Protect Your Brushes To Prevent Fraying : expert tips

Frayed paintbrushes are common. Brushes require proper care like any other art material to keep their shape and function. If you do not use your paint brushes with care, they will easily get frayed, lose their shape, and will no longer provide the same painting function as they did when they were soft and new. But every problem has a solution. To get information on how to keep paint brushes from fraying or how to fix a frayed brush, you must read the following article.

Paint brushes can get frayed easily. Especially when you do some rough painting and do not take care of your brushes i.e. you don’t clean them after using them every time (Which is very important!). This can also happen more often to low quality brushes if the paint brushes are not used in a proper way. 

Some people leave their paint brushes in the water for a long time that also plays a major role in damaging the paint brushes. If your brushes have frayed and you are looking for a solution to fix them, then continue reading this article. It is worth reading as you will end up having soft fluffy bristles by implementing the hacks mentioned in this article.

How to Keep Paint Brushes from Fraying?

To keep your brush from fraying, try to avoid getting the paint in ferrule. Use different brushes for dry brushing, don’t let your paint dry on the brush, avoid bending the tip, avoid stacking them up and use lukewarm water for the brushes.

We have covered the topic of fraying paint brushes extensively in this article, so have a good read to understand how to keep your paint brushes from fraying, how to fix a frayed brush, and how to keep your paint brushes in good condition.

How to Stop Paintbrushes from Splitting/ Fraying?

Are your paintbrushes bristles splitting and fraying? Frayed bristles are common when you€™re working with paints.

  1. How to keep paint brushes from fraying Avoid getting the paint in the ferrule.
  2. Use a separate brush for dry brushing.
  3. Never ever let your paint dry on the paintbrush.
  4. After using your paintbrushes do not stack them up and avoid bending the tip.
  5. Wash your brushes with lukewarm water.
  6. Use fabric softener to protect the bristles and make them soft again.

How To Fix a Frayed Brush?

To recover your frayed brushes firstly you need to clean them removing all the paint from the brush bristles. Dip them in fabric softener or vegetable oil. After that wash them and dip them in baby oil do not exceed 10 minutes. You can also use warm vinegar. Rewash them with dish soap.

How to keep paint brushes from frayingPulling a perfect new paintbrush out of a heap with perfectly shaped and smooth bristles eventually gives you a good vibe that leaves a smile on your face (There is no better inclination!). On the other hand, the filthy and frayed brushes are the worst thing about each painter’s presence, but they occur so often! 

Regardless of whether they are incidentally overlooked in the wake of a difficult day in the studio or simply on their last leg, we’ll make sure to teach you the steps by which you can get them back to their original (or close to) shapes.

All the steps are explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

Rinse and wash

Try repeating the rinsing and washing process for your brushes until the cleanser and water runs clear. Keep in mind that the water should be Lukewarm and not hotter than that because generally, extremely hot water results in making the residual paint cluster.

Excess paint

How to keep paint brushes from frayingTry removing all the excess paint from your paintbrush bristles and never let the brush air dry with its bristles in contact with the surface. Otherwise, there are a lot of products on places like Amazon that are available which can prevent the bristles from being frayed or shredded.

Fabric softener

You may also try soaking your brushes in fabric softener. It will help you bring your paintbrush bristles back to life by making them soft, fluffy, and easy to paint, preventing them from shredding and fraying.

Vegetable oil or dish soap

You can also use vegetable oil, dish soap, and water for your stiff and frayed bristles. Try to dip it again and again in the solution you just prepared, but do not let the paintbrushes sit in the water because it might destroy the bristles and your paintbrushes might lose their shape. Be that as it may, if they do lose shape, you may try dunking it in boiling water for a few seconds and it will definitely get it back in shape.

Baby oil

Then try, soaking oil paint recovered brushes into baby oil for about 5 to 10 minutes maximum, no more than that. This will help you get rid of any paint residue that is left before scrubbing it with soap or rinsing it with water.


Bristles close to ferrule are the hardest to clean, however in reality, it€™s similarly as significant for keeping up a brush’s shape as the tip. Any paint build-up that covers the fibers at their base will prevent the build-up from gathering together on the top.


Lastly, take a glass cup and fill it with vinegar (around 2 to 3 inches) and microwave it for a minute and a half. After that, dip in your frayed brushes into the cup for about a minute and a half. Then, take some dish cleanser and rinse the brushes in lukewarm water.

How to Keep Your Paintbrushes in Good Condition?

Paintbrushes are considered to be the most essential tools in your kit. In order to get most out of your paintbrushes, try not to bend them, save them from getting frayed, and save the bristles from shedding. 

  1. How to keep paint brushes from frayingLay your brushes flat and let them air dry, making sure that their tips or bristles are not bent or intact with any surface. This will help them hold their shape.
  2. Never stack your paintbrushes keeping in mind that whenever you go to the supermarket, you don€™t put your bread at the bottom of your cart. Similarly, why would anyone stack up their art kit on top of their brushes? I have seen a lot of artists winding up the mess, gathering the brushes, and then hurling them in the bottom of the kit. After that, they appear to be astonished when they open up their art kits to paint again are all of their brushes are de-shaped and frayed, when actually its their own fault.
  3. Try not soaking in your brushes in any solvent or liquid for a long time. That might actually weaken the bristles of your paintbrush and then result in bristles shedding off.
  4. Clean up your brushes after every use. Do not let the paint dry and build up in the bristles.


Work a little harder now and enjoy the fruit later or enjoy now and regret more later. Cleaning up your brushes is a part of your painting. It is not considered to be done until or unless you clean up the mess and the brushes. This will not only prevent it from getting out the most of your paintbrushes, but also would save you a lot of time and effort in the future whenever you plan again to paint. 

Paint brushes need proper care to maintain their shape and function. Otherwise, not cleaning them after every time you paint and making rough and random strokes and then leave the brushes as they are for a whole day can make them lose their shape as well as their function.

The above mentioned points on how to keep paint brushes from fraying are the best ways to clean and maintain your brushes and use them for long time without any damage to their bristles.