Why Does Needle Keeps Unthreading?

Why Does Needle Keeps Unthreading?

Nothing is more infuriating than getting into a stride only to have to stop and re-thread a needle. While it’s not a pleasant experience, it’s comforting to know you’re not alone in your struggle. Why Thread Comes Out Of Needle When Sewing? Thread tension is the most common cause of thread jumping out of the … Read more

Best Ways To Organize Sewing Threads?

How To Organize Sewing Thread?

Whether you have a few spools or hundreds, you know that finding the best thread storage ideas is essential for keeping your sewing kit and sewing room organized. When you organize your thread, you can easily find what you need and spend more time creating and sewing rather than rummaging and searching. How To Organize … Read more

Best Sewing Threads In USA

What Are Best Sewing Threads Made In the USA?

When you have problems with your sewing machine, you can bet it’s either the needle or the thread. If you’ve ever threaded a sewing machine, you’re familiar with all the eye openings it goes through before passing through the needle. The thread type and quality you use will determine the strength of your stitches and … Read more

Tips To Sew Without Needle And Thread

How To Sew Without Needle And Thread?

Nothing is more frustrating than going to sew and realizing you don’t have a needle. You may feel helpless without a sewing needle, whether you are nearly finished with your latest creation or out in public with a ripped shirt. But don’t worry, there are some inventive hacks to replace your standard sewing needle. How … Read more