Discussing Singer CP6350M Cosplay Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews (The Best Cosplay Machine?)

About time someone made a sewing machine targeted towards the cosplay community.  So, Singer has produced this model which apparently is especially for costume makers, but is it really worth going for or is it just like another sewing machine with Cosplay in its name?

Since a lot of people are asking about this machine, I have gathered as much data as I could from different online sources and made this article on the “Singer CP6350M Cosplay Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews” based on the different reviews that I found around the internet.

Singer CP6350M Cosplay Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

First, lets talk about the features that Singer are offering for this machine.

General Details

So, this is basically a heavy duty sewing machine, much like the ones before including Singer 4432 and Singer 4423. It has a metallic frame which is great for heavy work. Also, it has a very powerful motor. More powerful than the normal singer sewing machines but it is similar to those in other heavy duty sewing machines like Singer 4432.

The speed at which this sewing machine can stitch goes up to 1100 stitches per minute and it has an option for customization of the pressure of the presser foot. Due to this, the sewer can set the pressure according to the fabric that they are sewing which would help them to sew light fabrics as well as the hard fabrics better. The machine also offers to set the stitch width which is pretty handy as well.

The machine comes with 32 built in stitches as well as the reverse stitch option, again the same as that of the Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine. So, it is basically an upgrade of the heavy duty sewing machines and Singer has actually themselves stated the same. But, this machine also offers a larger surface area with extension table as well as good storage space. We will discuss them in detail ahead.

The machine comes with a special design. Again, it is meant to be for the comic related side of the world. It actually looks pretty good if you are into cosplay. The machine comes only in white and red color as of yet. It would be pretty cool if they were to make a “darker” outlook too, wouldn’t it?


Actually, with this model, Singer has stressed a lot on the accessories that come with the machine. Maybe more than the machine itself. So, the main accessories that Singer has mentioned they think a cosplayer needs are as follows:

Singer cp6350m cosplay heavy duty sewing machine reviewsExtension Table: This is indeed a pretty handy addition for easy sewing, because we all know a large surface area is a must for costumes.

The Side Cutter Foot: This helps in simultaneous trimming and hemming in one easy step as you are sewing.

The Ruffler Foot: This foot spaces pleats and gathers perfectly.  You can also easily adjust the distance and depth between the ruffles.

The Non-Stick Foot: (with slick underside) is targeted towards the tricky fabrics like leather, plastic, vinyl or any other making sewing these very easy.

singer cp6350m cosplay heavy duty sewing machine reviews

The Heavy Duty Needles: These are stated as a must-have for sewing heavier fabrics including wool, corduroy, denim, suede or leather.

The Even Feed Foot: This foot is good for evenly feeding multiple layers of fabric without any puckering or slipping. 

The Cording Foot: This one allows you to add surface embellishment to the fabrics with cords, embroidery floss, yarn or thin braids.

The Roller Foot: This foot is used to evenly feed the thicker fabrics while sewing. This uses front and back rollers to do its job. This foot is meant to deal with the slipping which might cause frustration. This is also great with heavy knits and textured or napped fabrics. Hopefully this would make your sewing a breeze.


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Singer CP6350M Cosplay Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews (Summary)

Singer CP6350M Cosplay Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews

Just to be sure that all the details above are from Singer themselves. But lets look at the thoughts of other people around the internet who have purchased this. I first posted this article when there weren’t many reviews or data about this machine, but now I feel like there is sufficient data to update the article. So, I have gathered some important points and also gathered some pros and cons that would be beneficial for you:

The main thing is that, while Singer has mainly focused on the accessories that come with the machine, it only comes into consideration when you have a good motor and interior of the machine. The additional features would not be of much help if the machine is not powerful itself.

So, if we look at the machine itself, the Singer CP6350M does have a powerful motor as well as the metal interior to go with it. If you are an experienced cosplayer, then you can think about going for this machine based on the accessories that they are offering. The only thing we would suggest is that you go for this machine if you know you can use the accessories for your work (If you use a wide variety of fabrics including the thicker ones).

If you are just starting out or don’t intend to use much thicker or tricky fabrics, then the Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine would be a great choice as well if you want to look for a Singer only.


  • Metallic Interior
  • Heavy Duty Motor
  • Great accessories (they justify the price)
  • Great for cosplayers
  • Can sew heavy fabrics


  • The one thing most people would want is the exterior to be more solid. The exterior is made up of plastic, but all of the interior is metallic and solid. Although, it works fine in most cases and I also think that it’ll work fine for you if used properly, if the pros of this machine overcome this big con for you, then you should go for it.
  • Try to familiarize yourself with the machine by looking at the manual. You’ll find it easily online.
  • People have problems with the needle positioning, but the machine allows you to position the needle according to your liking, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are not satisfied with this machine, then I have an article on the best sewing machine for cosplay in which I have talked about different options and have given my recommendation based on the machines, what they offer and also their prices as well. Go check it out by clicking here.

Check the latest price on Singer CP6350M Cosplay Machine

Final Verdict

So, looking at the machine itself as well as other “Singer CP6350M Heavy Duty Sewing Machine reviews”, I think that the machine seems actually good. Most people who have bought it seem happy about their purchase. It would be worth it if you know how to or want to handle the accessories that it come with.

So, if it can fit in your budget, then do go for this machine, otherwise we have a whole other article on the best sewing machine for cosplay, go check it out and select the machine which fits you better.

Happy sewing and cosplaying! 🙂