Silhouette Not Reading Registration Marks? (Best Steps To Take)

Were you planning to print out or cut out something and then suddenly the registration fail warning showed up? Don’t worry, it might be a technical error. Silhouette not reading registration marks can be easily fixed. Just don’t lose hope and carefully read the complete blog till the end because the most common hacks found on Google and other internet sources to fix registration fails usually go in vain. So, after a lot of research and experimentation, we have concluded to the perfect solution to fix the registration failure.


Silhouette not reading registration marks can be caused by registration errors in the machine as well as issues around the machine. We have covered as many aspects as we could so you can start using your machine immediately.

Simple And Effective Registration Error Workaround

Have you tried almost all internet hacks to fix Silhouette registration errors; such as moving your machine to the brightest spot in your house, shoving some light with a help of a flashlight in the area, and also making sure that you do not make any changes to the registration set window? 

If all these hacks failed and nothing worked, but you still didn’t give up, then well done! So, here is the most effective and easy game changer hack for Silhouette registration fails which might be able to do the trick for you.

So, let’s start off from the beginning; understanding that why this is happening. Silhouette registration error usually tends to occur when you apply marks in Silhouette cameo with the goal that you can print and cut your plans. It adjusts your Silhouette and tells it precisely where to cut exactly. 

So, in order to consume more of the room for your designs in one go along with the aim of minimal waste, what you’ll probably do is re-adjust the designs on the sheet showing up on your screen. Doing this would eventually confuse the machine and then it would definitely result in a registration error.

Miscellaneous Errors

If your registration marks all been perused appropriately, yet they bring about misalignment of the cutting form, you need to attempt the accompanying:
  • Check the material shading. There might be an issue with perusing enlistment marks that are imprinted onto select materials hues. The Silhouette will most likely be unable to peruse the dark enlistment marks or other select material hues. This is particularly evident with green and blue tone material hues.
  • Check out the registration mark setting to make sure if any alterations from the default settings have been performed. It is commonly pointless to modify the registration mark settings. The imprints will have defaulted into their ideal positions based on the material size chosen. On the off chance that any changes have been made, re-establish to the default settings, re-print the activity, and attempt again to check whether the balanced edges had been causing an issue.
  • Check to make sure that the printer settings coordinate the Page Settings. There might be something wrong where the page size, direction, and settings for what the printer is set to abrogate the settings that have been characterized in Silhouette Studio.
  • Registration marks may not take a shot at finished textured surfaces. For example, finished cardstock, or other select cardstock materials. The Silhouette machine can’t ensure that the registration marks will work away on all materials or not.

For the most part, there is a suspicion made that in case the enrollment marks are perused however the cutting arrangement is off. At that point, there is an issue with the Silhouette’s adjustment. This is once in a while case where alignment ought to be essential. Before endeavoring to adjust the Silhouette, audit the past focuses first with respect to misalignment on Print and Cut occupations.

To fix this, you’ll have to manually adjust your Silhouette by starting off with showing your machine where the new registration marks are so that it can start to process.

How Do I Manually Adjust My Silhouette Machine?

  1. When you have Silhouette Not Reading Registration Marksprinted your design, you’ll be concentrating on the little black box on the upper left corner of your sticker paper (or whatever kind of paper you’ll be utilizing).
  2. Then from there, the “send” window opens up and:
  • Checkout for the box next to “manual” on the bottom right of your window.
  • Utilizing the turquoise-colored arrows showing up in the middle of your screen on top, try moving your cursor to the lodging unit of your Silhouette Silhouette Not Reading Registration Marksmachine with the goal that the cutting blade is arranged legitimately over the upper left box on your sticker paper.
  • Now, after completing the second step,Silhouette Not Reading Registration Marks ‘click’ register option showing up on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Right after, clicking register, you’ll hear a drumroll sound indicating that your machine had started to register those marks.

That’s it! This was all the fuss about; it is as easy to apply as it seemed like when you first tried to do it.

How Do I Use the Registration Marks?

To use the registrations marks, you’ll have to open up Page Set Up first (It is the dark piece of paper on your right-hand side). Ensure that you initially select the right page size. In the event that your printer just prints letter size, change the alternative to the current printer.

Ensure that you have shown print fringe and cut outskirt chose too. Now click on the third tab in Page Set Up. You can change around your setting here yet frequently I utilize the default settings without any issues.

On the off chance that the structure is in any of the cross incubated territories of your Print and Cut screen, you may get a Registration error when attempting to print. Registration marks are possibly utilized in the event that you are doing a genuine Print and Cut on your printer, at that point sending it to your CAMEO.

Where Do I Find the Registration Mark in My Silhouette Cameo?

You can locate the registration marks in two places of your Silhouette Cameo,

  1. You may find it on the right side of your screen. Try clicking on the Page Set up symbol (clear bit of paper). Click on it and you will see 3 tabs; the third tab is the place you get to the Registration Marks.
  2. Or lastly, you may locate the registration marks in the top menu by clicking the panel and selecting the page set up.


There are a lot of common malfunctions that you face while using the Silhouette machine the most common one is silhouette not reading registration marks. It can occur when you make sudden changes before running the registration or could be because of any technical problem which can be fixed pretty easily as described above in the blog!

So, don’t give up on your Silhouette and give this method a try and let us know if it works for you too as it did for us and many other people we know.