Singer Sewing Machine Upper Thread Gets Caught In Bobbin (Top Thread Stuck In Sewing Machine)


We have seen a lot of complaints from beginners stating that their singer sewing machine upper thread gets caught in bobbin. Well, it isn’t really just limited to singer sewing machines, all of the sewing machines are prone to have this problem.

If you also have your top thread stuck in sewing machine from time to time, then don’t worry, it isn’t your machine, actually it’s just a slight neglect you don’t realize you’ve been doing.

So, what causes this problem?

Problem; Singer Sewing Machine Upper Thread Gets Caught In Bobbin:

The most probable cause of the top thread stuck in sewing machine is that the bobbin is not wound properly. It may be loose or there may be a problem with the pickup. 

So, that’s not such a big problem, is it?


The solution is pretty easy. Simply take the bobbin out. Check if it is wound properly. To do that, we all know that if we pull the thread, the bobbin should spin in the opposite direction. So, try that.

If you don’t feel constant tension while pulling the thread, then indeed it’s not wound properly. Anyhow, just rewind the bobbin and make sure you wind it tightly this time. Also, double check after placing the bobbin in its position by pulling again.

This should fix your problem for you. If it doesn’t, then let us know in the comments below. We’ll try to come up with an appropriate reply so you don’t have to worry much.

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