Sewing Clips VS. Binding Clips What Is A Sewing Clip? What is A Binding Clip? Difference In Structure Between Sewing Clips And Binding Clips Difference In Size Between Sewing Clip And Binding Clip Can We Use Binding Clips Instead Of Sewing Clips For Sewing Or Quilting? Is It Better To Use Pins Instead Of Clips on Fabric and Paper?

Sewing Clips Vs Binder Clips: What’s The Difference?

While holding on to something, the first thing that comes in mind is a holder or a clip. Having sewing clips and binder clips with you and wondering which one is best for which purpose? Here I am to end this confusion.

Keep in mind that all the clips aren’t best for the same purpose. Some may not work for holding papers while some do.

Before choosing a clip you need to know which one can work for you because the binding clip would be best for you to hold papers together but not fabrics and the sewing clip wouldn’t work best for papers as it is made to hold on the fabric.

Here’s a short difference between sewing clips and binder clips;

Sewing ClipsBinder Clips
Used to hold layers of fabric in place during sewingUsed to hold multiple papers or sheets in place
Sewing accessoryStationary item
Made of plasticMade of plastic and steel

What Is A Sewing Clip?

A  sewing clip is made to hold on fabrics together. This clip helps us to hold different fabric pieces together.

It holds them in one place so that you don’t lose the fabric and face any mess because of the fabric spreaded all over the place. It is a big mess to deal with as it makes the area look messy and improper and sometimes it leads to the distraction when the area isn’t proper enough. Clover Wonder Clips have always been my go to sewing clips whenever I worked on big sewing projects.

Even if you want to work on different pieces of fabric and are done with the fabrics dispersing continuously, you need sewing clips near you.

Advantages Of Using Sewing Clips:

  • Sewing clips are very easy to use. Just slide them under the edge of the fabric to hold it in position.
  • They don’t distort the fabric.
  • Sewing clips can hold multiple layers of fabric, even thick fabric making them perfect for bag-making and binding.
  • They won’t snag any delicate fabrics.
  • They are great for flattening the edges of a fabric which tends to roll (like a jersey).
  • Most of the sewing clips have markings on them for different seam allowance.
  • They have a flat side and a curved side. Placing them flat side down makes the fabric less likely to get caught in the sewing machine.

Disadvantages Of Using Sewing Clips:

  • Can not be placed accurately.
  • Fabric can shift accidently particularly if it gets caught on something.

What is A Binder Clip?

A binder clip is a type of clip which is used to hold different papers together. This is mainly a stationary item.

It is used by students and used in offices because it helps in keeping assignment sheets, working records and other important papers in one place.

Advantages of Binder Clips:

  • Binding clips do not rust easily.
  • Can securely hold a stack of papers and several fabric pieces together.
  • They won’t snag or mess up any fabric piece.

Disadvantages of Binder Clips:

  • Delicate or a slippery material of a single fabric can’t be held between them.
  • Uses more space than a sewing clip.
  • Potential hazard to people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Difference In Structure Between Sewing Clips And Binder Clips

Sewing clips are made up of plastic. They have flat bases and round tops. They can easily hold the fabric together and make it easy to sew fabric even when the fabric is thick or is multilayered as it can grasp the object strongly.


Binder clips are made of two materials. The one which holds the object or paper together is mainly made of plastic or metal and the handles are made of steel or iron wires and are used to attach the clip to the papers.

These clips are made in bulks in the factories and serve as stationary in the offices, colleges and schools, or wherever paperwork is done.

Difference In Size Between Sewing Clip And Binding Clip

The sewing clips vary in sizes. Sometimes it is 3/16 inches or it may be 1/4  inches or 3/8 inches normally. The above mentioned are the standard sizes used for the sewing clips.

Despite their small sizes, they have a strong grasp and hold the fabric together making it easier to sew or quilt fabric.

Their sizes in mm may range normally from 7mm to 15 mm.


The binding clips come between the range of approximately 19mm to 32 mm and being in width of 41mm. This size in inches can be 3/4 inches or 1.1/4 inches respectively.

Being wide, they can hold on a large quantity of papers at a single place and grasp them strongly avoiding any kind of dispersion.

Can We Use Binding Clips Instead Of Sewing Clips For Sewing Or Quilting?


It is better to use the sewing clips instead of binding clips when sewing or quilting because the sewing clips are made and designed to hold the fabric. Whereas the paper clip or binding clip won’t be able to hold on the fabric.

While sewing or quilting, we continuously need to change the position of the fabric pieces and using binding clips won’t be as beneficial as the sewing clip because it is wider as compared to the sewing clip and it’s easier to adjust the smaller clips than adjusting the bigger ones because they cover more area than the sewing clips and make it difficult to change the smaller area positions of the fabric while sewing or quilting. (Just trust me on this!)

Is It Better To Use Pins Instead Of Clips on Fabric and Paper?

It is preferred to use clips because they have a comparatively stronger grip over the fabric or whatever the material you are using and would give it a nice and neat look.

If you are using pins instead of clips while working on fabric or even on papers, the pins leave holes or piercing on your working object which most oftenly makes it look less tidy. If you are working on fabric it may tear the fabric.

While working on the papers, it may leave big holes on the paper which can make your assignment look less appealing and rough.


It is preferred to use the appropriate tool for the specific material. While working with the papers, binding clips should be your priority but when you are dealing with the fabric you should go for the sewing clips. Both are great tools but using them properly and appropriately is the most important factor.

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