Nicpro Brushes Review. Should You Buy Them?

We have already included Nicpro paint brushes in one of our picks for top 5 best watercolor brushes on Amazon, but now that I had a chance to review Nicro paint brushes, I decided to make a specific Nicpro brushes review, so that people may know if these brushes are good and if they should use them.

Nicpro Brushes Review

Nicpro paint brushes are very good. The synthetic squirrel hairs are very firmly gripped with a solid copper ferrule. The Birch wood handle really fits well in the hands. The detailing can be really easy with these brushes. We have talked about it in length in this article.

In this article, I am going to review the 15 PCS professional water paints brush set from Amazon. So let’s get on with the review.


So, before going into the details, let us start with the materials that are used in the brushes that you will get. Starting with the hairs, the hair material is synthetic squirrel. It is very good and feels really soft and smooth. After the hairs, the ferrule is made up of copper. I really like it because it feels very study and is really keeping the hairs in place. The handle is made up of birch wood. This also feels very good while holding. The size just fits right into your hands.u00a0

The company has stated that these watercolor brushes can be used for the mediums like watercolor, gouache, acrylics, inks and dyes. But this review will be about the experience on watercolor medium. If we get a chance, we will include other mediums in the review as well in the future.

Types of brushes in the set

This particular packet consists of 15 paint brushes. Out of 15, 11 are round brushes (from 0 to 10 in size), 2 are flat (1/2u201d,1u201d), one is oval (3/4u201d). And a liner (3/0) is also included in it.

The usage of the brushes

So, we tried to review this set for landscape as well as for some detailed work (a character), so that both aspects would be covered and it would be a more thorough review.

The brushes feel quite good while using them. They are very good for the landscapes as well as for the details of the characters, but I really feel that they do the detailed part the best.u00a0

I really like them because of the ease in detailing, but I think (Just my opinion) that the brushes which use natural animal hairs are more suited to the wider playground, where you have to go with the flow of your hands and the brush hairs just follows your hand movements.

These brushes are really compact and do a very good job while detailing. And there isn’t any shedding of the hairs while you are painting, so the durability of the brushes is really good as well. The brushes really hold their shape throughout the painting and it really helps you to paint the fine details.u00a0

The brushes also hold water quite well and they are very easy to clean as well. You can use a little bit of warm water to get the paint out of the brushes when you are done for the time or have to use another color. I am really pleased with this as it is sometimes very difficult to get the paint out of some brushes and it really pisses me off.

Important Features

So, I compiled all the points I felt that you need to know and they are as follows:


  • Very good quality brushes
  • Compact hairs
  • High quality aluminum ferrulesu00a0
  • Very good wood handles (really great and easy to handle, fits in the hands very well)u00a0
  • The brushes don’t get loose easily, nor fall apart easilyu00a0
  • Remain in very good shape
  • It is very easy to clean the brushes after using themu00a0
  • This brush set comes with a case so it was very easy for you to store them.
  • They are very good for detail worksu00a0
  • Very good for watercolor, but the company says that these are also great for Gouache, acrylic and oil painting which I think that they would do. I will soon try to use them with oil painting and we will see how it goes. I am pretty sure it will go fine though.


There is no serious con of these paint brushes, but I felt that if you are doing a wide painting with a lot of space to cover, and lot of hand movement is to be involved, then I think that you should use the brushes with natural hairs because they can follow your hand movements quite well.u00a0

These brushes are more suited to the detailed work (which we know that we need in almost all of our paintings by the way), so I would highly recommend them for the detail work in almost any kind of painting.


While looking different brushes online, I was a little bit skeptical, but the reviews online were very good and it was also the right price (not that expensive either).u00a0

Moreover, the company also offered no-questions-asked refund or replacement if I didn’t like the brushes, so it only made me feel more comfortable to go and buy this brush set as there wasn’t much risk involved. But, I still think that it was the right choice for me.

You can get this set of Nicpro brushes by clicking here


The Nicpro brushes are very good, I really like them. I would definitely recommend them to other people as well. Go for them, especially if you are into detailing kind of work. They are not bad for landscapes as well; I just gave my opinion that the natural hairs would be better for the large hand movements. But these are also very good and can do the job quite well.u00a0

You can easily clean them and use them again and again because of their good durability and their hairs don’t fall easily as well. All in all, I would definitely order them as I really liked Nicpro and I would suggest that you try them too because the price isn’t that much and the quality is really good.

I hope you liked our Nicpro brushes review and I hope that it was helpful for you in some way. Let us know if you have any other opinion about this product.

Happy painting!