor brush pen

How to Clean Watercolor Brush Pen: An Ultimate Guide for Beginner Artists

Watercolor brush pens are filled with water-based ink solutions to help the artist achieve watercolor effects without bothering watercolor tubes, water cups, pans, and all typical setups. It consists of a rigid barrel and flexible bristle tips opposite to sponges and chisel. How to Clean Watercolor Brush Pen? To clean the watercolor brush pen, a […]

how to paint letters on canvas, how to paint words on canvas

Painting Letters on Canvas; What Are the Different Methods?

Canvases featuring inspiring messages are now quite trendy. Not everyone is born with excellent handwriting and a steady hand. But don’t worry, we’ve discovered a solution! We’ve tested and adjusted several ways for transferring writing onto canvas after creating dozens of quotation canvas paintings. Here are the best four ways for writing on canvas and […]

How to Fix Overworked Watercolor Paper

How To Fix Your Overworked Watercolor Paper

Overworking is a term that artists frequently use. People frequently fear that they have overdone a piece, and teachers caution against it. But what exactly is overworking, and should it be avoided? Especially when it comes to overworked watercolor paper, people usually go for working on a new paper rather than fixing the previous one, […]