Best Brushes For Watercolor Painting

The brush’s bristles should be the artist’s first priority. The brushes ought to be sturdy and should be flawless when painted professionally.

The best watercolour brushes feature soft filaments that work well with flowing, moving paint. Additionally, watercolour brushes have short handles for improved control when painting.

In this article, I’ll show you the best brushes For watercolor painting that are also more reasonably priced.

Best Brushes For Watercolor Painting

Princeton Velvetouch, Mixed-Media Set

The Princeton Velvetouch brushes have a soft, comfortable handle that feels velvety to the touch and comprises a synthetic multi-filament blend. They have a smooth, even release and can hold much water and colour.

The long round is slightly longer, more tapered, more springy, and slightly more expensive than the round. It would be a fantastic brush for someone who wants to use a brush for calligraphy, tangling, or fine detail or who needs a little bit more adaptability in their strokes.

Synthetic bristles with numerous filaments can hold a fair amount of paint. They flow easily on paper.

This collection of synthetic brushes is more detail-oriented and is intended for more seasoned artists who may be looking to buy several brushes at once. Longer tips, shorter tips, wider flats, and sharply angled brushes are all included in the set of four brushes. These synthetic brushes are not only ideal for acrylic paints but also for oil and watercolour.


  • The two circular bristles have a great tip for fine cleaning and washing.
  • Strong bristles are extremely durable; they never shed. As a result, you can experiment with sloppy techniques like mixing colours.
  • It is easy and enjoyable to hold the handles because they are smooth.
  • Good brush set for intermediate and beginning artists.


  • It takes some practice to easily manage the long, rounded, and angled ones due to the uncommon variety.
  • If you want to work on a large piece of paper, this set won’t be sufficient.

Customer Review

This is a good assortment of brushes to get someone started painting. They are better than the cheaper brushes I started using. The round brushes hold their pointed tip, which I love. They are good sizes too.”

MozArt Supplies Essential Watercolor Paint Brush Set

MozART products are excellent for painters of all skill levels and frequently garner favourable reviews. This package covers the sizes that actual artists recommended as being essential.

The bristles provide excellent water retention and toughness as the ferrules are tightly fastened. A budding watercolorists can begin working on their first projects with the help of this collection of 10 brushes.

With flat, round, filbert, fan, angular, and fine-liner shapes, painters can experiment with a wide range of methods. For accurate detail work, washes, and colour stacking, sizes range from 000 to 12.

The ferrules are composed of rust-free aluminum, while the brush heads are constructed of synthetic fibers. The 16-centimeter-long, smooth birchwood handles are designed for comfort.

Along with watercolors, these brushes are appropriate for calligraphy, miniature, and model painting. This kit is transportable and useful thanks to its transparent case.


  • Suitable for model painting and calligraphy
  • Rust-free building
  • See-through case


  • Bristles are shed and reported by certain users.

Customer Review

These are great to start off with when you are unsure what size brush works best for you, or what you are looking for. Great variety and great price. So far no shedding of the brushes, which is good. The case is also really nice. “

Silver Brush Black Velvet Watercolor Brush Set

Another set of watercolour brushes that is ideal for beginner artists is Silver Brush Black Velvet. It has a distinctive black lacquer handle and a characteristic silver brand, and it has 3 sets of brushes that operate like butter.

These brushes are effective for fine detail work since they combine squirrel and synthetic bristles. They are suitable for use with acrylics, inks, gouache, dyes, and watercolours.

The nicest feature of these brushes is their ability to controllably release a lot of colour while still holding a lot of it.

The Silver Brush Black Velvet Watercolor Brush Set is ideal for multiple-layer glazing. It implies that because the bristles on these brushes are so soft, you may layer colours over one another without having an impact on the earlier layers.

Consequently, the Black Velvet Silver Brush brush set gives a totally unique watercolour painting experience!


  • The Black Velvet brush set from Silver Brush provides a distinctive blending experience.
  • Watercolors and other forms of artwork are ideal for this.
  • The brushes have soft bristles.
  • These brushes are excellent for blending colours.


  • The majority of folks assert that these brushes’ hairs are shed while they’re painting.

Customer Review

“The watercolor paint brushes are easy to control, and they are smooth and hold the right amount of water. I am excited to try different techniques and papers with these brushes.”

Winsor & Newton Cotman Short Handle Set

Due to the blend of fibres in Winsor & Newton Cotman water colour brushes, which come in various thicknesses, they are particularly well-liked. While the thinner fibers enhance colour-carrying capability, the heavier fibres provide strength and spring. Together, they consistently maintain a precise point.

When painting, the handles are made to be stable and comfortable. The ferrules are made of premium nickel-plated brass, which makes cleaning them simple and helps to prevent corrosion and hair clogging. The collection offers a wide range of head sizes and shapes to accommodate all water colouring techniques.

Synthetic fibres of varying thicknesses have been used to create this ensemble. These are the top artificial possibilities. (not considering the sable and squirrel imitations).


  • Various brushes are provided, allowing you to create intriguing markings, from small lines and doodling to more traditional methods.
  • Despite being stiff, the bristles snap back and hold a point nicely.
  • A good selection of thin and rigger brushes in this set provide excellent flow control, making it ideal for detailing.
  • These brushes’ hair is fine and firm and keeps its shape quite well.
  • These brushes make a sharp point and are excellent for detail work.


  • The short handles can be an issue if you want to work with broad sweeping strokes and prefer a longer handle.
  • There isn’t a nice round brush in this series that can hold much water.

Customer Review

“These brushes are wonderful. They are extremely soft and professional grades. I can let watercolor paint dry on these brushes, re-wet them, and have perfectly clean, perfectly usable brushes. “

Da Vinci Maestro Watercolor Set

High-quality sable brushes from Da Vinci feature a sharp, needle-like point, exceptional water-carrying capacity, outstanding spring, and good control. The majority of brushes hold their shape well when painting and, with proper maintenance, will last.

These brushes have significantly enhanced my painting, which has tremendously increased my enjoyment of the pastime.

You may improve your watercolour paintings’ accuracy and control by using Da Vinci Maestro watercolour paint brushes.

Each brush in this set has a beautiful, sharp tip and is well-shaped. They can transport a lot of water and paint thanks to their long bodies. Unfortunately, a few problems were discovered while using the brushes to paint. Even if these are slight annoyances, they have an effect on the quality and feel of the brushes as a whole.

This set includes four traditional round brushes with foldable handles in a leather case in sizes 4, 6, and 10. Both in the studio and outside, these are effective. Only premium sable hair from male winter Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable fur is used in the Maestro line of hair products.


  • The extremely sharp point can reach a needle point for superb control. These bristles slide easily, even on rough, cold-pressed paper, leaving smooth markings with only one stroke.
  • The top-of-the-line hair can carry a lot of paint and water.
  • The bristles can be bent in various ways, returning to their original shape thanks to the tightest snap.
  • The thin, compact form folds into small sets, protecting the hair.


  • This kit does not include a brush ideal for detailed painting, such as a size 0 or 1. It requires some expertise to add details with the circular brushes. You cannot also create very little paintings.
  • For some painting techniques, the handle may be a bit short.
  • It has a tiny ventilation hole in the cap, although it might not be very effective.

Customer Review

“Unlike many other detail brushes, this has long, stiff bristles that can hold enough paint and moisture and yet have a wonderfully fine tip. Much easier to do the detail work without mistakenly drowning the ferrule in paint. The excellent brush has earned a permanent spot in my “most used brushes” lineup.”

Da Vinci Brushes 5359 Set

One of the best watercolour paint brushes for professional artists is the Da Vinci brush. When it comes to art supplies, it is a well-known brand.

Their sable brushes, particularly, have the spring that so many watercolorists seek.  Furthermore, a lot of colour and water will be held in the bristles on the end of their brushes.

In addition to producing significantly superior painting effects, this will also enable a more effective workflow.

This Da Vinci watercolour paintbrush is not only strong, but it also has good form retention and suppleness.

This brush is perfect for painting on huge surfaces and creating detailed artwork since it has an extremely sharp point and fact motion on the tip.

Additionally, watercolour painting, animation, and illustration may all be done with this brush. It is created by skilled artisans by hand.

The Da Vinci Brushes 5359 Set includes five round brushes to complete the job or create a unique impact. These brushes, available in sizes 0, 1, 2, 4, and 6, can be used for gouache, animation, illustrations, rendering, and restoration.

These brushes are made for endurance using animal hair, sustainable wood, and rust-resistant, nickel-plated brass, and they have a large water-holding capacity.


  • Premium brush
  • This brush comes in many sizes.
  • This brush can be used for both detailed work and broad brushstrokes.
  • It is rust-resistant.


  • The price is a tad high
  • Some users report poor quality

Customer Review

This review is based on their customer service. I’ve been working with them for nearly two months, and they have been fantastic. They have more than corrected an error and went above and beyond to make things right. I would absolutely buy any and all my brushes from this company in the future because I now know that regardless of time or cost, they want to be sure you get the quality you are paying for.”

Final Words

Hence, these are the top watercolour brushes available right now. These brushes are the best on the market, and I have tested practically all of them.

I’m sure you have learned which brush is best for you. Da Vinci Brushes 5359 Set is the best option for painting large surfaces. MozArt Supplies Essential Watercolor Paint Brush Set is the most favorable for transportation.