Best Watercolor Painting Kits for Adults

A basic watercolour drawing set typically contains paintbrushes, sketch pencils, a painting pad, and watercolours. Professional artists have a wide range of options that are available to them. Each item has a varied weight depending on its quality and applicability to the desired painting task.

I have enlisted some of the Best Watercolor Painting Kits for Adults currently on the market.

Top 5 Watercolor Painting Kits For Adults

Following are the best watercolor painting kits for adults according to me:

  1. ARTEZA Watercolor Paint
  2. Castle Art Supplies Watercolor Paints
  3. Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour Tubes
  4. AEM Hi Arts Portable Watercolor Kit
  5. ARTISTRO Watercolor Paint

ARTEZA Watercolor Paint


  • Because of their rich pigment content, these vibrant paints will stick out on your canvas or watercolour paper.
  • You can squeeze out precisely how much paint you need from paint that is in tubes without wasting any.
  • Each paint tube contains details about the pigment, transparency, and lightfastness indicators.
  • All ages and skill levels can find high-quality painting, drawing, and art materials at Arteza.

The ARTEZA Watercolor Paint Set is a remarkable product with top-notch components to unleash your inner creativity. These paints produce vibrant and intense colour saturation on your canvas or watercolour paper thanks to their highly pigmented colours.

Since it is available in tubes, you can only use what is required and avoid wasting any. To ensure that you always have the knowledge necessary to choose a colour wisely, each paint tube includes details on pigment, transparency, and lightfastness.

This set includes top-notch art supplies that are perfect for many traditional watercolour methods. The set’s wide variety of shades and tones make it appropriate for numerous uses in numerous styles. These watercolour paints are our top choice because of their colour selection, pigmentation, and simplicity of use.

Although you can always combine watercolour paints to get the desired color, the Arteza Premium set allows you to focus more on painting rather than mixing. Each of the 60 colours in the package is in a tiny, simple-to-squeeze tube.

Details about the pigment, lightfastness, and transparency are on the sides of the tubes. For those who are more experienced painters choosing paint, all of that knowledge might seem overwhelming. Regarding the actual paint, you can rely on a non-toxic formula that is simple to combine and appropriate for all those just getting started.


  • Mostly comprised of pigment
  • Highly absorbing when mixed
  • Blends evenly and readily


  • A limited number of primaries with a singular pigment

Customer Review

“I have used these watercolours many times now. I am pleased with the vibrant colours. They were not expensive and were good value for money. As they are tubes, non have dried out and therefore will last for some time.”

Castle Art Supplies Watercolor Paints


  • Richly pigmented, high-quality colours to comfort seasoned artists.
  • Silky smooth texture and bright colour can be applied straight from the tube or on a palette (a plate works great for this) by spreading, blending, and layering with a brush dipped in water.
  • With the help of a special fold-out tutorial, you can learn how to use watercolours by recreating the gorgeous Castle in the Air box lid illustration in five simple stages.

The Castle Art Supplies Watercolor Paint Tube Set is a great option for all kinds of painters. It contains vibrant, high-quality colours that will produce stunning artwork. This set has something to give everyone, whether you’re a novice or an expert artist. This choice comes with 24 archival colours in handy, resealable tubes.

It is simple to choose the colour you need thanks to the colours’ attractive organisation into parts that are simple to pick from.

Castle Art Supplies Watercolor Paints stands out with over 2000 positive evaluations and an average rating of 4.7/5 with the intention of inspiring people. It includes the finest value pack, which includes premium, highly pigmented colors.

Using watercolors with a smooth texture and vibrant colors is always a pleasure, and Castle Art makes is among the best options in this area due to its affordability.

Beginners are inspired to create their own wonderland with the help of this indispensable collection of 24 artist-quality colours that are versatile and have a fast drying capacity.

The paint is vibrant and silky smooth, so you can use it straight out of the container and customise it on your palette. Buyers can be confident they’re making a great purchase because a money-back guarantee backs every transaction.


  • Water Soluble paints
  • Versatile
  • Low-cost


  • These tubes lack pigment numbers

Customer Review

Beautiful colors. Will definitely reorder once I finish these.
Very easy to use, has great texture and is pigmented. You only need to use very little. They are very silky.
They dry quickly; you can use them later, one on top of the other.”

Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour Tubes


  • The tubes are simple but elegant because of their white base hue and clear labelling.
  • The transparency/opacity, speed of drying, vibrancy, and intensity of these materials make them ideal for producing stunning watercolour artwork.
  • If you don’t want to spend much time in the studio, the paint’s quick drying period is perfect.
  • There is a reason why expert artists favour these paints. They consistently have a rich colour and are silky and creamy.

WN watercolours have a tendency to be very transparent (I hardly ever detect any granulation in the colours I own), and they appear very clean and bright on the page, just like traditional watercolour should. They move beautifully, lift effortlessly (sometimes too easily), and gradually darken in my hand, giving me plenty of time to work the page.

Since WN paints work so well in glazes, many artists adore their light value. However, this quality can make mixtures go washy, and their transparency frequently doesn’t work well when combined with highly granulating pigments.

This brand is easy to locate because of its enduring popularity; even regular craft stores frequently carry them.

Reliable watercolours of artist quality are Winsor and Newton’s Professional watercolours. For anyone looking to attempt their first artist-quality watercolours or who desires something versatile, they behave consistently with little variation between each colour.

The pigments are of very high quality throughout the spectrum and offer some excellent substitutes for harmful pigments. The colours are deep and rich. The paint easily reactivates when wet, making it a practical choice for those who prefer to squeeze their colours into pans or a palette. The paint remains wet on the palette for a while, but it can be left to dry.


  • High-quality watercolour paint
  • Consistent behaviour across a range
  • Good non-toxic options


  • A high price point because of the quality

Customer Review

This is a bright, clear and transparent colour, with a lightfastness rating of A. I have never used pan colours before, only tubes, so I was pleased with how easily the block of colour wetted and released paint onto my brush. It spreads easily with good coverage, and the colour is beautiful. No granulation, and mixed well with other colours.

AEM Hi Arts Portable Watercolor Kit


  • This compact tube-style watercolour set comes with twenty-four different coloured paint tubes, a palette, three brushes, and a 12-sheet watercolour paper pad, so your imagination will run wild.
  • This could be a solution for artists who are also sensitive to smell. Because the art palette is plastic and washable, you won’t create a mess.
  • The vivid hues will make painting enjoyable for amateur and expert artists alike as they can depict thick forests, vivid horizons, flowery fields, and raging oceans.

AEM Hi comes with a palette for mixing paint, three brushes, twenty pieces of watercolour paper, and 24 tubes of vibrant watercolour colours. The heavy-duty container is ideal for storing and portability.

The non-toxic paint distributes smoothly, mixes without difficulty, and is odourless. For ease and safety, sensitive skin tests have been conducted. As you work, mix and hold your colour in a convenient palette. This set also cleans up easily for storage and transport, which is a benefit.

Everything you need for hours of enjoyable creative activity is included in this portable set.

24 watercolour paint tubes are included in this collection. The colour selection is excellent, and the paint blends well. The interesting thing about this set is that it includes 20 sheets of watercolour paper, a palette, and 3 watercolour brushes in a carry case, making it convenient to bring along on trips.


  • The components in the package are odourless and non-toxic.
  • The paint and brush storage receptacle is very durable and portable.
  • It has a 6-well palette that provides plenty of room for mixing colours and fitting your main colours.
  • If the equipment isn’t up to par, the set has an exclusive 30-day money-back assurance and a 1-year replacement warranty.


  • Some users have noticed leakage for a few colours and found some paints extremely dry.

Customer Review

“Excellent product,delivery and packaged would recommend”

ARTISTRO Watercolor Paint


  • Both amateurs and experts can use this watercolour painting kit.
  • You can create with watercolours at home or while travelling if you have this travel watercolour set.
  • This compact collection of watercolour plates comes in a chic and useful tin box. Give these watercolours to painters of any skill level.
  • This travel-friendly watercolour collection contains 40 watercolours in addition to four fluorescent and four metallic hues. Ten 300g watercolour papers are included with the watercolours in a metal box.

The best watercolour set is ARTISTRO Watercolor Paint Set, which leads the list with a unique waterproof set appropriate for kids, artists, and crafters alike.

You will find everything you need in this kit to produce fantastic artwork. The 40 watercolors, four fluorescent colors, and four metallic colours in this collection are all non-toxic and meet various safety regulations.

A stylish tin box with a water brush pen, sponge, drawing pencil, eraser, swatch page, and flexible brush is also included in the portable package. You can make it wherever you are with this kit.

The vivid hues are ideal for writing, sketching, bullet journaling, and colouring books. Wherever you go, the equipment is portable and lightweight. There is a comprehensive collection as well as an e-book with painting instructions. This instruction book makes it a great present for watercolour lovers who are prone to mistakes.

Since these superior watercolour pigments are non-toxic and of the highest calibre, they can be used without risk.


  • Boasts an affordable price
  • A perfect balance of warm and cool colors
  • Pans are removable


  • Metallic colors are chalky


For watercolour artists, painters, and even beginners who want to engage in this art form, choosing watercolour is one crucial option.

This establishes the calibre of the product they will deliver at the end, but more importantly, it establishes the intrinsic worth of the artwork as a whole.

My favourites are Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour Tubes and Castle Art Supplies Watercolor Paints. My experience with them was so far the best, and I’m sure you will also enjoy it.

So, keep in mind the information listed here with the top seven options for you based on your skill. These essential lessons will help you become a contented and regret-free artist.