Best Watercolor Pencils For Dolls

Similar to how you would use coloured pencils, you can also add patterns to a drawing using watercolour pencils.

When drawing dolls  or other designs on canvas or other materials, coloured pencils are a fantastic tool to take into consideration. They are clear, affordable, compact, and simple to use.

I have reviewed some of the best watercolor pencils for dolls here:

Derwent Watercolor Pencils – Best for Artists on a Budget

Key Features:

  • Available in 12, 24, 36, 48, or 72 watercolor colors
  • Sturdy precision
  • 4mm water-soluble core
  • Unique blending and layering

The colour range and expertise of Derwent Watercolor Pencils are excellent. You can purchase this package with 12, 24, 36, 48, or 72 colors, depending on your requirements. However, I strongly recommend purchasing the 36-color pack in this guide because it offers the greatest price/number of pencils ratio.

The pencils are packaged in a lovely, sturdy metal tin with an airtight seal which is excellent for preventing moisture from getting inside. Right out of the package, the colours are stunning and vibrant. There is a wide variety of colors, both main and secondary.

This ensemble blends seamlessly and performs admirably. There is a decent colour selection that includes both light tones and those with deeper pigments, and the colours are accurate and clear. With the variety of tones included in this set, you can produce a number of effects, including shading.

Additionally, since each pencil lead is readily soluble, you can always blend these colours to achieve the look you desire if the number of colours is insufficient for you.

Even when dry, the pigments from these pencils have excellent opacity and true colours that mix well with one another. They are unquestionably superior to the majority of less expensive types, which are less effective until they are exposed to liquid action. These blend flawlessly with craft supplies, including wet wipes, paint, gel pens, markers, and more!


  • It has 36 useful colors
  • Consistent colors, even if wet
  • Great for details


  • It tends to crack and break due to soft lead
  • Needs a good sharpener

Customer review

“These are truly great water colour pencils and leave fantastic water colour pictures; blending ability is second to none I have really enjoyed using them. Thank you very much for enabling me to actually become half decent purely because of the standard of the pencils.”


Key Features:

  • 48 well-made watercolor pencils
  • Vibrant pigments
  • Beautifully crafted and easy blending
  • Lifetime warranty

For aspiring and student painters, the Ooku Artist Pro Watercolor Pencils Set is the ideal addition to their watercolour tubes and pans.

The watercolour pencils can be used for conventional watercolour methods and dry sketching, crosshatching, and colouring.

The watercolour set comes with a free pencil wrap, watercolour brush, and sharpener and is offered in sets of 48 and sets of 72.

The finest watercolour pencil set for kids who want to discover the beauty of watercolour art is this one. The pencil wrap is not only very reasonably priced, but it also keeps your students organized.

These watercolour pencils can be used to sketch with dry or wet paint on dry and wet papers. Additionally, OOKU watercolour pencils are used for watercolour drawing versatility and full-color tones.

For any water colouring or dry sketching technique, this set is perfect. With this item, you can now experiment with applying various water colouring methods for various colour and textures.


  • Non-toxic
  • UV-resistant
  • Vibrant colors
  • Free pencil wrap and brush


  • May have issues with blending
  • Hard inner core

Customer review

“Super quick. Exactly what I expected. Very very happy with my purchase and purchase experience. Highly recommend. I can’t wait to try them out!!”

Loew-Cornell Set of 24 Watercolor Pencils

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic and non-acid
  • Colorful 24 watercolor pencils
  • Excellent item for all drawing lovers
  • Great price

This collection of watercolour pencils from Loew-Cornell will be your ideal option if you want a set of high-quality pencils at a reasonable price. This collection offers a stunning shine on 24 watercolour pencils of the highest caliber.

The water-soluble core, pre-sharpening, and thick lead of the watercolour pencils make it simple to mix and combine with watercolour pencils from other sets.

In addition, when you purchase this package, which is so inexpensive, you’ll also receive a pencil sharpener and an eraser as bonuses!


  • Work well on any paper
  • Thick core for long-lasting
  • Ideal for blending and shading
  • Easy to create effects


  • The core is not very strong, so sometimes it may crack
  • Limited colors

Customer review

“Works very well for making cards to send out. Gives opportunities to semi-blend colors in very small areas. Put in small amounts of more than one color in pencil-drawn space, then dot with the tip of a wet brush, and colors will melt without moving for a very luminous watercolor effect. Easy to melt and move around within a larger area, too. Lots of fun!”

Arteza Set Of 48 Colors

Key Features:

  • They produce the best results in both dry and wet areas.
  • These vibrant coloured pencils are available in a huge selection of vivid, rich colours.
  • Each pencil has a sticker and a number to make it simple to identify the colour.
  • These are readily sharpenable and consistently perform admirably.

For those who want to produce beautiful artwork, the Arteza coloured pencils are a fantastic option. These expert drawing pencils are ideal for blending, layering, and combining colours because they have soft wax-based cores and come in a metal tin. Additionally, the art supplies have cores that are resistant to breaking, allowing you to layer colours and shade pictures without fretting that the tips will break.

These professional colouring pencils blend beautifully, layer with ease, and move easily across your page. Their deep, rich content will astound you.

There are 48 different colours/tubes of paint in this ARTEZA watercolour paint kit. Your artist can squeeze out precisely the quantity of paint they’ll need for their artwork using these convenient tubed paints.

This set’s ability to be used by artists of any age and talent level and its creation and design by the artists themselves are fantastic advantages.

Because of the high saturation of these pigments, each brush will produce vibrant colours. The pencils also have a smooth wax-based core that facilitates simple blending and aids in eradicating any colour transition lines. The tips sharpen easily, enhancing their usefulness and allowing uninterrupted work.

Additionally, these art supplies are ideal for beginners and experienced artists because they are not intimidating but provide enough variation to unleash your creativity.


  • Affordable and having a low price factor
  • To satisfy your requirements for variety and cost, there are two sizes of sets.
  • With a wide variety of pigments, brilliant colours can be found in both dry and moist.
  • Long lasting, with a thick core and barrel and an anti-roll construction.


  • On some colors, the lightfast rating is inadequate.
  • Some colours have very similar pigmentation and are difficult to distinguish.

Customer review

“Have most, if not all, of the high-end artist pencils; these pencils are amazing. They lay down colour so effortlessly and blend beautifully. The price of these is fantastic, and I will be using these throughout my colouring books. Would highly recommend it.”

Final Words

It takes time, effort, and attention to precision to paint dolls. You won’t get good outcomes if you rush it. Take your time and have faith in yourself! Precision is crucial. You’ll get the best outcomes if you use the best watercolor pencils.

I think Derwent Watercolor Pencils are best as they are budget-friendly and blend seamlessly. It also makes a decent selection with both light and dark tones,

Moreover, if you are looking for professional coloring pencils that blend beautifully with each layer easily, I would suggest the Arteza Set of 48 Colors.