Best Watercolor Brush Pens For Artists

Regardless of whether you’re a craftsman, letterer, or artist, watercolor brush pens merit a place in your pen case. Their superbly water-dissolvable ink enables you to mix one shade easily into the next and their helpful pen shape is both natural to utilize and simple to carry. Watercolor brush pens provide many of the features of traditional watercolor paints in a convenient, mess-free form. Like standard watercolors, they can be spread and blended with water. Unlike other watercolors, you can toss them into bags and cases without a second thought. They don’t need extra space for a tray and cleanup is as simple as tapping a pen. This makes them ideal for sketching and working in close quarters.

Although they are similar, there are some important differences between watercolor brush pens and standard watercolors. Most watercolor brush pens are dye based. Many traditional watercolors use pigments. This means that brush pens often reactivate more quickly with water but are almost always not lightfast.


If you need to pick only one watercolor brush pen to use for your remaining life, we would recommend you to pick the Color It Refillable Watercolor Brush Pens Set. Their high-quality synthetic tips spring back into shape quickly and are easy to keep to a point. Their smooth bodies will help you remember the markers you used as children, however, there’s nothing immature about their quality. They are remarkably juicy and set down swaths of splendid shading with each stroke. Their delicate tips let them change between superbly fat strokes and thin lines decisively. This delicate quality means that they take some practice to deal with, however, they’re approachable and a joy to use for all skill levels.

Color It Refillable Watercolor Brush Pens have exceptional water-solvent ink. It mixes effectively and can keep on being layered and mixed after it dries. They additionally have reversible tips. This encourages them to last longer since you can change to the fresh end after the original wears out.


You can make your craft a perfect work of art on the expert sketch paper. Utilize this novel, refillable water brush pen to structure noteworthy looking watercolor impacts on the majority of your manifestations, without the chaos. All the markers are developed with delicate nylon tips, intended to be tough and durable. They are effortlessly washed off from skin and garments, making them perfect for kids, as well as, grown-ups. The manufacturer is completely dedicated to their clients. Moreover, if you are not totally happy with the brush pen set for any reason, you may get in touch with us for a free substitution or full cash back discount.


  • The set incorporates 20 of the most popular hues with the capacity to mix and make your very own customized hues.
  • They are produced using predominant quality materials.
  • The markers are non-harmful, unscented and corrosive free.
  • They’re ideal for illustration, shading, outlining and perfect for calligraphy and letter writing to accomplish that ideal stroke each time.


  • They give the best outcomes on paper but not on any unpleasant surface.


Color-It watercolor brush pens are refillable for non-stop shading fun. The refills can be bought independently and give enough ink to fill a pen multiple time. Each pen accompanies an adaptable genuine brush tip that takes into account both thin and intense strokes and an assortment of water coloring and hand lettering methods. Take your Color It watercolor brush pen set wherever you go for relentless creativity.


  • These are non-toxic and unscented.
  • They are water-based color ink that effectively washes off of skin and garments, making these pens suitable for the whole family.
  • These watercolor brush pens are fabulous for shading, drawing, painting, calligraphy and lettering.
  • The pen case with individual pen spaces keeps your pens composed, ensured, and is the ideal storage arrangement.


  • You cannot use water with these pens on the shading books. They can just be used as markers.


This is a little, steadfast organization and they really look like they want to satisfy their clients. The brush set incorporates 20 grouped water-based hues; the hues are easy to control so you can play around and get diverse looks. The hues are energetic and the watercolor ink spreads impeccably on the paper. The sharp points allow shading to little spaces. They are particularly appropriate for mixing hues.


  • It has a bonus refillable brush.
  • The adaptable nylon paint brush tips allow doing fine strokes.
  • These are deliberately made for convenience and are suitable for all aptitude levels.
  • They have no leaks, no hassle, and no mess.


  • The brush pens feel like markers with a brush tip, rather than watercolors and have a flimsy quality.


These high-quality watercolor pens offer rich shading and a flexible tip that allows you more freedom and a richer drawing experience. You can use art mastery watercolor pens with water to create amazing watercolor effects. They are not paint marker or permanent marker. They are only a conventional marker like a felt tip yet the tip resembles a paintbrush.


  • When using these brushes, you don’t have to worry about getting paint everywhere and no more fusses when it comes to cleaning.
  • These paint pens are like real brushes and each brush comes equipped with a high-quality nylon brush hair.
  • These pens are safe and non-toxic.
  • The hues are exceptionally saturated.



  • These brush lettering pens aren’t proper for western characters.


These are the set of 10 Tom bow dual brush pens in citrus colors. They are of premium quality and the delicate adaptable brush tip structure which enables them to be utilized for both fine lines and broad strokes. These are great for all; from a hopeful craftsman to a set-up art professional. The tips are very delicate and work mostly like a paintbrush.

  • These brush pens have an adaptable tip for broad strokes.
  • The opposite end has a fine projectile tip for smooth lines.
  • The water-based ink is blendable and unscented.
  • They are used for lettering, stepping, cartooning and journalism etc.


  • These brush pens don’t work on wood, moreover, they are not refillable.


Brush pens spare you the trouble and mess of handling your own pigment. They’re much cheaper, and more portable than speciality brushes. They also come with a variety of synthetic tips to mimic the qualities of brush bristles. In my opinion, these tips work much better for lettering and I know that many lettering artists would agree. A brush pen comes with a tip that can be made from several different kinds of materials. Brush pen tips can range from soft to firm. Watercolor brush pens are typically more intense than traditional watercolors and sometimes leave visible “marker lines.” Soften them with water or use them undiluted for more vivid art.

The brush pens are made for drawing with traditional Japanese colors but are also fantastic for lettering. They have medium-sized felt tips that are firm yet highly flexible. This balance of control and expressiveness makes them ideal for careful, precise work as well as novice letterers and artists. They dispense ink evenly and blend well, especially when used with water.

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