Complementary Colors: What They Are & How To Use Them

What Are Complementary Colors

What are complementary colors? Complementary colors are two colors which are found on the opposite side of the color wheel. Generally complementary colors consist of a primary color and a secondary color. What’s a secondary color? Secondary colors are formed by mixing two primary colors. In a color wheel you will find that the secondary … Read more

Facts About Erasers: Did You Know Them?

Facts About Erasers

Erasers are considered the best invention of the 19th century, second only to a pencil. An eraser is made from rubber and it is used to clear out the mistakes made by lead pencils or ink. Different types of erasers have different uses. An eraser attached to the back of the lead pencil is the … Read more

Can Vinyl Stickers Go on Cars?: Are They Safe And Where Can You Put Them?

Can Vinyl Stickers Go on Cars?

Vinyl stickers can easily stick to any clean, smooth surface. Whether it is wood, glass, metal, or plastic, no surfaces are off-limits. As long the surface is flat, the stickers will stick. They have unlimited creative potential, but what about cars? Can Vinyl Stickers Go on Cars? Yes, vinyl stickers can be used on cars. … Read more

How Long After Washing Walls Can You Paint

How Long After Washing Walls Can You Paint

If you’ve decided to paint your walls and done with washing them, here’s the right guide to help you what to do next. Washing your walls is the first step in painting. Once you’re done with it, the question arises; How long after washing walls can you paint on them?   How Long After Washing Walls … Read more

How to Make Tan Paint?

How to Make Tan Paint

Most art paint sets rarely contain tan color. This is because this color is often only used for creating a portrait. In most paintings such as abstract, nature, etc., tan color has minimal use and its use can be substituted through other colors. If you are making a human portrait artwork and you come to … Read more