Can You Print on Watercolor Paper?

We often use watercolor paper for painting. Sometimes we even use colored pencils on watercolor paper. While doing crafts work, the brain comes up with new experiments all the time.

While painting on watercolor paper, a question usually appears. What else can you do with your watercolor paper instead of painting? Can you print it on watercolor paper? Let’s find out.

Can You Print On Watercolor Paper?

The short answer is yes, but there are many factors to remember like these:

  • Check to see if the paper fits in your printer.
  • Paper with a weight of more than 140 gsm (grams per square meter) often jams in printers.

We’ve discovered that inline printers are the safest, as opposed to front-feed printers, where the paper is not fed and only twisted 180 degrees via a roller. For the most part, general-purpose printers are unsuitable for printing on heavier paper.

It’s worth taking the time to look at different versions that can handle up to 300gsm paper and checking with the suppliers directly. Spending money on a printer that doesn’t print on thicker watercolor paper is the worst thing you can do.

Be aware that the color of the print varies with watercolor paper and you generally won’t get the colors you see on the monitor. It is best to try this out on a small scale to see if your print finish is acceptable. Prints are generally darker on watercolor paper than on your monitor.

Difference Between Hot Press And Cold Press Watercolor Paper

The surface texture is the key distinction between cold-press and hot-press paper.

The composition of cold press watercolor paper is textured. This is produced when the paper is passed through cold rollers, which separate the fibers and give the paper a textured look.

The peaks and troughs created by the indentations on the paper hold the water and paint pigment, causing the paper to absorb the water quickly. If you want to add depth to your drawing, a cold press paper is ideal.

Hot-press watercolor paper is much finer than regular watercolor paper, has no texture, and does not trap water. This is achieved by passing the paper through hot rollers, which compress the fibers, resulting in a smooth, compact finish.

This gives you a little more leeway when it comes to mixing water with pigment to achieve unique effects like graduated pigment and rough edges.

Can Photos Be Printed On Watercolor Paper?

Yes the photos can be printed on watercolor paper but just don’t expect the colors to match what you’re seeing on your camera. On watercolor paper, photos tend to print darker and there is sometimes a minor lack of definition, particularly on cold press paper, which has a rougher surface.

Watercolor paper can be used to print any kind of painting, and textured cold-press paper can also produce some interesting results. But before purchasing greater amounts of watercolor paper, try out several sample sheets.

Which Is The Best Paper For Watercolor And Ink?

There isn’t an easy solution to this because it depends on the look and finish you choose. Cold-press and hot-press watercolor papers have different qualities and support different styles.

If you want to experiment with ink and paint washes on paper, a hot press paper is the way to go because it does not absorb water easily. This allows you to spend more time experimenting with washes directly on the paper, producing hard and soft shades and combining effects.

A cold press textured finish would be better if you want a textured finish or want your paint and ink to absorb easily.

Printing On Watercolor Paper At Home

Before printing on watercolor paper, there are a few things to bear in mind. These things are:

1.     Check Your Printer Input Size

First of all, you need to check the size of your printer. For example, if you are using your basic everyday printer such as Canon PIXMA Color Printer MG5520, which is an inexpensive printer and good for daily use, the printer would insert the printing paper with a length of maximum 8.5 into 11 inches. 

2.     Remove Your Regular Paper from the Feed

Make sure that you remove all the regular printing papers from the printer so you won’t face any difficulty while printing.

3.     Insert Your Watercolor Paper into the Input Feed

Now you can place your trimmed watercolor paper in the printer input field.

My printer uses a front feed, and I’ve never had a problem with the paper bending, tearing, or ripping while printing.

4.     Select the Settings on Your Computer Screen

Then, after selecting your file, press the print button. In the pop-up printer box, I prefer to choose “Photo Paper” as the paper kind. Any time you print, you’ll get a high-quality picture.

Can I Print On Watercolor Paper In An Inkjet Printer?

Inkjet printers can be used if you want to print on watercolor paper with them. Inkjet printers have the advantage of using ink that looks more like the ink you’d imagine, particularly when printing on watercolor paper.

Some of them are water resistant but others are not. You must try on every printer you choose to use.

It is recommended that you test on office paper using just the inks you want to use on your project — most likely only black, which is a positive thing because there will be less components to run (be sure to print using “black ink only” or a comparable option; some printers use black and the colored inks to produce black).

You’ll have to experiment with various paper choices in the printer system to see how well the printing on your watercolor paper does.

Can I Print On Watercolor Paper Using A Laser Printer?

A laser printer can’t print on most watercolor papers, and even if it can, the high heat renders the paper impossible to absorb the watercolors.

When inkjet printer ink gets wet, it runs; but when a laser printer gets wet, it doesn’t run. Therefore, it is suggested that if you want to use a regular printer for printing on watercolor paper, go for an inkjet printer instead of a laser printer so you will get a better finish comparatively.

Final Verdict

You can print on watercolor paper but not everyone can do that. For printing on watercolor paper, you have to use proper techniques and tricks.

If you don’t follow the proper instructions or techniques you can either ruin the watercolor paper or the printer you are using. Be safe and try to do it correctly if you really want to do it on your own or else you can take the help of a professional. Good luck!

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