what to do when I don’t feel motivated to draw

What to Do When I Don’t Feel Motivated to Draw? (4 Useful Tips and How to Follow Them)

Motivation is actually the desire of an individual to complete a task without giving up as; slow progress is still progress. At some point in life, all of us set goals and then we procrastinate; the actual main cause behind feeling demotivated is procrastination. If you feel demotivated then all you need to do is motivate yourself with a little push start just like I do. Many people ask me like ‘what to do when I don’t feel motivated to draw?’ or ‘I want to draw but no motivation’.

All of us require different proposals to feel motivated depending upon the intensity of how much we procrastinate as in ‘How can I motivate myself to draw something that I really want to draw?’. The reply is simple, I have this thing pinned in my mind that no matter what happens, just don’t lose hope and never give up because eventually whenever I lose hope, I don’t feel like doing the task anymore and then I keep on procrastinating it until I find myself another activity to do.

Setting aside the time, picking up a place to draw is an essential step to motivate yourself for drawing. Second comes the preparation, and last comes the reward. On completion of these three steps, you can feel the good vibes along with all the distresses dwindle away.

In short, setting aside a specific time of the day to draw and then looking for a comfy spot to draw is my first step towards motivation as motivation is always activated by the commitment. Then working on it naturally keeps me involved and motivated to complete the task; keeping the end product, reward, and admiration in my imagination. All of us at times need to be admired or praised, which not only boosts our confidence but helps us stay goal-oriented and motivated towards our task.

So today I really want to talk about how I keep myself motivated to draw. This is a very frequently asked question by my audience and I think it would be pretty interesting to talk about how I motivate myself to draw. So, here’s my take on it or my suggestion on how to think about the subject and how I motivate myself to draw. Pre-planning is the key to motivation. Watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to motivate yourself for anything has brought me to the conclusion that things get much easier if we go according to a plan.

I know that whenever you have a life where you go to work or school or to both and then you try to have a social life as well like having friends to interact with, along with already having a family. It’s just, in general, very hard to focus a lot of your time on art because we’re so busy and art itself can sometimes be kind of a chore and I can admit that at sometimes it takes a lot of dedication, motivation, and brainpower and sometimes it’s just not fun to think about yourself sitting and drawing. It takes up a lot of time.

Set-Aside Time to Draw

what to do when I don’t feel motivated to draw want to draw but no motivation So, the first tip that I have is to; set-aside time to draw. Just dedicate some time during your day to draw. This would be kind of like putting it into your schedule. It doesn’t have to be every day it could be about 2-3 times a week where you can give yourself an hour to two, whenever you are free without any burden, be it in the evening or any other time. Making sure you don’t have any distractions, so that when you’re sitting down for your artwork, you don’t feel guilty for leaving behind incomplete tasks giving you anxiety.

Find A Comfortable Place to Draw

what to do when I don’t feel motivated to draw want to draw but no motivationThe next thing is to; Find a comfortable place to draw, making sure the whole environment feels comfortable and happy, giving you good vibes about your work and yourself making you want to be there. 

So, what I’ll do is that I’ll maybe light up just a couple of candles and I’ll make sure that my environment is pretty tidy and organized so that everything is in my range while drawing so that I can grab everything comfortably without leaving my spot which would eventually distract me and would make it difficult for me to focus on my drawing. I also like listening to some music while drawing which enlightens my mood instantly and makes the environment a lot better.

Set Goals

what to do when I don’t feel motivated to draw want to draw but no motivation After adjusting yourself in a comfy spot, the next thing I think you should do is to set goals; if you have goals like what you’d like to improve on or what you like to draw or you have a list of things that you want to draw or want to get done, then it makes it easier for you to concentrate.

Having goals that are reachable is also a great way to keep yourself motivated because you can always look at the list and check things off when you complete them. To be honest, we all have to agree that the to-do list is the best thing ever!

Reward Yourself

what to do when I don’t feel motivated to draw want to draw but no motivation If you reach those goals then the next thing to motivate yourself to draw more would be to reward yourself; it varies from person to person depending upon how one would like to reward himself or herself. For me, if I accomplish a goal, I will reward myself with something that I don’t intend to buy often, be it a snack, a day at the spa or anything that’s on my wish list. Just reward yourself with something tiny that you don’t intend to do often, but you ended up doing it to reward for an art goal that you accomplished. 

How Do I Avoid Feeling Demotivated to Draw?

We as a whole, vibe every once in a while. We feel demotivated. We realize we need to accomplish the work. We even realize what to do, yet we simply aren’t doing it. Yet, we even apparently have an enthusiasm for it! However, the drive, the motivation, and the ability aren’t there. To avoid feeling demotivated, I always tend to complete the task step by step and keep things as simple as possible nit thinking far ahead of me.

Take it Step by Step

The first step to not feel demotivated is to be humble and taking it step by step; it is frequently very easy to feel overwhelmed whenever we picture something big. At whatever point we think about the master plan, we believe that we have to do a ton of things before we can accomplish a specific outcome.

This is the place we overpower ourselves. It’s imperative to make a stride back and just glance at things bit by bit. What I do is that I do every little easily overlooked detail in turns. At that point, I continue rehashing the procedure. Before I get to know it, I already have accomplished something significant. Concentrating on what’s coming down the road for us and not on what the complete view looks like can be key to concentrating more on the task and getting it done.

Keep Everything Simple

Secondly, as a blogger, keeping everything simple really keeps me motivated towards drawing. Keeping everything simple and easy develops your interest in drawing as compared to a complex course of action.


So, to motivate myself for drawing, I have four goals to accomplish; finding a comfy spot and taking out time to draw from daily chores would be the first two. After completion of these two steps, the next is to set a goal and strive to accomplish it which will eventually end up in the fourth step that is the reward. Keeping everything simple and organized really helps one feel motivated most of the time, be it an art task or a task at school or at work.

Hopefully, all your confusions and worries about ‘what to do when I don’t feel motivated to draw’ are gone by reading this article and now you have a clear idea on how to motivate yourself if you really want to draw but no motivation is there. One can motivate oneself if he/she follows the above-mentioned steps and do not stress himself/herself out a lot.

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