Best Sharpener For Watercolor Pencils

You understand the value of a blade if you’re an artist. Even though many pencil-sharpening goods are on the market, choosing the best one can be challenging. Additionally, researching them can take a lot of effort.

In this article, I’ll review the pros and cons of each pencil sharpener to assist you in making the best decision. So, let’s get to the Best Sharpener For Watercolor Pencils right away.

Best Sharpener For Watercolor Pencils

AFMAT Colored Pencil SharpenerFeatures

  • Quickly and easily sharpen your pencils.
  • This electrical pencil sharpener sharpens 4000 times without wearing out
  • Superior and long-lasting helical steel blade
  • Three different sharpness choices are available

AFMAT coloured pencil sharpener battery-operated sharpener swiftly and evenly sharpens coloured pencils in 3 to 5 seconds, making it ideal for all uses and portable anywhere.

The sharpener began automatically when the pencil was inserted with a bit of pressure, so I liked this fantastic feature.

When the motor sound changes and the resistance diminishes, the sharpener will let you know that the pencil has been properly sharpened.

I found it perfect for young children because of the safety lock, and it only worked when the shaving box was connected to the sharpener.


The long-lasting helical steel blade.

The pencil has been properly sharpened.

It is a safety lock and only operates if the shaving box is connected to the sharpener.


Hefty price tag

Customer review

This sharpener works great it’s helped a lot as my kids were always looking for their manual one and could hardly ever find it when needed, or they would argue over the one we had and who would use it when it could be found, and this one cuts down on sharpening time, and it’s easy to share.”

BOSTITCH QuietSharp Executive Electric Pencil SharpenerFeatures

  • Strong Motor for Non-Stall Operation (under Normal Use)
  • Compact Design
  • HHC Cutter Technology for Extended Life
  • When the shaving tray is removed, a safety switch prevents operation.

Consider searching for an electric sharpener that sharpens quietly if you find the sound of a pencil sharpener to be somewhat annoying.

You might want to check out the BOSTITCH QuietSharp polisher! As the name implies, it would sharpen very softly, according to BOSTITCH!

It goes pretty quickly, so if you were sharpening just one or two pencils, the noise shouldn’t be a problem.

I thought this one was a decent option if you need a portable sharpener to bring anywhere. It won’t take up much room on your desk; you can tuck it into a bag corner.

This sharpener is a good option if you’re artistic and frequently work with coloured pencils because it suits them.

The desk’s shavings dispenser will keep everything neat, so don’t stress about making a mess of it. Additionally, cleaning it is a breeze.


Compatible with coloured pencils and sharpens pencils reasonably quickly.

The cutter is sturdy and appropriate for children.

It is small and portable, so you can take it anywhere.


On occasion, it may lopsidedly and irregularly sharpen.

It can burn and last less time than anticipated.

Customer review

“I purchased the Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener for my home office. The box came a bit damaged. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. The sharpener is easy to use, and sharpening pencils is a breeze. The size is perfect for my desk and doesn’t take up too much space. The design is sleek and modern.”

Staedtler Double-hole Tub Pencil SharpenerFeatures

  • Metal sharpener insert
  • The hinged cover prevents shavings from spilling
  • Lid with a safety lock to avoid accidental opening

I considered the best option for those on a tighter budget, or those looking for a cheap option to start their new pastime or buy for a younger child is the Staedtler Double-hole Tub Pencil Sharpener.

This sharpener from Staedtler, a company that produces high-quality products, especially for schoolchildren, is ideal for those who want to draw with coloured pencils.

This sharpener’s plastic and metal construction makes it lightweight and straightforward to handle, and its sturdy interior makes it suitable for use by kids. It is ideal for travellers who want to sketch wherever they are because of the plastic casing.

It has two holes, so I could accommodate pencils of various sizes, making it the perfect choice for those who want to play with various coloured pencil brands.

The hinged lid makes it possible to sharpen wherever you are while reducing mess and the potential for spreading shavings. The top also functions as a safety lock to prevent any unintentional opening.


A low-cost way to start a new pastime or make a purchase for a young child

Lightweight and secure for kids to use

Perfect for those who want to experiment with a variety of coloured pencils


Hefty price tag

Customer review

“A great manual sharpener. Better than most. Made of heavier gauge plastic. Has a locking lid so shavings don’t spill. Push in on the side clip to remove the top and empty the shavings, then slip ends together until it clicks. Stiff at first, until you open it a few times. Some other sharpeners pull apart and can make a mess when they fall on the floor and pop open or break.”

Duet Battery-Operated/Manual Pencil SharpenerFeatures

  • Simple one-click to change from battery to manual operation
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy-to-remove locking top
  • Perfectly sized for travel

A small, compact design is possible without plugging into an outlet while travelling. The manual Pencil Sharpener uses two “AA” batteries, which were regrettably not provided.

When the sharpener operates in battery mode, turn it off and sharpen the paper by hand if it becomes too noisy for you.

In either case, it would bring your coloured or graphite pencils to a respectable point without breaking, particularly those that contain oil.

This sharpener might not be compatible with all pastel pencils because I could not locate any information on the maximum pencil size that could be used.


A motorized sharpener


Simple to clear

Reduced height

Very Economical


There is no automatic shutoff when the pencil is pointed.

When in battery mode, it might be noisy.

Customer review

“All the other pencil sharpeners I hear going in our coloured pencil group. Take twice as long to sharpen. This thing is QUICK. That is nice for a battery-powered sharpener. I took it to an all-day workshop and didn’t need to replace the batteries. It sharpens to a very sharp point also. It is also very small, so it is easy to take along with me to workshops, clubs and vacations.”

Faber Castell Grip Trio Pencil SharpenerFeatures

  • The visually pleasing design and ergonomic shape
  • Click locking mechanism
  • Minimal to no breakage on leads
  • The price is so low you might want to purchase more than one.

This pencil sharpener is compatible with all Faber Castell pencils, including graphite and coloured pencils, as well as pencils from other manufacturers. Worked well with pencils that have a triangular form as well.

The triangular form facilitates controlled sharpening, and the medium-sized shavings bin extends the time between emptying.

Overall, this pencil sharpener would complete the task without damaging the ends of various pencils. This extends the life of your pencils, which was excellent because some coloured pencils can be pretty pricey.


Small Construction

3 types of holes

Triangular shape

Two distinct shaving chambers

Specially made for coloured pens




You cannot change the blades.

Customer review

“Easy to use and convenient that all sizes are available in one sharpener that opens and closes. I used the end specifically for coloured pencils and found it wasn’t the best. It seemed to chip the tip after I sharpened it past a certain point. I might try the regular pencil end for my coloured pencils and see if that works better.”

Buyer’s Guide for Best Pencil Sharpener For Colored Pencils

There are a few things you should think about before deciding on the polisher that will work best for you. Always consider size, material, the sharpener’s electrical or manual nature, and your money when shopping.

You can choose confidently once you’ve compared these factors to your standards.


The capacity of the sharpener should be your priority. A sharpener with a small footprint is perfect for artists who like to sketch on the go because they can carry it around easily.

On the other hand, many electrical sharpeners have larger designs and are ideal for people who prefer to work in the comfort of their own house or studio.


The sharpener’s longevity will be determined by its substance. Sharpeners made of stainless steel are dependable and durable because they are made for continuous use. However, plastic sharpeners must be handled carefully to avoid breaking or causing harm.

Electric or manual

Next, decide whether an automatic or manual sharpener is what you want to buy. While manual sharpeners give you more control over the sharpening process, electric sharpeners can produce more consistency when making their way around the edges.


Finally, consider your spending plan. Most sharpeners are affordable and appropriate for those on a budget, but some are pricey because of their high-end features, particularly models explicitly made for coloured pencils.

You will be able to discover the option that is best for you, whether you are on a tight budget or have extra cash.


Does Colored Pencil Sharpening Equipment Get Damaged?

If coloured pencils are sharpened correctly using electric pencil sharpeners, they won’t break.

Sharpen your pencil with extreme care, and regularly remove the wax from the sharpener. Avoid applying excessive pressure when honing.

Coloured pencils are more costly and more brittle. Therefore, you won’t want to keep damaging it and wasting it. It can be sharpened very well with an electronic sharpener.

Can a pencil sharpener be sharpened?

You can hone the sharpener’s blades even on a rotating or helix pencil sharpener.

Single-blade sharpeners must have a detachable blade so you can resharpen the edge with a honing stone or even sandpaper.

The helix blade can be sharpened by disassembling the sharpener and using a tiny file to sharpen each spiral tooth. When moving towards the blade’s cutting edge, be sure to hold the file at the proper position.

Sharpening could take some time, so it might be simpler to purchase a replacement part.


Make sure the sharpener you choose has the features you need. For instance, how many chambers it has, how mechanically or battery-operated it is, and whether the blades are detachable. You will spend less time and money if you find the correct unit.

With all these options, you may need help finding where to look. But remember, it’s just a pencil sharpener.

Granted, you want something that’ll fit your needs and stand the test of time. But with any of my top picks, manual or electric, you cannot go wrong.

For beginners, I usually recommend manual sharpeners just for good measure, and the Pencil Sharpener will be your best bet.

Likewise, suppose you’re an artist, student, or someone with an office missing a sharpener. In that case, I highly recommend the Faber Castell Pencil Sharpener.