Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Making Clothes


It can be pretty scary selecting a sewing machine when you have no idea which one would be good for you. We know that, that’s why we have picked out three sewing machines that would be ideal for your search on the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes.

There are so many sewing machines in the market that if you don’t know what you need, you can easily get confused. Or even select a wrong one and scratch your head afterwards. That is especially true for the beginners who don’t know much about sewing or sewing machines. That’s why we are here; to give you proper insight about the machine you need so that you aren’t confused anymore.

We have arranged the machines in three categories budget-wise. Let’s have a look.

Quickly jump to the machine you need:

Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Making Clothes

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Under $50 – KPCB Mini Sewing Machine

This machine is perfect for the budget. If you are a beginner then there’s no need to buy those expensive machines if you are not so sure about the machine or even your own sewing. So, this machine gives a reasonable option to get started. And then once you hone your skills, you can move on.

This machine is installed with an upgraded environmental material. This helps it to be more dependable and also strengthens its quality. Its adapter was also authenticated by UL/ETK/CE, so its safe to say that this machine is quite safe.

A large extension table makes it easy to sew large clothes, or to sew in straight line. It also has a cuff slot which makes sewing sleeves and pants so easy. Further details are there for easy and quick sewing.

It offers a speed controlling foot pedal so you can concentrate on your sewing with both your hands. This option is just perfect for the beginners. Don’t worry, if you want to sew outside, it also supports a battery supply.

The machine also offers built-in winding pole and spool assist to rewind the bobbins when the machine is turned on. It also offers 2 speeds to select from according to your needs.

With all of the above, it also offers a three-month guarantee. So, to summarize the features;

  • Environmental friendly material
  • Speed controlling foot pedal operation
  • Battery support
  • Automatic bobbin rewinding
  • Three-month guarantee
User Impressions:

This machine is really popular among the kids. Its size and its lightweight makes it an ideal machine for your child. Also, it is probably the best find in such a range with all its features. If you are a child, a teen or even an old person thinking about starting to sew then this machine can help you out in a very low budget.

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Under $100 – Brother XM2701 (Our Choice)

Brother XM 2701 is the perfect machine for multiple everyday sewing projects. It is perfect for beginners as it has a wide range of user-friendly features. Its design is also lightweight which is good for a newbie. Even the more advanced sewers, like moms at home would really like this machine.

This machine offers 27 built-in stitches which include decorative, blind hem and quilting stitches. And automatic one-step buttonholer guarantees virtually perfect buttonholes.

XM2701 is designed for ease of use baring the beginners in mind. It has 6 quick-change sewing feet including zipper, narrow hemmer, zigzag, buttonhole, button sewing feet and blind stitch.

It also offers a jam-resistant Quick-Set top drop-in bobbin, a built-in easy needle threader and an automatic bobbin winding system

The machine also boasts a handsome warranty along with customer support.

Main Features:
  • 63 stitch functions which are easy-to-use, value-packed and versatile making them perfect for a wide range of everyday sewing projects.
  • 27 unique built-in stitches including decorative, blind hem, zigzag and stretch stitches and one-step auto-size buttonholer for virtually perfect buttonholes
  • Ease of use features include built-in needle threader, jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin and brightly lit LED work area. Loaded with features, the XM2701 offers 27 built-in stitches, with 63 stitch functions
  • 6 quick-change sewing feet with buttonhole, zipper, zigzag, narrow hemmer, blind stitch and button sewing feet

User Impression:
Most users are very happy about the machine. It is not difficult to work with. Moreover, it is not so fragile which means that you can expect it to sew a bit more than just thin fabrics.

This machine is becoming the number one choice for the ladies at home. So, if you want an excellent machine which would go far with you, then choose this one.

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Above $100 – Singer Heavy Duty 4423

If you are a beginner, but you don’t want to be confined to the basics and want to try the more advanced sewing or even the thicker fabrics, then this machine is for you.

Singer 4423 is not just a machine for beginners, it is used by many professionals. But because it is so easy to operate, we decided that we should include this machine in our beginners’ list.

This machine includes 23 built-in stitches. These stitches include basic, decorative, stretch and buttonhole stitches. It allows you to sew a vast variety of projects which might include home décor, quilts, fashions and more.

It has an automatic needle threader. The threading path is printed right on the machine and helps you stay away from unnecessary frustration.

It boasts a high speed of 1,100 stitches per minute with a strong motor. This can give you greater piercing power along with the speed. Great for a bit advanced project.

This machine is a true workhorse with a heavy-duty metal frame coupled with the features mentioned above. At the end, the machine also comes with a lot of accessories including presser feet, needles, guide, seam ripper and more.


Summarizing the features:

  • 23 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • High sewing speed (1,100 stitches per minute)
  • Heavy duty metal frame and 60% stronger motor.
  • Sewing machine accessories
User Impressions:

Although the machine is the priciest in our list, but it is a steal at its price. It is very easy to work with. Makes very little noise, has a great motor to support it and also has great speed. This machine can sew your leather jackets, vest, chaps, etc. so if you don’t want any trouble with your sewing and you still are a beginner, then this machine would greatly impress you.

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It’s very difficult to decide for a new sewing machine, but now you know your choices. Keep your budget in mind and go for the machine that suits you the most.

We hope this article was of great help to you in your search for the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes. We wish you best of luck! Happy Sewing! 😊