best pencil sharpeners for colored pencils

Best Pencil Sharpeners for Colored Pencils

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a colored pencil sharpener.  Without a proper pencil sharpener, you may not be able to get the sharp point that you need in order to complete more intricate or detailed parts of your work. To further complicate matters, colored pencils have a much more dynamic core range than your typical graphite writing pencil. Some colored pencils are extremely hard like a typical pencil while some have very soft leads. Some are made of hard wax while others are made of more malleable oils. Some cores can be extremely thick while others can be quite thin. It is a lot to think about!

Best Pencil Sharpeners for Artists

Artists depend on pencil sharpeners a lot. They need these sharpeners to make their pencils sharp enough and ready to use in drawing or sketching images. The pencils need to be sharpened just right in order for them to produce the effect the artist desires. This can be achieved with the best pencil sharpener.

The choice of best pencil sharpeners for artists depends on several factors. As an artist, you should choose a sharpener that does not break the pencil, chip its edge, or fray the wood. You may also choose one to depend on whether you prefer manual or electric sharpener. The choice will also depend on the shape and size of the sharpener. The reliability of the sharpener and its durability are also factors worth considering before paying good money for this sharpening tool. Do not forget to consider the sharpening angle, lead point, cleanliness, and gentleness too when at the local store. Below is a list of the best pencil sharpener for artists you should choose and use.

Best Pencil Sharpeners for Colored Pencils Brands

To help with this, we have listed a few of our picks for the best colored pencils sharpeners. While not extensive, these products should be able to handle most colored pencil types and are also all quite affordable. We hope that this helps in deciding which sharpener you decide to try out.


Price (Amazon)


Manual / Automatic

# of Blades

Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp Pencil Sharpener


1.2” x 3.5” x 3.5”



Plastic Manual Pencil Sharpener


7.9” x 6.2” x 1.1”



Staedtler pencil sharpener


1.5” x 1.5” x 2”



There are some size limitations, however, so those who enjoy thicker pencils need to make sure that it will properly fit first. Also, removing the shavings can be a bit finicky at first. But Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp Pencil Sharpener certainly is unique!


  • The Ratchet mechanism offers easy twist and fast sharpening.
  • It has adjustable knob for sharp or blunt pencil tip.
  • The compact design conveniently fits in any school or travel bag.
  • Tip Saver Technology prevents over sharpening in order to extend pencil life.
  • Easy clean shavings tray captures pencil shavings.
  • Comes in an assortment of trendy translucent colors: pink, blue, orange.

User Impression:

The users rated this best pencil sharpener as one of the bests. This has also turned out to be an exceptional gift. People are finding this wonderful for both colored pencils and regular pencils but people mainly use it for colored pencils. 

People also loved the 2 options this product gives them for sharpening, a blunt and the pointy sharpened one. It is very easy to dump out the shavings. A lot of users recommend buying these sharpeners.

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The durable plastic casing of this plastic manual pencil sharpener houses a steel blade to get your pencils consistently sharp. Compact design allows easy storage and is great for use at work, home or in school. Pencil sharpener is designed for use with No. 2 size pencils only. A variety of bright colors provide a fun way to brighten up any desk.


  • Made from high quality materials for a solid, durable product that lasts for years.
  • They are also suitable for eyebrow pencils and other colored pencils.
  • It features durable aluminum with carbon steel blades.
  • It has a straightforward design that makes it easy to use.

User Impression:

It is important to have a sharp balanced blade for your art pencils, that’s what a lot of people thought. People find it as a great little sharpener. It works great!

A few more users stated that this sharpens pencils evenly to a nice pointed tip. No more lopsided sharpening of pencil. They all turn out perfectly. People highly recommend this sharpener.


Staedtler Pencil sharpener is a manual pencil sharpener with quality blade which gives fine point. You can also unscrew cap to empty pencil shavings. It has a metal construction; hence, more durable compared to the rest. Even if it falls, you will have no reason for worrying about potential damage. It does its work that of sharpening pencils really well. It costs next to nothing; thus, a good fit for artists with tight budgets.


  • There is a metal sharpener inserted.
  • The hinged cover prevents shavings from spilling.
  • It also has a lid with safety lock to avoid accidental opening.
  • It has a single hole only.

User Impression:

The users said that it is an excellent product for sharpening both regular pencils and colored pencils. The sharpener body is metal giving excellent points on both types of pencils and the plastic container keeps shavings from getting all over.

More users stated that it has a user-friendly design that makes it ideal for use anywhere, especially in the artists classes. It guarantees quality and precise sharpening.



Taking care of your pencils will ensure that the leads break less often, leading to a far less frustrating experience for you. Store them in a safe place where they won’t fall off the table and break. And of course, caring for your art supplies will always lead to better art projects. The way you treat them is going to affect how long they last and your relationship to your art, in general, so don’t neglect this part.

For the best results with this sharpener, make sure you sharpen your new art pencils immediately after you purchase them and keep them sharp. Cleaning out the shavings frequently is necessary for every type of sharpener you use. Not doing this may lead to issues when you try to sharpen your pencils.

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