Best Sewing Machine for Thick Fabrics

A sewing machine is a machine used to sew fabric and other materials together with thread. Sewing machines were invented during the first Industrial Revolution to decrease the amount of manual sewing work performed in clothing companies. Since the invention of the first working sewing machine, generally considered to have been the work of Englishman Thomas Saint in 1790, the sewing machine has greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of the clothing industry.
Home sewing machines are designed for one person to sew individual items while using a single stitch type. In a modern sewing machine the fabric easily glides in and out of the machine without the inconvenience of needles and thimbles and other such tools used in hand sewing, automating the process of stitching and saving time.

Best Sewing Machine for Thick Fabrics Brands

Here we have discussed few of the best brands of Sewing machine that are used for thick fabrics.

SINGER 4452 Sewing Machine is one of the best sewing Heavy-Duty sewing machines out there which comes with 60% more powerful motor to stitch thick material such as denim, Canvas, and layers of thick material pretty easily. Hence, if you are anticipating the need for sewing such type of material apart from general fabric such as cotton, get this sewing machine right away.

• It has 2 built-in stitches.
• It is a heavy-duty metal frame.
• It contains an automatic needle threader and an adjustable stitch length and width.
• Easy to load top drop-in bobbin with a transparent cover.
• SINGER 4452 is one of the fastest sewing machines out there.
• The directions on this machine are simple enough, but the mechanical selection stitch selection system is initially confusing enough to give you a quick pause.

User Impression:
We came through the wonderful feedback from the users that the design of the SINGER 4452 sewing machine is awesome. It looks very decent and heavy duty by its look itself. The handle at the top helps to pick up the sewing machine and place it in your preferred place. It is one of the best – selling sewing machines from SINGER company that comes with so many great features.
It has a lot of positive reviews on various e-commerce websites where the customers have left some amazing reviews about this sewing machine.


The versatile HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine gives you the flexibility to do everything from basic monogramming, to creating quilts, adding decorative stitches to clothing and craft projects, sewing buttonholes and more. The HC1850 features 130 unique stitches, including 8 styles of 1-step buttonholes, plus 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches for basic monogramming. Quilters enjoy the included spring action quilting foot, detachable wide table, and the ability to do free-motion quilting. Designed for flexibility and ease of use, this machine includes 8 presser feet, an attached stitch reference flip-chart, push-button stitch selector, adjustable sewing speed, automatic threading system, and detachable foot controller. Though heavy on features, the HC1850 is also incredibly lightweight, and perfect for carrying your machine to classes.

• Reliable; perfect for sewing, quilting, basic monogramming, and decorative stitching.
• Comprehensive set of 130 stitches, plus a sewing font for basic monogramming.
• It includes 8 styles of one-step auto-size buttonholes, beautiful decorative stitches, and stitches for clothing, quilting, and heirloom sewing.
• It comes complete with an attached stitch flip-chart, detachable foot controller, 8 specialty feet for overcasting, buttonholes, blind hems, zippers, quilting, and more.
• Reliable, easy threading of top thread and bobbin – for consistent, high quality stitching.
• Special quilting features include a detachable wide table, spring action quilting foot, 14 quilting stitch functions, and the ability to do free-motion quilting.

User Impression:
The users praised it by mentioning that they thoroughly enjoyed the use of this machine, which is very user friendly. The diverse embroidery patterns are rather basic. For more intricate embroidery patterns, it is worthwhile to get a more professional machine. All in all, the users were very happy with this machine.


AGM Portable Sewing Machine offers great value because it comes with lots of free accessories. It is provided with 12 built-in stitches making fashion sewing, home and decorative sewing, quilting, crafting and heirloom sewing easier.

• Double Thread & Double Speed helps you create neat, straight and firmer stitch.
• Anti-slip Bottom Pads to ensure the overlock sewing machine stay firmly during operation, safe to use. One button to turn on/off, you can see all the little details in your work for easy threading.
• Useful for reinforcing the end of seams, ensuring there are no loose end.

User Impression:
People just loved this sewing machine as it is very easy to use, and they loved the difference speed feature, it’s very helpful to work on delicate projects.
Another review received is that the machine comes with adequate, enjoyable to use instructions, and is just plain fun to sew with.



Before sewing machines were invented women spent much of their time maintaining their family’s clothing. Middle-class housewives, even with the aid of a hired seamstress, would devote several days of each month to this task. It took an experienced seamstress at least 14 hours to make a dress shirt for a man; a woman’s dress took 10 hours; and a pair of summer pants took nearly three hours. Most individuals would have only two sets of clothing: a work outfit and a Sunday outfit.

The sewing machine’s effects on the clothing industry resulted in major changes for other industries as well. Cotton production needed to increase in order to match the demand of the new clothing factories. As a result, cotton became planted in new areas where it hadn’t previously been farmed. Other industries involved in the process benefited as well such as metal companies who provided for parts of the machines and shippers to move the increased amounts of goods. In addition to being important for clothing production, sewing machines also became important in the manufacturing of furniture with upholstery, curtains and towels, toys, books, and many other products.

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