Best Handheld Sewing Machine for Beginners; 6 Top Options!

Sewing is fun if you work on it with interest. Knowing the sewing technique yourself can be very beneficial as it can save your time and money. Nowadays, when life has become so busy, you cannot always depend on professionals to do everything for you such as simple repairs of jeans or any other torn fabric.

You can easily do it on your own. So if you know how to use a sewing machine, you would stitch or alter your fabric according to the design you want on your own. But taking a start towards learning this technique is still confusing for many people.

If you are a beginner and want to learn sewing, you need to have the proper equipment i.e. the sewing machine. There are different types of sewing machines available in the market. The best handheld sewing machine for beginners is portable sewing machines.

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What Are The Top-Rated/Best Handheld Machines?

The top-rated or best handheld machines in 2021 are listed below:

Best Handheld Sewing Machines – Comparison Table

Handheld   Machines Speed Stitches Button Holes
SINGER 01664 Stitch Sew Quick 2 2 SPM 2 2 button holes
Varmax Mini Sewing Machine. 280 SPM 1 top-loading button hole
HAITRAL Handheld Sewing Machine. Dual    Adjustable Speed 2 top loading drop-in button hole
MSDADA Portable sewing Machine. 2 SPM 2 top load drop-in bobbin
Sew Mighty Handheld Sewing Machine Dual Adjustable   Speed 1 3 threaded bobbin
CHARMINER Handheld sewing machine Dual    Adjustable Speed
There is a vast range of available handheld machines available in the market. There are different opinions on these but these are the best handheld machines to be used by beginners according to me. They help to learn sewing techniques quickly and help in repairing fabric in no time.

Singer 01664 Stitch Sew Quick 2


No. Of Stitches2
No. Of Button Holes2
Sewing Speed2 SPM


The construction performance of Singer 01664 Sewing Stitch indicates that it is one of the most heavy-duty devices in the niche. This battery powered machine is small enough to fit in your hands and can be used to restore curtains, garments, bed sheets, and more. It is also made to last without being too heavy.

It’s a two-thread patching up system allows fixing clothes and returning them to their former glory a breeze. The automated winding mechanism makes starting a straight stitch easy, and most users seem to appreciate the survivability.

With dual-speed power, you can make quick work of your fixes once you’ve gotten used to the feel of this portable sewing machine. String, bobbins, thread pulley, and needle are included, as well as everything else you’ll need to tackle the little, fiddly job of fixing clothing.

If we were being picky, we’d complain about the lack of included electronics, but because it uses regular AA batteries, this isn’t a concern.

Varmax 201 Mini Sewing Machine


Stitches1 basic stitch
Stitching Speed280 SPM
Weight8 lbs

It is the best choice if you’re working with thicker clothes. Since it is electronic, you cannot just pick it up and operate it; the unit must be placed on a shelf. Even so, with a control pad, a cuff slot, and a wide bench, it’s perfect for easy fixes. You get all you need to configure it; from a string cutter to a pressure wrench.

It is one of the most efficient devices on our list, it does not make lots of disturbance and is ideal for simple maintenance work or training your children to knit.

HAITRAL Handheld Sewing Machine


Switches2 ; Foot Pedal Switch and Push Button Hand Switch
Speed2 types of adjustable speed
BobbinTop drop-in bobbin


It has all of the features that a useful compact knitting instrument should have. It only weighs 0.8 pounds, making it very compact and ideal for small patches.

It is quick to use for straight-lined stitching, and it only takes four battery packs to get started. This means you can move it from floor to floor without needing to look for a plug, but the weight is what really stands out.

It can get through rugged fabrics like jeans and cloth. It can be used on all kinds of clothing, making silk and wool repairs a breeze.

Many parents use the HAITRAL Portable Knitting Machine to patch soft toys, but it struggles to get to something thicker than 1.88 mm. It comes with a one-year guarantee, which is stronger than much of the alternatives, but with friction control and an expansion pulley, it will be useful.

MSDADA Portable Sewing Machine


Battery4 packs of battery used
Fabric Width1.8mm
Speed2 SPM

This is a completely versatile handheld stitching machine that is perfect to have on hand if you need a simple stitch. It is small and light.

It uses 4 Battery packs, which are often readily available, and it can also be operated by a DC 6v power adapter, which is not included.

A wrench may be used to change the friction, and there is a spool and clasp wheel to keep it rolling. It glides effortlessly over the clothing as you drive over it, making it quick to patch outfits without needing to take them off.

While the stitching width of 1.8mm isn’t as dense as some of the competitors, what people like me admire is how quick it is to loop, set up, and then use whenever it’s handy.

MSDADA has generated a valuable tool to keep in the closet in case you need to fix drapes, bed sheets, or garments. It’s ideal for beginners or teaching a kid the basic concepts of knitting.

Sew Mighty Handheld Sewing Machine


StitchSingle stitch
Fabric Thickness1.8mm
Bobbins3 threaded bobbins
Battery4 A.A Battery

In this vivid portable knitting instrument, the contrast of black and colorful pink really sticks out. It still provides better value when compared to many other items in the niche because it has many valuable extras.

The cost is also fair, as the machine comes with the inclusion of bent spools, a wire threader, a new needle, a pulley, and a tape measure.

Since it is so compact and simple to use, you do not need to remove your trousers or curtains to patch them. The compact body also has durable stitching to ensure that the repair work is completed to a high quality. Even though it needs 4 Battery packs, you can purchase an AC converter and use it instead, as it does not come with one.

Many people purchase this commodity and use it for art, but it is also convenient to pack and carry out if you only want to use it for repairing clothing and carpeting.

CHARMINER Handheld Sewing Machine


Fabric Thickness1.8mm
Weight10.4 ounces
Set Points4 Thread Set Points
Battery4 A.A Batteries

This arrives with a few handy extras to allow you to make small fixes in your machine. It is a fairly affordable kit. It is so lightweight that it can comfortably fit in a kitchen cabinet or anywhere else for that matter. Charminar has produced a long-lasting material that consistently produces a straight stitch.

What you’ll find is a small knitting machine that can lace just about any fabric with a width of less than 1.8 mm. It attaches to a flat edge with a touch of a key and is easy to direct across the surface before the repairs work is completed.

It’s quick to thread and has extra spools, pins, a measuring tape, clips, and a machine threader, among other items.

Mini Or Portable/Handheld Sewing Machines

These machines are a type of electronic machine and are usually smaller in size as compared to the normal sewing machine. Such machines are portable which means you can charge them and then use them without plugging into the switch. They are easy to carry and are used to then smaller lengthened fabric and also for mending. These are also known as handheld or stapler sewing machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Using Handheld Machines?

This modern version of sewing machines has various benefits out of which some are described below such as:

  • These machines are easy to carry.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They use batteries and are portable.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They are lesser in weight.
  • They don’t need fabric to be held under it and can be used easily.
  • They are easily available.
  • They can be used safely by normal people as they don’t require professionalism.

Why Should Beginners Use Handheld Sewing Machines?

It is recommended to use the handheld machines in the beginning because they are easy to use and you can get an idea of sewing by working with them.

If you are a beginner at anything and want to learn any skill, you cannot directly go to the professional level. As you know that everything takes time and practice makes a man perfect, you need to practice hard and start from the lower level to the higher level. You should try to sew starting with the easiest way and then step by step go to the higher levels.

These machines are usually used for mending and repairing fabrics and by working with them, you learn the basic working of sewing techniques and it would be easy and safer for you to work with the handheld or stapler sewing machine if you are not a professional and trying to learn how to sew.

First, you need to learn the basics of everything to become perfect in whatever your field is. The same is the case with sewing. You need to try basic tools when you are about to start working on sewing.

Can We Use Handheld Machines To Make Clothes?

It is not recommended to stitch clothes or dresses with the help of handheld machines because it may work but it won’t give as neat a finish to the clothes as the normal sewing machine does.

We should use both the machines properly and for the purpose that they are made. If we don’t use our devices according to their best work, we may not get the desired results.

Handheld machines are used to repair torn or damaged clothes. They are easy to use and repair damaged or torn pieces of fabric or clothes without taking much time. It means if you get the clothes you are wearing damaged, you can easily repair them with the help of a handheld machine without taking them off.

Can You Hem Pants With A Handheld Machine?

The handheld sewing machine would be the best choice for you if you want to hem your pants and don’t want it to take a longer time.

A hem is simple and doesn’t require a professional sewing machine to do that. If you have a handheld machine with you, you can do that immediately without taking much time and without much effort. So, handheld machines are best for hemming pants.

How To Use A Handheld Machine?

The first thing you need to do when you are about to use handheld machines is to get the handheld machine ready.

  1. Firstly, you are going to load the batteries inside the handheld machine you are about to work with. The batteries used in the handheld machines are typically AA batteries.

Usually, the batteries of handheld machines are fitted in the bottom of the handheld machines but the numbers of batteries may vary from device to device.

  1. Once you have fixed the batteries in the machine, the next step you would do is to set up the bobbin.

A bobbin is a small reel on which the thread is being held or bound. Do this step accurately if you don’t want any disturbance while sewing.

  1. After adjusting the bobbin, you need to adjust the thread in the needle. For that, you have to position the thread in the bobbin to the sewing machine‘s side.

You need to pull the end of the thread to the opposite side of the bobbin and towards the front of the handheld machine you are using. Then you need to fix the threaded end through the needle’s eye. You should leave some of the thread hanging with the needle’s eye.

  1. After fixing the needle you should turn the rotator once so that the thread will move beneath the fastening plate of the machine. Then you should pick up the plate and use the ripper to pull out thread from the bottom of the plate

Once you have completed the above steps, your device is ready to be used and you can repair your fabric with the handheld sewing machine.


I found the Varmax 201 Mini Sewing Machine to be the best for beginners.

The handheld sewing machine is always a good fit for repairing your clothes and learning how to sew.

As a beginner, you should try to work with the handheld sewing machine to know the basic techniques of sewing and practice with it until you get to the point where you could use the conventional sewing machines accurately.

You should not go for using the professional tools until you don’t learn how to deal with it, rather go for the alternate and easier options.