How to Thread A Sewing Machine Needle

How to Thread A Sewing Machine Needle (10 Easy Steps)

May people who are starting there journey in the world of sewing, get confused on the very first step; that is threading your needle. And if you are also facing this problem, then don’t worry, we try to address this issue as thoroughly as possible.

At the point when you are very eager to jump on and sew, the last thing that you need is to get stuck at threading the sewing machine. So, we are going to focus on how to thread a sewing machine needle in this article. 

First of all, to thread your sewing machine, go through your instruction manual as it usually contains diagrammatic directions on the best way and the easiest way to thread the needle of your sewing machine. On the off chance that you have lost your manual, at that point read this article.

Threading a sewing machine is a very easy process which approximately takes 5 minutes of your precious time. The best way to learn anything about your sewing machine is your machine’s instructions manual. If somehow you have lost your manual, just like me. Then you might find this article helpful and easy. 

A lot of web surfing has brought me to a conclusion that has always worked for me, my friends and everyone else in my social circle with whom I have shared it with. On the off chance that your machine is electric, unplug it before you begin to thread it.

how to thread a sewing machine needle (1) To begin threading, the very first step that you have to do is to place the presser foot of your machine in the upward direction. And then place a reel (spool) of thread on its holder making sure about the traveling from the reel holder to the highest point of the machine (making sure that you at least find one thread guide). Right after you discover a thread guide, instantly insert the thread.

(2) After you are done inserting the thread into the thread guide, then lookup for a strain instrument and bring the thread down towards it by slipping it in between the metal discs and then travel back upwards with the sewing thread.

how to thread a sewing machine needle (3) Now, after traveling back upwards, search for a take-up instrument. This is the zone on the facade of the machine which moves in a ‘to and fro’ motion when you turn the hand wheel. When it comes in movement, then place your thread through the take-up lever. Some machines out there are set up in a way that the thread itself glides into it while others expect you to place the thread through an opening. After placing it, the thread would tend to go downwards towards the take-up lever and would result in being on its left side.

(4) Then again search for a thread guide and thread it. Drive your thread down towards the needle of your sewing machine.

how to thread a sewing machine needle  (5) Thread your sewing machine needle. If you have difficulty in poking the thread through your needle head, then try wetting the thread or trimming it a bit with a sharp scissor. It will make the edge of the thread smooth and pointed that will allow it to pass through the needle head easily, without any hustle.

(6) After threading the top of your machine, you also have to thread the bottom of your machine. For that, remove the bobbin case from your machine and place the bobbin loaded with thread into the bobbin case ensuring that the bobbin is inserted clockwise. Then, hold onto the loose end of your thread and pull it outwards the bobbin case and place the bobbin case back into your machine.

(7) When you have placed the bobbin case back into your machine, you may lift the bobbin thread to the surface of your sewing machine with your left hand.

how to thread a sewing machine needle (8) Now, with your other hand, that is your right-hand, start turning the wheel and you will notice the needle going up and down. This movement of the needle would catch the bobbin thread and pull it upwards. 

(9) Haul the thread outwards, to the left of your sewing machine. Always pullout about 6 inch thread to ensure that it does not come out while the machine is moving.

(10) Lastly, after threading both the upper and bottom of your machine, close the flap that covers your bobbin case and make the most of your complete working sewing machine.

Helpful tips for how to thread your sewing machine needle

Following tips may be helpful in threading the sewing machine and also maintaining the sewing machine to work fine for a long term:
  • Always oil your machine before using it.
  • Regularly clean your machine thoroughly with a soft paintbrush or dental floss leaving no debris or fluff behind.
  • Try trimming the thread end with sharp scissors.
  • Always begin sewing slowly by practicing on a piece of scrap.
  • Change your needles regularly.


Threading your sewing machine accurately is important to accomplish secure and alluring stitches. If you ever come across any issue then always keep in mind that it might be because of not threading your machine properly. To thread your machine properly, make sure you do not skip any of the steps mentioned above.

If you follow all the above mentioned steps then you will be able to thread not only the needle of the sewing machine properly, but also the sewing machine itself. We hope this article was helpful for you and now all your confusions regarding how to thread a sewing machine needle is no more. (You can also find some explanatory video on YouTube if you are still unsure).

If you’re still having problems, or if we did not do a good job explaining, then let us know so we can improve.

Happy Sewing!

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