Can Pencils be Recycled?

Can Pencils be Recycled? Learn to Reuse Old Pencils!

Pencils, along with crayons, are one of the very first tools that we saw when we first came to our senses. You learned your ABCs with pencils. Every year, approximately 14 billion pencils are manufactured around the world due to their widespread use. Pencils are made of graphite and wood or synthetic materials. However, only lead […]

Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners for Classroom

INTRODUCTION Elementary schools have long been outfitted with those iconic manual pencil sharpeners, the ancient – looking, metallic numbers with bodies shaped like flat – edged eggs. They could be bolted to a wall, a desktop, a counter–anything that could withstand the pressure of a young hand cranking away on the handle.Electric sharpeners have a […]