Best Wheeled Sewing Machine Travel Case

Formerly known as American Northwest Bags, Blue fig creates sewing and craft totes featuring elegantly woven tapestries. Blue fig sewing machine trolleys provide an elegant solution for sewing machine and notion transportation. Travel in style while keeping all of your sewing equipment together and safely protected. Choose from trolleys and totes to take everything from your largest serger to your tiniest notions anywhere you want to go. Everything from hard wheeled cases to soft-sided sewing baskets and even embroidery arm carriers can be found here. Need a carrier for just a few small things? Check and read out our selection of crafting bags including Blue Fig bags mentioned below.


The below mentioned are our selection of travel cases including Blue fig, which I personally prefer.

The Bluefig TB19 Wheeled carrier is designed to maintain most small to mid-size sewing machines. Constructed of 600d Poly with a rugged ball-bearing wheel – set, multiple interior wallets for added storage, and several fashions – forward color alternatives make this product an absolute must-have for the quilting and sewing community.


  • It is sturdy and contains ball-bearing wheels.
  • Extended height wheel set
  • It has a steel frame construction.
  • There is a stabilizer strap inside.



The users shared their feedback that it is one of the cases which can be presented as a gift and the users were very pleased with this item. They also said that all the features are exactly as stated. It is easy to set up and easy to collapse. They take up very little space when collapsed and locked. The case with the sewing machine inside is easy to maneuver in any location. The frame is very durable and the serger cases can easily be attached to travel on top.

The users also mentioned that this is the best luggage one could have ever owned. It is perfect for all the sewing needs. Since one can carry sewing machine and supplies with ease. It is roomy with various sized pockets both inside and out. Moreover, it’s light weight and easily converts to an overnight / carry on too.  They loved this so much!


The BlueFig TB23ER is perfect addition to our wheeled bag family! It is the largest wheeled carrier that BlueFig offers. We discuss its features as follows;


  • The largest wheeled carrier the company offers.
  • It can accommodate the largest of machines with a cover and still spares enough room for a project as well.
  • The handy inside mesh wall pocket keeps patterns and books safe and out of your way.
  • The new design fully collapses for easy storage and economical shipping options.
  • It easily handles the Baby lock Elegant and the Brother Innovis 4000d.


The users praised the product and said that BlueFig TB23ER Wheeled Travel Bag 23″ is sturdy and well made. It has a plenty of room for sewing machine and accessories (obviously!). Also, the accessory pockets are great for quilting rulers and sewing machine manual.

The users are very happy with the machine. It is easy to load the machine and needed supplies. The handle placement makes wheeling the case easier than many other cases you would have used and the wheels operate wonderfully. The users enjoyed using the case so much since it is worth purchasing and easily available as well as durable.


The Tutto 20″ Serger on Wheels are designed for road / vehicle transport. This sturdy bag is good for your serger, a laptop, thread Treasure Chest, and sewing supplies, etc.  The case fits most serger machines.


  • Sturdy frame protects your machine
  • Two side pockets for storage
  • Two inside straps to secure your machine
  • Removable stationary puller bar
  • Two rear zipper compartments
  • Both top and front opening for easy access
  • Versatile pockets keep all your sewing tools organized
  • Bungi cord to secure stackable items
  • Store the Bungi cord inside the front and back zipper pockets


The users exclaimed with happiness and they were amazed with this great purchase! They mentioned that this is the wheeled sewing machine case they have been searching for. Lots of organization, rolls every direction like a dream. It protects the machine and has room for all accessories. It has straps to secure additional items on its sturdy top frame. Excellent product. Sizing description was spot on. The users also said that they wish they had discovered it years ago.

They cherished the case. It rolls beautifully and has tons of garage. One could load for your machine from the top or in from the side. It will likely be the final case one needs to buy. It may also be used as bags carryon and saved beneath the seat.




A travel case may provide you exactly the portability and organization you need. These are also available in rolling versions to combine the roll-behind ease of the trolley with the smaller, more portable function. Many of these include space to bring a project along. If you prefer a separate bag for your projects and accessories, be sure to look at the Blue fig bags. Here you will find eye – popping designs that will not only organize all of your smaller items but also add a touch of glamour to your space. If you’re looking for function and style, I’d again recommend BlueFig to you. If you prefer the more traditional style of the sewing machine case, it has just what you’re looking for. The hard sides and ease of use of these sewing machine cases make them a versatile addition to any crafters collection. With a variety of project bags to supplement these sewing machine cases, you can easily stay organized when you have numerous projects in the works at once.

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