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Best Transparent Watercolor Palette/Paints

Transparent watercolors have my heart and they’re good enough to win yours too. The shade they give is amazing. They can be used wherever you want. If you are a canvas lover, they will stick to it. Moreover, if you want to paint any article, they are surely a primary choice. They easily blend with oil paints and other varieties. This is surely a plus point. Moreover, they are very easy to use. Both professional and newbies use these colors. This totally gives a new look to your painting. Furthermore, the shades are very radiant and prominent. So you should be very excited looking for the best transparent watercolor palette  and paints.


Although called transparent watercolors, they have a whole shade inside them. This type of variety is incomparable with other paints which makes it very difficult to find the best transparent watercolor palette.

If you are looking for the best watercolor in transparent quality you should look at following aspects. The colors should be reflecting light. This is the main quality which will lighten up your masterpiece. Unlike opaque paints, they are brighter and more vibrant. The shades should allow blending. I have tried them and my art looks much better with transparent watercolors because each of your stroke produces an effect. But this also shows that you have to be really good and precise with this set. The colors are vibrant and allow different shades to connect with others. That is why these shades are now a days my necessary tool for painting. Let’s look at some of the excellent varieties available in transparent watercolors.


This is one of the best packages one can get. This contains a pocket sketchbook and 24 amazing shades of transparent watercolors. What else does a painter need for painting? You have got the paper and the colors right here! This is surely a compact package. When I observed the shades, I found the quality to be really fine. The shades were not sticky. Every color was vibrant and radiant. Moreover, these 24 shades are so distinct from each other. Every shade is a story in itself. I personally like the collection. The paper quality was also fine. All these colors, when used with water paints, will surely make a perfect illuminating painting. I just love this complete package. 


  • Both sketchbook and paints are there
  • 24 different colors are present
  • A painting pen is also there


  • The quantity of paints is not enough for professional use


This amazing set is another very good option. As we know that a professional is concerned about the quantity of the product along with the quality. They really desire a sufficient amount of paint. So here is a good enough package. This set contains tubes containing 12 ml of paint. This is a handsome amount. When you pour out the paint, the quality is amazing. Moreover, every color has different shades. All the primary colors are present. When you look for a paint set, you really want all the colors. This set has the potential to fulfil your desire. Now, one can easily brighten up other colors using these splendid shades. Another plus point that attracted me was the tube packing. It has a big advantage in saving the paint. The paint does not dry out when served in tubes. And the amount of paint is also sufficient for professional use.  So, this is surely a recommended set of colors. 


  • Sufficient quantity
  • Variety of shades
  • Easy to use and carry


  • Only for professionals


This is another amazing package. The box looks pretty. The shape of the package attracted me the most. When you open it, you see radiant 24 colors. Every shade is illuminating. Almost every color is there. I really liked the quality. Transparent shades reflect light so the painting is enhanced. These shades will surely blend with the underlying paint. The quantity is also fine. I really liked the selection of colors. Moreover, every shade is different from other. There is no mixing of colors. I would really like to play with such a variety of colors if I get any chance. They also carry two water containers. This is a really nice treat for many painters. That is why it becomes very easy to use. I appreciate this accessory. 


  • A handsome variety of shades
  • Packaging looks nice
  • Easy to use and blend
  • Has accessory water containers


  • Only for newbies


This set is presented nicely. Vibrant, luminous transparent watercolors are present. This set is convenient and versatile as individual colors snap out. Its lid can be used as a mixing tray; great benefit. The plastic case comes in very handy in protecting the paints.


  • A handsome variety of shades
  • Sufficient quantity of color
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Distinct shades


  • Not for professionals



Transparent watercolors provide a different medium to what is the typical opaque watercolors. If you are really into watercolors then it is really important that you try these too. It’ll help you go deep into your paintings as well as provide you a platform to horn your skills even more in this style.

I really hope that you like our list for the best transparent watercolor palette and find one that suits you the bet among all of these. Good luck!

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