Best Watercolor Pencils For Dolls (5 Picks)

If you’ve tried purchasing watercolor accessories, you would have definitely realized about how many options are available there. Paint brushes for watercolors are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes and hair types. Choosing paintbrushes or pencils for watercolors eventually depend on individual preferences. Your decision lays on the watercolor methods you like to use, the amount of money you’re willing to spend, and just how certain brushes feel in your hand. In this article, we focus on selecting the best watercolor pencils for dolls, calligraphy, manga, and more. 


Watercolor pencils can also be used to add patterns to a painting, the same way you would use colored pencils. You can use the watercolor pencils dry or dip them in water before drawing to make a darker bolder line, like you see in the floral design on the right. When sharpening a water-soluble colored pencil, always dust off the pencil tip before using. Dried watercolor pencil can often be lifted and erased, depending on the nature of the pigment and how staining it is. To erase such pigment, allow the surface to dry completely.


According to our research, the top candidates for the best watercolor pencils which would be great for using on doll, calligraphy, manga, etc are as follows:


Before you move forward with our top 5 watercolor pencils, we would like to notify you about our best pick based on the customer reviews and the highest sale. The SET OF 150 WATER COLOR PENCILS has a range of 150 vibrant colors, perfect for both wet and dry mediums. They give crisp, bold lines when color is sharp and used intensely. The colors are easily blend-able. They are perfect for a diverse range of art because they blend so well. They help you create beautiful watercolor works of art. This without having to use paints. With just a dab of a wet brush, these water-soluble colored pencils allow you to blend, layer, and create unique effects.

Arteza Professional Watercolor Pencils

Available in the set of 72, these watercolor pencils are water-soluble allowing you to blend, layer and create unique effects to add some drama to your artwork. These 72 shades give you a limitless freedom to express your creativity. They are available in a tin box which is ideal for storing and transporting.


  • The pencils have soft, break-resistant cores.
  • The pencils are made form light fast pigment that won’t fade over time.
  • They are suitable for kids, teens and adults.
  • Each of the color pencil features a classic wooden casing for an ergonomic fit.


  • Few of the colors are very pale, and when water is added, they barely show their color.
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Ooku Watercolor Pencils

This is a 72-color set with extra canvas wrap, water color brush and a pencil sharpener. They are professionally crafted for artists to give vibrant pigments or soft shadows. They give crisp, bold lines when color is sharp and used intensely. These colors are easily blendable as well. They can be used on dry or wet mediums and give the full flexibility of color tones and water color paintings. They can be shaded on a dry paper and when a little water is applied, unique blending effects are achieved.


  • It has a soft core used to create creamy textures.
  • Beginners to experts appreciate this quality arrangement of water color pencils including 100% lifetime replacement warranty.
  • The color is laid very smooth when wet or applied to wet mediums.
  • They are ideal for all ranges of water color techniques and can give soft yet solid tone.


  • The water color pencils don’t sharpen too well with the provided sharpener, the lead breaks.
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150 Watercolor Pencil Set

A range of 150 vibrant colors, perfect for both wet and dry mediums. This watercolor pencil set has the most diverse set of colors and shades. It comes in a fantastic high-level plastic box with 5 handy plastic trays to keep the pencils very well protected and nicely organized. If you find any flaw in this watercolor pencil set, 100% money back guarantee or replacement.


  • These pencils create brilliant watercolor effects with brush and water.
  • These are perfect for adult coloring books, doodling, and artists.
  • The sturdy plastic box protects the pencils from breaking.
  • The tightly held lead and slats are easy to sharpen. They don’t get broken, cracking or crumbling.


  • The set contains many, many greens which are useless because of the same result.
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Soucolor 160 Watercolor Pencils-Water Soluble Colored Pencils

Each art colored pencil set comes with 160 assorted colors. The colors are vibrant, have long-lasting pigments. They capture perfect hues and enhance your drawing. Soucolor watercolor pencils are perfect for a diverse range of art, from Japanese Manga to vibrant silk painting and traditional watercolors to stunning botanical illustrations.


  • These are contained in a superior high-level PET box, packing with trays inside to keep pencils perfectly organized for easy storage.
  • The shaft of the pencils is imprinted with color and coding,
  • The colors are guaranteed to eliminate drawing or painting restrictions while enhancing your creativity with maximum satisfaction.
  • These are highly recommended for beginners. The colors are wonderful and well pigmented.


  • This is a thorough assortment of artist-quality water colors.
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Arteza Set Of 48 Colors

 This affordable colored pencil set gives you the same professional quality you’d get with far costlier brands. These expert coloring pencils glide smoothly across your paper, blend beautifully & layer effortlessly. You’ll be amazed by their rich, deep coverage.


  • You will find these as the top-quality watercolor pencils. They are ideal for wet and dry surfaces and give a perfect result.
  • These bright colored pencils come in a broad array of brilliant, saturated colors.
  • Each pencil is labeled & numbered for easy color identification.
  • These can be sharpened easily & work superbly every time.


These are not water-soluble. They are non-metallic.

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FINAL VERDICT – Best Watercolor Pencils For Dolls, Calligraphy, Manga, etc

Choosing watercolor pencils depends on individual preferences. Your decision depends on what kind of artist you are, and how many shades you want for your projects. Thus, you opt for the packet of 12, 24 or 50+. While all painters require great materials, finding an amazing water color set is a dire need for watercolor painters. You will explore different avenues regarding an assortment of materials and styles before finding your most loved water color set.

Artists who make substantial works will require a lot of varied colors than artists leaning toward little, point by point work. The watercolor pencils might assist you to create different attractive watercolor works of the art even without using any paints. They can be used like regular colored pencils and will produce the same type of look. Unlike the water-soluble pigment in watercolor pencils, the pigment inside of colored pencils contains a binder of wax or oil. The waxy-oily base of colored pencils makes them easy to mix and layer colors with. But not so much with water.

As a rule, it’s smarter to choose a couple of good brushes, for example, a couple medium-estimate round and a level brush as opposed to attempting to gather a full scope of sizes and styles. Great quality rounds and pads can give the vast majority of the strokes which claim to fame styles offer. You can likewise try different things with various sorts of brushes to discover the kinds of brushes to suit your work of art style best.

Best of luck in finding the best watercolor pencils for dolls or other mediums for yourself.

Happy painting! 🙂