Why is my thread wrapping around the bobbin

Why Is My Thread Wrapping Around the Bobbin? (4 Best Possible Solutions)

Observing an absurd bird nest on the underside of your sewing machine is usually a result of thread wrapping around the bobbin. The majority believes that it is a sewing machine bobbin issue but actually, for a great part of the time, it has nothing to do with the bobbin and you don’t even need a repair person to fix the issue. Many people often ask, ‘why is my thread wrapping around the bobbin?’. So, I have tried to disclose this issue in this article

The thread could stick because of different reasons which may include; 

  • The machine is stopped up with buildup or debris 
  • If the machine is not threaded appropriately, then it could without much of a stretch freeze
  • Additionally, a tight strain in the bobbin region or the machine not being oiled normally could be the guilty party.

All you need to do is; Check that the bobbin is placed in its case correctly, the bobbin thread is tangle-free, re-thread the sewing machine, clean the machine or change the needle. It works every time. Let us discuss how to do all this correctly. 

Tangled bobbin thread or the thread wrapping around your bobbin case is the most usual sewing machine malfunction to rapidly wreck any project you’re chipping away at. Yet, don’t freeze or hustle because of this issue because it is quite often very simple to fix. You can solve the problem by following the below mentioned points.

Re-threading the Sewing Machine

Why Is My Thread Wrapping Around the BobbinThe wrapped bobbin thread is normally brought up by the upper stringing of the sewing machine. The very first step that you should take to troubleshoot this issue is; Re-thread the machine, re-thread the upper piece of the sewing machine ensuring the thread is going through each and every thread guide on its way to the needle. Every sewing machine has a user manual book so do I and so do you too.

User Manual Book

The user manual book is the best guide on the most proficient method to thread your specific sewing machine correctly. If you have lost your user-manual booklet or you don’t have one, then you can mostly find the pdf for the user manual for your specific sewing machine online.

I always thread my machine with the presser foot up because the thread sets nicely whenever the presser foot is up. Just in case the presser foot is down, then the tension is locked in and it won’t permit the string to situate as it should. On the off chance that the string isn’t situated in the tension discs, it cannot connect any strain on the string, and the joint glitches will undoubtedly occur.

Replacing the Needle

Why Is My Thread Wrapping Around the BobbinHopefully, re-threading would resolve the issue but still, if it doesn’t, then I always try changing my sewing machine needle. The needle is known to be a part of the upper threading and is an exceptionally cheap part to supplant. You continuously need to be sure to let the feed hounds accomplish the work. Just in case, if you’re pulling the fabric to the rear of the machine as opposed to letting the machine feed it through, you hazard twisting the sewing machine needle which can prompt a wide range of sewing issues.

Properly Thread the Bobbin

Why Is My Thread Wrapping Around the BobbinIf even after changing the needle, the malfunction continues, then inspect the bobbin. In uncommon cases, the bobbin could be the one to blame in the event that it has not been threaded appropriately. On the off chance, it can be that your thread isn’t smooth enough, is lopsided, has hitches, or is free on the bobbin, or it has not been threaded correctly. Another thing to check is whether the bobbin is embedded in the bobbin case accurately. Your sewing machine control is the best asset to check how it is supposed be embedded in the bobbin case.

Clean the Sewing Machine

Why Is My Thread Wrapping Around the BobbinLastly, if you have tried every single obstacle to fix your bobbin malfunction and failed, then try cleaning up your machine. A sewing machine demands to be cleaned every 3-4 weeks after consistent use. Inspect your machine thoroughly; do you see wads of buildup and thread stowing away under or around the bobbin case, or is your upper thread being shredded and is leaving pieces in the upper thread way? 

If yes, then it is time to wipe out the buildup, oil the machine, and do whatever else is depicted in your manual as a feature of routine upkeep for your specific sewing machine model.

How to prevent the thread from wrapping around the bobbin?

Why Is My Thread Wrapping Around the BobbinTo prevent this malfunction, all you need to do is to thread your machine appropriately and clean it up every single month removing all the fluff or other debris that might have clogged the machine with the help of a paintbrush or dental floss depending upon how much you use it. After that, place the bobbin in its case correctly leaving no space behind for the malfunction.

At times the bobbin can be a trouble maker too. Just make sure that it is correctly placed in its case. Lastly, keep a track of your sewing needles and replace them after 2-3 times of use to avoid any sewing malfunction in the future. The needles are pretty inexpensive so it’s not a big deal changing them after every second or third use.

The thread usually wraps itself around the bobbin due to the negligence of placing the bobbin into its case appropriately, not threading the sewing machine properly or not cleaning up your machine uniformly eventually leads to the bobbin malfunction of your sewing machine.

To fix the damage, go through the user manual booklet provided with your machine in order to how to thread a machine properly;. Just in case you have lost your manual, then you can find your specific pdf online or can watch several YouTube videos on your specific machine. Just give it a search with the title, ‘How to thread my machine properly’ and numerous options will pop up. (Replace my machine with your machine model).


So summarizing everything we have discussed above, you can draw a conclusion that maintenance is the key to avoid any malfunction. Cleaning up your machines with a string of dental floss or paintbrush by removing all the fluff, debris and, changing the oil is a part of the maintenance. 

After the maintenance is done and still the bobbin troubleshoots then you can perform two major steps; re-threading the machine properly and changing the needle. To properly re-thread your machine, go through the user-manual booklet provided with your machine, or just in case you have thrown it away or you have lost it, then try surfing the internet or watch YouTube videos to cope up with this problem. 

We hope that this article has solved all of your problems regarding the question ‘why is my thread wrapping around the bobbin?’. By following all the above mentioned steps you can keep your sewing machine from having any kind of bobbin problems.

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