Brother XM3700 Review


Brother XM3700 sewing machine is perfect for home-based sewers. If you like to sew as a hobby, or even like to sew your own dresses and clothes from time to time then this machine is more than enough for you. Moreover, this machine is very safe and easy to use, making it an exceptional gift for your kids or even for your friends. We talk about all the qualities of this machine in this Brother XM3700 review.


Brother XM3700 Main Features
Stitches 37
Stitch Functions 74
LED light Yes
Convertible sewing surface Yes
Auto-size buttonholer 1-step
Automatic needle threader Yes
Bobbin type Drop-in
Lightweight Yes



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Easy To Use Machine

The best thing about Brother XM3700 is that it is designed keeping in mind the beginners and home-based customers. The features listed above which include automatic needle threader, built-in LED light and more make it very easy for beginners to use.

Plus, its weight and dimensions are very user-friendly. It is not so big and sturdy, and not so fragile either. It is just about the right size and weight for a new sewer or even an old one to sew their way comfortably.

Stitches And Buttonhole

Brother XM3700 offers a very good collection of stitches. When compared with other sewing machines of similar price, the number of stitches (37) and stitch functions (74) is very good, to say the least. Not to mention the one-step buttonholer.

This makes your sewing more versatile and helps you to be imaginative and creative. So, this is a big plus if you decide to get this adorable machine.

Sewing Speed And Quality

The maximum speed this machine can offer is 800 stitches per minute. This is more than enough for a beginner or a student. Almost all the brother sewing machines that I have come across offer very good sewing quality. And this machine is also one of them. So, sewing speed and quality are of no concern with this machine for a beginner in our opinion.

Drop-In Bobbin

This machine offers drop-in bobbin. Most people prefer top loading bobbin to a drop-in bobbin but there is no harm in having a drop-in bobbin. In this machine, you won’t have difficulty setting up your bobbin.

Presser Feet

This machine comes with a variety of presser feet including;

  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Blind-stitch foot
  • Zigzag foot
  • Button sewing foot

In addition to these, a foot controller is also included. This gives you a great dimension for different styles of dress-making. Presser feet are very important in different kinds of sewing, that’s why we recommend this machine very often. If this fits your budget then this should be on your list.


Brother XM3700 includes built-in quilting stitches. It also includes a free motion quilting foot which you would love to have. This shows that this machine can be used for quilting as well. This is a massive feature that this machine offers at this price. Yes, it would not be as good as the machines specifically made for quilting, but we think that it would be enough for the beginners to try it out.

Storage Space

The machine includes storage space for some of your stuff. It really comes in handy when you are really into your stitching and can’t afford to move around that much.


This machine is really lightweight and is ideal if you are a student. You can easily take this machine to your classes and even move it around at home without troubling yourself. Moreover, despite being lightweight, the machine is quite well built.


This machine comes with a lot of accessories. The presser feet we described above are some of those accessories. A needle set, darning plate, bobbins. Screwdriver and power cord are some of the accessories included with this machine.

Operation Manual

This machine is fairly simple to use. You just need to go through the instruction manual that comes with it (which is very well written) and you are all set.

User Reviews

A big part of our website is about the user reviews we gather and share with our website family.

Most of the users were beginners or restarters who just restarted their sewing after a long pause. This machine really helps you to sharpen your skills without any worries.

People have rated it very highly for home hobbyists and students. Its easy to use feature is the most popular among people and it is safe to say people enjoy using this machine very much.


Looking at all the features described above, we are quite positive that this machine is offering well and beyond its price tag. So, if you really are interested in buying this machine then you should go for it.

If you find any trouble with the machine or want to share your experience then kindly comment so we can share the valuable things with more people.

Hope you liked our Brother XM3700 sewing machine review along with an instruction video below . Best of luck for your purchase and happy sewing!

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