Best Sewing Machine for Free Motion Quilting

Quilting is the process of sewing two or more layers of fabric together to make a thicker padded material. It is usually done to create a quilt or quilted garment. Typically, quilting is done with three layers: the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material and backing material, but many different styles are adopted.
The process of quilting uses a needle and thread to join two or more layers of material to make a quilt. The quilter’s hand or sewing machine passes the needle and thread through all layers and then brings the needle back up. The process is repeated across the entire area where quilting is wanted. Rocking, straight or running stitches are commonly used with these stitches being purely functional or decorative. Quilting is done to create bed spreads, art quilt wall hangings, clothing, and a variety of textile products. Quilting can make a project thick, or with dense quilting, can raise one area so that another stands out.
The whole process of creating a quilt or quilted garment also involves other steps such as designing, piecing, appliqué, and binding. A person who works at quilting is termed a quilter. Quilting can be done by hand, via a sewing machine, or by a specialized longarm quilting system. Machine quilting is quilting made using a sewing machine to stitch in rows or patterns using select techniques to stitch through layers of fabric and batting in the manner of old-style hand-quilting. Some machines even replicate hand stitching.

Best Sewing Machine for Free Motion Quilting from Top Brands

Although many people who take the effort to quilt by hand, using a good free-motion quilting sewing machine can improve both the speed and quality of work. In this guide, we will compare the features, ratings of the most popular home sewing machine with free motion quilting functions to reveal which is the best model.

Husqvarna is a Swedish company founded 1689 to produce muskets. The company has grown since, was partitioned, and is now a brand of multiple companies.

• The Open Toe Free Motion Spring Foot gives clear visibility when doing free motion quilting or embroidery. Because of the open front, you can easily do stippling or follow a design in the fabric
• The spring action keeps the fabric from lifting with the needle as the stitch is being formed which helps eliminate thread breakage with specialty or heavier threads. Be sure to use the appropriate needle for the thread you are using.

User Impression:
The users loved it because Husqvarna Viking embroidery software lets you create patterns and designs on your computer, which you can then reproduce on the sewing machine. With more than 140 years in the sewing business, Husqvarna Viking can help you take your sewing and embroidery to the next level.

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The Distinctive Large Metal Darning/Free Motion Sewing Machine Presser Foot is a spring action foot used for free motion embroidery, darning or quilting. This foot has a large hole and metal making it heavy-duty and perfect for quilting, darning and free-motion embroidery. The Distinctive Large Metal Darning/Free Motion Sewing Machine Presser Foot is made to fit any Low Shank Sewing Machine.

• It has a premium Sewing Machine Foot.
• It can easily be fitted in all Low Shank Sewing Machines.

User Impression:
We came across a feedback that Distinctive Premium Sewing Feet are high quality sewing feet that provide the user with ease of use for tasks that could be extremely tedious if done by hand.


This foot is especially designed for free motion embroidery, stippling, darning and monogramming. Skipped stitches are no longer a concern; as the needle moves up and down, so does the spring-loaded foot.

This foot gives excellent fabric control (no flagging) while the stitches are being formed as well as the ability to move the project freely under the foot.

• It has a free – motion and echo quilting.
• The quilting with free-motion stippling.
• You can easily do embroidery as well as monogramming with free – hand stitching.
• One can also do reverse embroidery with free-hand stitching.
• You can make corded lace with free-hand stitching.
• One can also make needle lace with free-hand stitching
• It can be used for needle weaving.
• It can frequently use for free-motion shirring with elastic.

User Impression:
The customer used it and praised it by saying that they had so much fun with this free motion embroidery foot, and they further said it is a highly recommended product.
Users further said that it all looks well as it provides a great speedy service and they will definitely look forward to using it in future as well.



The free motion quilting is nothing different from what it sounds like. It refers to the free movement of the quilting machine across the top portion. You just have to move the quilt accordingly to see the limitless possibilities of free motion quilting. It gives you full control over the stitch length and the direction.
Free-motion quilting is a process used to stitch the layers of a quilt together using a domestic sewing machine with the feed dogs lowered, with a darning foot installed. When the feed dogs are lowered they do not advance the fabric; and with the darning foot merely hovering over the layers, the operator controls the stitch length as well as the direction of the stitching line by moving the quilt with their hands. The stitching can be made in any direction and to for curvilinear lines or straight patterns. Each design, whether drawn on the quilt top or held in the imagination of the quilter, is formed with a line of stitching that is guided by the movement of the quilt under the machine needle. The length of each stitch is determined by the distance the quilt has been moved since the previous stitch.

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