5 Different Ways To Fix A Pen

How To Fix A Pen?

Inconsistent ink flow is one of the issues you could run into when using ballpoint pens. Remember that the ink is released by gravity in ballpoint pens therefore a straightforward fix would be to store your pen with the nib facing down.

Additionally, the cartridge could become caught in air bubbles. Shaking your pen in this situation could assist in getting the ink to move back toward the nib and allow for smooth writing once more.

Most people can no longer write with a broken ballpoint pen. There are a few things you can attempt to restart the pen before changing the ink cartridge.

Scribble On A Piece Of Paper.

Sometimes all that’s needed to start the ink flowing is to get the bearing ball moving. Often, a ballpoint pen only requires a scribble.

While Writing, Exert Pressure.

Ballpoint pens, as opposed to fountain pens, can withstand far more pressure while writing. To get the dried ink dislodged, try pressing your pen more firmly into the paper to induce bearing ball movement. Remember that the ink used by ballpoint pens is much thicker, thus some force may be required to get the ink to flow.

Use A Lighter Or Water That Is Boiling.

Although you would not want to try this technique on your more costly biros, it might work for cheap pens that won’t write. A lighter should be held at the very tip of the nib. Any ink that is blocking the ballpoint pen will dissolve as a result.

To loosen any stuck-on ink, you can also try immersing the nib in boiling water. Use extreme caution when using either of these techniques and make sure you just expose the pen’s tip.

Blow Into An Open Ink Cartridge.

Sometimes giving your pen’s ink a tiny push is all it requires. Try blowing into your pen with pressure if you can open the pen’s rear to reveal the end of the cartridge.

Use A Different Surface To Write On.

The paper might not have sufficient friction to move the bearing ball once again. Using a rubber surface when writing can aid in clearing the ball from the nib.

How Can Pen Leak Be Avoided?

Ballpoint pens sometimes have problems, despite how easy and effective they are to use. It’s possible that you’ve used ballpoint pens that skip or fade when writing. Even though there is plenty of ink in the reservoir, your pen occasionally may cease writing altogether.

Don’t worry; there are a number of methods you can turn things around.

Changing Storage Circumstances

Pens may wind up facing sideways or upwards if they are placed in a pen case or box. Long-term storage in this condition could result in air entering the refill. Therefore, it is advised to store the pen with the nib pointing down in a pen holder.

Use A Pen That Can Be Used To Write Upward.

Choose a pressurized pen that enables you to write in an upward position if you are unable to alter how you store your pen or if you frequently write at an inclination above the horizontal.

For writing in any direction, pressurized pens have a sealed ink tank in the refill. Check out the pressurized pens available from different brands if you’re interested.

Do Not Use Oil-Based Pens.

As you use an oil-based ballpoint pen, the ink tends to build up in the nib because it is more viscous than water-based ink. This is especially true if the nib’s ball is constantly traveling in the same direction.

You might want to switch to a water-based ballpoint pen if you discover that your sleeves frequently get messy when you write with an oil-based pen. It’s crucial to comprehend the qualities of each kind of pen ink so you can select the one that works best for you.

Why do Ballpoint Pens Stop Working?

Ink cartridges in ballpoint and rollerball pens are meant to be sealed off from the air. The ball in the nib serves as a cover to prevent air from passing through.

However, if the pen is left uncapped, air can still enter the pen. But more frequently, since ballpoint pens stop writing, people assume they have dried out. The thick ink inside the cartridge prevents adequate flow, which is a better explanation.

Ballpoint pens can also stop functioning because the ink that was left in the ball while it was not in use has been blocked as a result of exposure to air. However, both problems are quite simple to resolve, allowing you to restart your pen’s operation.

How to Remove Ballpoint Ink?

If your pen has leaked or you’ve managed to get ink on items around your home, we have some advice on how to remove the stains. Ballpoint ink is often more difficult to remove.


Proceed with caution if the leather has ballpoint pen stains on it. Leather is susceptible to damage, and sadly, the remedy will vary depending on the item. It’s advisable to start by using the cleaning agent that the manufacturer suggests.

If that doesn’t work, we advise you to test several treatments on a small area of the leather that is hidden from view. Try applying hairspray to the area and letting it sit without letting it dry for a minute.

After cleaning with a moist cloth, use your regular cleaning agent. As an alternative, you might try applying alcohol to the affected area. But always test the solution on a small area first, and be careful because various textiles will react differently.


The best approach to get ink stains off of garments or furniture is to apply rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover directly to the stain.

After blotting the stain with a clean towel until it vanishes, treat the area with your regular laundry detergent. Wash the fabric in hot water after 5 minutes. If the fabric is fragile, such as silk or wool, you might want to get cleaning advice from a specialist.


Normal household soap should be able to remove any ballpoint pen ink that has gotten on your skin. However, a scrubber and pressure might be needed. The ink must be removed with persistence, but it will eventually fade.

Related Questions

What causes my pens to malfunction?

Exposure to air is one of the most frequent problems that ballpoint pens have when it comes to drying out. Ballpoint ink, which is already rather thick, dries out when air enters the cartridge, which usually causes it to get entirely clogged.

Why do pens become dry?

Actually, whether there is a hole in the cap or not, it only slows down the drying process. Because pen ink contains (volatile) solvents that evaporate, pens tend to dry out. With a cap: If there is no air draught over the pen, the solvents will still evaporate but will just cool inside the lid.


The root cause of any ink flow issues with your ballpoint pen should be taken into consideration before making any repairs. This ought to assist you in determining the ideal solution for your particular issue and quickly restore the ink flow in your ballpoint pens.