Best Watercolor Brushes On Amazon (5 Picks)

If you’ve tried purchasing watercolor brushes, you would have definitely realized about how many options are available there. Paint brushes for watercolors are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes and hair types. Choosing paintbrushes for watercolors eventually depend on individual preferences. Your decision lays on the watercolor methods you like to use, the amount of money you’re willing to spend, and just how certain brushes feel in your hand.

We know that Amazon is a big marketplace with a lot of options to choose from, so we have researched and picked out the best watercolor brushes on Amazon that we could find. Hope it will help you in choosing your favorites!


Before you move forward with our top 5 watercolor brushes, we would like to notify you about our best pick based on the customer reviews and the highest sale. The Nicpro 12 Pcs Paint Brushes Set has a solid range of brushes that are reasonably constructed. Brushes are of good quality and a great value and bristles will not come loose easily. There are also no visible bubbles in the paint on handles. 

The nice zippered case will encourage the artists to take care of the brushes. There are no objections regarding their longevity. They are made in the USA with plated metal tops. They have long enduring fibers made of clean manufactured sable which are simply incredible for oil, acrylic, and watercolor paint use.


We looked at the ratings, number of purchases, customer reviews and remarks about the products. All of this then, mixed with our experience, helped us make our conclusion, so that you feel at ease while picking anyone of the following that meets your needs.

We have selected the following brushes after a thorough research as the best watercolor brushes on Amazon:

Filbert Paint Brush Set

You’ll find this oil watercolor paint brushes wonderful and incredible for acrylic paint and watercolor paint. These sable brushes are extraordinary to use for children, and students. They are red sable brushes contained with a blend of premium natural kolinsky sable hair that expands great liquid limit. 

These are the oil painting brushes conveying extraordinary strokes while painting you paint your masterpiece, without stray hairs. These are better than any of the less expensive watercolor brushes available. These filbert paint brushes hold paint pleasantly giving you the incredible ability for all your techniques.


  • These brushes are easy to clean and store.
  • They will give you ease in each stroke with an equivalent measure of lightweight without cramping your hand.
  • These are astounding brushes that will keep going quite a while if you store them properly.
  • The weasel hair brushes are simply incredible. The fibers have a pleasant spring to them and snap back into shape after being pressed. You can even paint a straight line with them because hairs are of good quality.


  • The minor issue with these brushes is that sometimes brush hair fall out on the canvas.
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Santa Fe Art Paintbrush Set

The brushes of this set appear to be firm and well made. The handles are of good quality and appear as though they will keep going quite a while with proper care. 

These brushes are wonderful, agreeable and set down the paint smoothly. When using these with acrylics, they work exceptionally well with mixing. The detail brush handle is extremely comfortable and keeps up control of the brush. They are stacked with fibers, which makes them able to hold a great amount of paint.


  • These are of versatile quality brushes for acrylic, watercolor, gouache, oil, face paint.
  • They have no free hair. They are 12″ brushes and have well-adjusted wood handles.
  • The set includes fan, filbert, round, tapered, wide, and fine detail brushes.
  • The set of brushes is available in a protective bag that pops up to show the paint brushes while painting.
  • From beginners to experts, all appreciate this quality arrangement of brushes including 100% lifetime replacement warranty.


  • These brushes might lose their points. The brushed metal might get isolated totally from the handle being unstable to be used.
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Nicpro 12 Pcs Paint Brushes Set

Each brush highlights secure high quality aluminum crimped ferrules that oppose to rust and won’t shed. Seamless defender tubes on the brushes additionally go about as each brush’s handle. These are made in the USA with quality materials. You’ll find these brushes durable. 

The manufactured sable gives fantastic paint stream and spring. They are easy to clean as well. The guidelines are included in the packet for longer enduring bristles.


  • These are in a round brush travel set with which one can appreciate proficient outcomes outside or inside the studio.
  • Four diverse sizes are available that one may require most; round: (1, 4, 8 ) flat:(6, 11) filbert: (2, 7, 9) angel: (3, 5, 10) rigger: 0
  • They have long enduring fibers made of clean manufactured sable; incredible for oil, acrylic, and watercolor paint use.
  • Customer satisfaction is ensured and it is risk-free purchase for anyone.


  • These are one of the most commonly used brushes by the customers.
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Synthetic Paint Brush Set

You will find these brushes suitable for multi-purpose tasks as tempera, ink painting, dyeing, pigmenting, face painting, food coloring, water coloring, and etc. Many sizes are available from fine, small, medium to large brushes. Synthetic brush hair is suitable for beginner & learner artists as well as intermediate and experienced painters.


  • You will find them convenient for storage & easy transportation to travel, holiday or painting retreat locations.
  • There is a separate room for an eraser & your favorite sketching pencil.
  • This student paint brush set is hand-crafted right here in the USA using globally sourced components for the best quality.
  • If these artist paintbrushes don’t meet your standards or are otherwise defective, you can simply make a request for a full refund or exchange.


  • This is a thorough assortment of artist-quality paintbrushes.
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Magic Touches Artist Paint Brush Set

The natural characteristics of the golden nylon, black tip bristles offer you with an excellent liquid holding capacity that results in an easy, smooth flow of paint. This specially selected range of artist brushes come in sizes: #1 through #12, with 4 round 4 filberts & 4 angled brushes, providing a good range for all techniques to the painters.


  • You will find these as the top quality golden synthetic artist brushes. They are ideal for oil painting, watercolor, and acrylic painting.
  • The polished wood long handles are well balanced and give a luxurious feel while painting.
  • These are easy and delightful to work with and use.
  • There is no wobble and no bristle loss.


  • Except for numbers 2 and 3, there is a gap between the ferrule and the brush handle, where the ferrule is crimped. This is mainly an annoyance, particularly when cleaning up, but the end of the ferrule is sharp and could possibly cause cuts on the fingers.

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While all painters require great materials, finding an amazing brush is a dire need for watercolor painters. With rising brush costs, more craftsmen are attempting different materials and will explore different avenues regarding an assortment of materials and styles before finding their most loved brushes. Artists who make substantial works will require a lot of bigger brushes than artists leaning toward little, point by point work.

As a rule, it’s smarter to choose a couple of good brushes, for example, a couple medium-estimate round and a level brush as opposed to attempting to gather a full scope of sizes and styles. Great quality rounds and pads can give the vast majority of the strokes which claim to fame styles offer. You can likewise try different things with various sorts of brushes to discover the kinds of brushes to suit your work of art style best.

Hopefully, you liked our list for the best watercolor brushes on Amazon. Let us know if you find any problems with it.

Happy painting! 🙂