Make Pencil Case From Stick Ice Cream

How To Make Pencil Case From Stick Ice Cream?

When it comes to ice cream stick crafts, the pencil holder may be the most popular item. A pencil box with an uncommon design that is both incredibly special and lovely is made through ice cream sticks.

Things you will need to make a pencil case from ice cream stick:

  1. Ice cream sticks (prepare sticks taste but making this square pencil box does not require that much enough sticks)
  2. 2. Glue (choose glue which has strong adhesive strength, good in my experience using glue G since the glue has a very strong adherence) (select glue which has strong adhesive power, good in experience using glue G because the glue has a very strong adhesion)
  3. Sandpaper is used to soften and enhance the shape of the sticks you have designed.
  4. Paint, especially to make your pencil box shape made of ice cream sticks look better.
  5. Knife, roller, and pencils as required.

Okay, let’s get right to the instructions for making square pencil boxes for ice cream sticks.

  • Make the base first by connecting the stick’s tip to a rectangle.
  • Using ice cream sticks to create artistic crafts
  • The tiny ice cream stick is a great tool for crafting. It is also available in a variety of colors and is used by both adults and children. To add a further level of creativity to the finished product, some sticks are pre-cut into different designs.

Here are some pointers to assist you with the procedure:

Avoid gluing the sticks too thickly. The sticks will become mushy as a result, and the base may crumble easily.

  • If you have access to it, use construction paper for the base.
  • To give the holder a sparkly final touch, use glitter powder.
  • To make the holder more resilient and water-resistant, paint it with varnish.
  • If kids are working on this craft, adult supervision is necessary.

Crafts Using Ice Cream Sticks

Ice cream sticks are used in a variety of handicrafts, just like any other ingredient. You also need other supplies including paper, accessories, scissors, glue, dyes, and other things. Ice cream sticks are one of the basic materials that may be used to create a variety of crafts.

Box of Accessories

The embellishments from the ice cream sticks are used in the first handicraft. You can construct a storage area for accessories if you frequently use a lot of them and need a place to keep them. employing only the bare minimum of ice cream stick components.

You can alter the accessory’s size so that it isn’t exactly like the one in the image. Depending on your inventiveness, you can also make shapes that heighten upward or expand to the side.

To make the accessory’s location, you can utilize common sticks in a variety of colors. You just need to arrange some ice cream sticks, which is quite simple. Ice cream sticks can be used to create a basis.

To create the cat’s pieces, attach the ice cream sticks to the base’s sides. Bend the one’s ends and side edges in opposite directions to simulate a cavity like in the illustration. Also, make the covers, don’t forget.

Place Box

Students or females who use a pencil to write every day should make anything out of this ice cream stick. You can use it if you have writing-related work to do. You can create this special pencil location with just a few simple ice cream stick ingredients. You can increase your enthusiasm for learning by placing this pencil on your study table.

It can be purchased without costing any money. With an ice cream stick you already own, KMU can also make you some. You can color your ice cream sticks for greater results. Use one color per pencil spot to improve it. Additionally, you can embellish the paper by using a variety of original forms in the pencil’s core.


Handmade crafts fashioned from the most basic ice cream sticks include flowers like the ones in the image above. For one flower, just one ice cream stick is required. Simply adhere some specially prepared flannel paper to the stick tip. In order to look like a flower in general, you can also place buttons in the center of the flower.

Children frequently use pencil boxes. They enjoy carrying pencil boxes with various designs. Additionally, these cases are employed to store school supplies for children. As a result, there are many pencil cases readily available in the market.

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Be imaginative! Create a pencil holder that is as tall as you can by stacking as many sticks as you can.

Above all, just enjoy creating this tiny work of art!