Best Pencils For Drawing and Shading

Best Pencils for Drawing and Shading (3 Picks)

Drawing is very prominent in the world of art because it is used to express your creativity very efficiently. Drawing is always regarded as the foundation for artistic practice all across the history. Artists initially used wooden tablets for their drawing, and then with time, other different mediums also came into use. Here we are discussing the best pencils for drawing and shading that we could find.

Drawing is a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensional medium. A quick, unrefined drawing may be called a sketch.


Artists working in pencil have a great range of graphite to choose from. From hard (H’s) to soft (B’s), they might have 12 or more pencils at their disposal, and each has strengths for different applications. Which you should use when shading a sketch.

It is very difficult to recommend someone just one pencil for shading, but many artists always have their 1 or 2 favorite go-to graphite pencils with them. In general, I use a B pencil for shading, but even that recommendation comes with choices. But it isn’t necessary that you use the same pencil as I do. It depends on your style the most in the end.

As with any other arts medium, your instrument (pencils in this case) choice has a big impact on your style. So, choosing your pencil wisely is very important.

A lot of artists usually use these mid-range pencils for almost everything. They allow you to control lightness and darkness by shading more or less heavily. However, sometimes you want more intensity or find that you can’t get your mid-range pencil to go as light or dark as you want. For these moments, turn to another pencil. Our recommendations for best pencils for shading and drawing are:

When reviewing the best pencils for drawing and shading, we found that the Castle Art Supplies were simply the best.

It’s a set of 40 pieces that may help in crafting and blending hues including graphite, charcoal, pastels, blending stumps and willow sticks.


  • It’s truly a versatile art set for kids and adults.
  • It’s a well-organized kit for the students working on craft or construction paper and for the hobbyist who love scrapbooking.
  • It can be easily carried in a zipper case while travelling.
  • It has non-slip grip pencils with pre-sharpened leads.
  • They blend wonderfully.

User Impression:

The customer reviews received show that people really love this set. People find this set smooth and easy to use which is all you need really.

Other appreciations revealed that the customers loved the set and found it comfortable, easily blendable, with nice tones with smooth graphite and quite simply amazing. These beautiful pencils are brilliant for shading, as well as more rigid drawing, both of which they perform with enchanting smoothness.

Bellofy art kit is a set of 33 pieces including pencils, erasers, paper stumps, sand paper block, metal cutter knife, kit bag and a sketch pad. People love these pencils and it’s not hard to understand why as they are wonderfully consistent.


  • It’s a professional-grade charcoal pencil ranging from soft to hard for creating high quality sketches.
  • It blends wonderfully and is durable.
  • One of the long-lasting tools and one can achieve expert-level shadowing and shading.
  • It is amazingly designed in such a way that it meets the requirements of artists of all levels of experience in mind.

User Imprssion:

Many users commented that this kit is perfect for new artists and students. It has the basic tools needed for learning techniques for students. It can be recommended to all those who want to get started.

Some other users recognized that it’s of high quality and of compact size with no breaking pencils when sharpening. These beautiful pencils are brilliant for shading, as well as more rigid drawing, both of which they perform with enchanting smoothness. Responsive and with a wide versatility between each grade, you can’t go wrong with a Bellofy professional art kit.

This is a set of 24 pencils made of graphite and can easily be used by adults as well as kids’ artists. 


  • The kit includes 24 different colors that may be required.
  • It is a complete Archival quality artist sketching set for beginners and can be used for a professional level as well.
  • These are crafted from the finest basswood that feels good and enhances the control & creates richly pigmented, Ultra-Smooth & Even Color laydown every time.
  • This multi-purpose artist set helps in crafting fine with detailed illustrations and shading texture like a pro.

User Impression:

The customers reported that this is one of the highest value of drawing pencils and its lead blends beautifully. The users further added that it’s really a great set and is the right tool to improve the skills.

Here we go with one of other customers who praised this by saying that it’s ideal for art supplies, drawing supplies, sketch book, sketch pad, shading pencil, artist pencil, school supplies.

Other users expressed their love and satisfaction on that this kit meets their needs. The variety of tools compliment the books well and allows you to go beyond what a single pencil can do.


Many artists can give you different advice about the best pencils to use for different applications. These recommendations offer you a good foundation, so you aren’t staring blankly at your pencils and wondering which to pick up. But the best way to know which is right for you is to try it yourself.

Every artist has different techniques: Some of us have a lighter touch while others may really pound in the graphite. Likewise, each set of pencils has its own qualities. The best way to know which of your pencils are perfect for shading your drawings is to practice.

Play around with these recommendations, do some switching and adjust your pencil choices to suit your needs. Remember, too, that each drawing may require different choices or approaches. With time and experience, you’ll get to know your pencils and be able to quickly select the right one for the effect you want.

Hope you like our recommendations on the best pencils for drawing and shading. Best of luck!

Happy sketching! 🙂

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