Is JUKI a good sewing machine

Is JUKI a Good Sewing Machine? 7 Most Common Questions

We came across an interesting question today, “Is JUKI a good sewing machine?” so we researched about it on google but couldn’t find any authentic answers, so we thought about writing this blog post for the people out their like us who might also face the same question. So, the little research that we did and the answers we got, we have tried to explain below.

JUKI has thousands of satisfied customers all around the world. It is a very reliable sewing machine company which is mostly known for its industrial products. The company has a lot of different successful computerized machines as well which makes it a very good choice indeed even if you’re not on industrial scale. So, yes, in general, JUKI is a good sewing machine.

So, this was the general answer, but to go in some more detail, the questions that popped up in our minds were the following. We tried to get the best information about them as we could

1. Who manufactures JUKI sewing machines?

JUKI is actually a Japanese manufacturer. It was originally an industrial manufacturer but recently it also started manufacturing the domestic machines. The headquarters of the company is based in Japan but it supplies its products to over 170 countries worldwide. It currently ranks at the number one spot for the best sewing machine manufacturer according to Wikipedia. The JUKI machines are well recognized for home-based sewers and hobbyists too.

2. Are JUKI sewing machines good?

As described above, JUKI is probably the best sewing machine manufacturer out there. We personally don’t see any other industrial machine competing with JUKI at the moment. When it comes to the smaller domestic machines, then obviously there is a lot of competition. But we still think that JUKI is one of the best machines out there and we don’t usually see many users complaining about their products.

The main thing that JUKI has done really well in the modern era is its computerized machines. The computerized JUKI machines are really popular. The computerized JUKI machines like DDL 9000C and the others have really made their mark on the market and there are more and more buyers that are coming towards JUKI domestically too.

3. Are JUKI sewing machines durable?

The answer to this is an easy yes. The JUKI machines are really durable. They are, in fact, especially known to be sturdy and most of their customers use JUKI because of their sturdiness in the first place. JUKI sewing machines give you the ultimate choice if you want to run the machines for long times. These machines generally can run for hours and it doesn’t really affect their performance.

 Our personal opinion is that JUKI is a very good choice when you want a machine that can work for long durations for your projects. It can easily take a lot of burden off your head in this respect.

4. What other perks does a JUKI machine has?

We know that this is an important question, but we’ll try to give the general answer to this question because the answer to this would normally be based on the specific machine you’re using or talking about. So, generally, first of all, JUKI sewing machines are sturdy, which we’ve already pointed out. The second thing is that the JUKI computerized machines are really good, the system that they use is very user friendly and people are really enjoying their computerized JUKI machines.

Other than that, JUKI machines offer you good speed. Their stitching speeds are brilliant. Keeping in mind these qualities, we can assume that JUKI would be able to stitch through a wide range of materials, which is actually pretty accurate. The JUKI machines have really wide variety of materials that can be used, including denim, leather, etc.

Also, JUKI machines are pretty much low maintenance because of their sturdiness. So, this makes JUKI a very good machine in general. We’d be psyched to work on a JUKI if we were to start right now.

5. What kind of space would I need to use my JUKI sewing machine?

We know that JUKI machines are heavy workers, and for that they have powerful motors. But does that mean that they require a larger working space? Well, some of the JUKI machines indeed require larger working space just because of their build, because some machines have longer arm which benefit for quilting, but that means more space required. But on the other hand, there are also some machines which are designed for compact space.

So, in the end, in term of space, we think that personal choice of the machine comes into play more than you might think if you have this question.

6. What is the best quality of a JUKI sewing machine?

As mentioned above, one of the following may be the best quality of a JUKI sewing machine:

  • Sturdiness
  • User friendliness
  • Speed
  • Range of materials that can be used
  • Low maintenance
  • Computer system

7. Which is the best JUKI sewing machine?

We have done a lot of research and everyone has their own opinions. But according to our opinion, the HZL-DX7 is probably the best JUKI sewing machine right now out there. It is a computerized sewing machine with large space (8” throat) to work with. Also offers a lot of built in stitches along with other features, but that’s all for another review post.

Other than that, JUKI TL2010Q is also a great sewing machine for home. We have actually already done a comparison between JUKI TL2000Qi and JUKI TL2010Q, so if you want to check that out that would be awesome as well.

Here is a review on the HZL-DX7 JUKI machine:


 So, this was the article that we wrote keeping in mind the main question of “Is JUKI a good sewing machine?” and other such kinds of questions that a person would ask if they are new to all the sewing business and have their eyes on JUKI. We hope that this answers most of your questions about the JUKI machines. If you think that we might have left something out which you want us to include or even if you disagree with anything we have said, then let us know. We will try to respond as soon as we can because our viewers’ satisfaction is our first priority.

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