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Sewing is fun, creative and easy to learn. If you want to teach your kids an essential life skill, then you can teach them to sew. Sewing can help them to become incredibly self-reliant, expressive and creative. Sewing machines are easy to use, but some are geared more towards children than others. What is the best sewing machine for kids? Let’s take a look!

The best sewing machine for kids has one clear benefit: it teaches them an essential life skill. Sewing is something that kids can get started on at an early age, often around 3 or even younger sometimes, and they have fun sitting at a machine that their mom, dad, or other family members routinely use as well. Sewing also provides a child with an added measure of confidence and self-esteem. So many schools and educational programs are cutting back on their artistic learning programs today and that means kids are getting bored, stale, and uninterested with their imagination. Sewing can bring that back in a fun, useful way that doesn’t take up much of their time if they’re in a hurry.


Child’s Sewing Machine Brands

When you choose a sewing machine for your kids, you’ll want a machine that is high on safety features. You’ll want a machine that is dependable. Most important, you’ll want a machine that will actually help to develop your child’s sewing skills. That’s what the chart below will help you find!

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine:

The Varmax Mini Sewing Machine is exceptionally compact and weighs in at less than three pounds. It is shiny, colored white with purple accents, and boasts a modern aesthetic. At the size of a large hardcover book, it’s well put-together.

• The Varmax Mini Sewing Machine comes with an extension table so that you have more room for fabric when you’re working on a large project.
• It also works to help stabilize the machine, so it doesn’t tip over when you are working with lots of fabric or fabric of a heavier weight.
• This is especially useful for beginning sewers, who might want to start on the lower speed, and once they gain some experience and confidence, then move to the higher speed.
• Since it runs on batteries, you can take it anywhere (even camping in the woods if you wanted to) and sew no matter the circumstances.

User Impression:
The fact that people loved using it that it’s compact is great! It’s easy to use, and it comes with the extension table which gives it points. But the fact that it dances across your table at times. Those just starting out with sewing, or those who sew occasionally will find this machine’s features to be to their advantage.

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Mini Portable Double Speed Kid’s Sewing Machine

The Mini Portable Double Speed Kid’s Sewing Machine is an appliance for small sewing projects. It is equipped with the double threads, double speed, and with a light design.

• The Mini sewing machine offers double threads and perfect stitch control.
• Better sight and more convenient in thread cutting.
• Mini size, lightweight and with an exquisite workmanship.
• This sewing machine is a basic sewing machine, with its easy-to-use feature, suitable for all sewing machine users.
• Equipped with lighting lamp and thread cutter, easy to cut off threads.
• Large spool can be used with rewinding device for easy replacement of bottom bobbin.

User Impression:
We were amazed to see the wonderful comments showing that the people love to sew, especially when they can get on the big machine to put together some fun fabrics and styles together. It’s always been a dream to be able to move around with ease and sew. Therefore, that problem is solved with this beautiful sewing machine.

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Nex Sewing Machine

With a lightweight and Functional design, the NEX mini sewing machine is perfect for kids to learn how to sew. The exquisite detail design lets you trust the quality assurance, you can also learn various functions as you want. The lovely design will make your child fall in love with sewing and handicraft, so as to exercise their hands-on ability, as a gift to your friends who love crafts is also a good choice!

• This portable sewing machine is lightweight, can be put into your shoulder bag.
• Powered by 2 ways, power adaptor or four AA batteries, it is convenient for sewing whether you’re at home or travelling.
• The simple on/off control button or foot pedal which saves your time. Straight line sewing, easy to operate.
• Two speed options to meet your different needs.
• Two control switch modes, which you can use with switch or foot pedal, the pedal and switch cannot be used at the same time, and the power supply needs to be guaranteed before using the pedal.

User Impression:
Many of our customers also reviewed about the NEX Sewing Machine, as is designed for kids, and there are a lot of buyers that expect to purchase this low-priced model and have a professional machine. You’ll be disappointed if this is your intent. The NEX Sewing Machine is meant to help kids learn how to sew with key features and ease-of-use.
And when it comes to kids, this is one of the best sewing machine options on the market.

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Most of the sewing machines that you’ll find for kids today are the standard sewing machine. To maximize your investment, think about how many stitches you’ll want them to have. If you only need a dozen or so stitches because your child is just getting started, then you’ll save some money on this initial investment.

For kids that are really wanting to go to the next level, and entry-level serger sewing machine could be a good option as well. These machines use multiple threads and are a great way to create a safety hem. If your child is familiar with how to control thread tension and they’re good at getting their current sewing machine threaded, then you can really advance their skills with this type of sewing machine.

To determine which machine is the best sewing machine for your child, you’ll need information about the features and advantages of each make and model. That’s where our reviews can really help you out! You’ll see the safety features that have been included, what skills can be developed, and if a sewing machine really provides the value which it promises.