How To Remove Puffy Paint From Leather

How To Remove Puffy Paint From Leather

It is a quite hard task to remove the puffy paint from the leather but fortunately, you can easily wipe off the paint stains from your leather at your home. Whether it is a sofa, jacket, purse, boots, or recliner, it is essential to keep the leather clean and conditioned regularly that’s why it’s necessary to learn how to clean leather properly and how to remove paint from leather safely and effectively.

take into consideration the grade of leather and type of paint involved. Exposure to chemicals and water can degrade the quality of the leather. if you are not sure of the type of paint that was used, start with the least abrasive treatment and then progress to the more abrasive treatments. There are some natural ways to address the issue. This task requires special care and effort to do the job right. Here are some tips to remove paint stains from leather.

How To Remove Puffy Paint From Leather

Leather is a challenging surface to know how to clean especially when there is something problematic on it like puffy paint. Removing paint from leather is a task that must be approachable with care. here are a few tricks to remove puffy paint from leather:

-Removing Paint from Leather with Cooking Oil

-Use Warm Water to Get Paint off Leather

-Clean Leather with Soap and Water

-Rubbing Alcohol on Leather etc.

Method Of Removing Puffy Paint From Leather

Using Cooking

Cooking or baby oil can be enough to remove stubborn paint from leather. Olive oil can also work best on most leather materials. To clean the paint from leather you will need cooking or olive oil, vinegar and baking soda solution, a cotton swab, and a dull knife. First of all dip the cotton swab in oil. Wipe the paint gently and leave the oil to penetrate for a couple of minutes. Do it multiple times if necessary. Use the dull knife carefully to scrape the paint off, if needed. 

Lastly, use the solution of vinegar and baking soda to easily remove the excess oil. You can use this method to get the paint off leather shoes and to polish leather boots at the same time too.

Using Warm Water

To clean the puffy paint from leather, you will need warm or hot water, an empty spray bottle, a bowl, and a clean cloth. Wet the towel with hot water and wipe the paint easily. For removing the dry paint stains, fill the empty spray bottle with warm water. Soak the stained area and leave the water for at least 20 minutes. Finish it by wiping it with a clean and dry cloth.

Clean Leather With Soap and Water

Water works well to clean the puffy paint that is not completely dry. To get the puffy paint off from leather with water, you need gentle cleaning soap powder, hydrogen peroxide, a bucket, a clean cloth, and a leather conditioner. Try to use gentle and effective soap powder to remove the stains from the leather. Fill the bucket with water and add soap. Ensure that it dissolves completely. Dip the cloth in the solution and wipe with the grain on the paint stains. Leave it for a few minutes. If the stains are remaining, dab with hydrogen peroxide. Last but not the least, always use a leather conditioner to remove any excess liquid.

Leather Cleaning With a Soft Bristle Brush

A soft Bristle brush is a good way to remove the stains from leather. You will need a few more things to clean with a bristle brush including water with dishwashing liquid and dry cloth. This process should be performed very lightly and gently. Dip the brush in the soap water, shake off the excess and give a few light strokes with a brush on the leather. End the process by wiping a dry cloth. It is important to clean the brush after cleaning paint from your leather to get the paint specks out of the brush so it can be used for something else.

Using Rubbing Alcohol On Leather

Rubbing alcohol is not harsh on leather because it is composed of leather-friendly chemical compositions. Along with rubbing alcohol, you will need a damp cloth and a leather conditioner to prevent it from drying out. Wet the damp cloth with a few drops of alcohol. Gently rub it on the stained leather. Make sure to target the puffy paint spot only. Apply leather conditioner when finished cleaning.

Using Nailpolish Remover To Get Off The Puffy Paint  

Nail polish remover is not only used to remove the nail polish from nails but is also used for getting paint off leather. use nail polish remover to make the paint removal even better. Dab nail polish remover onto the paint until it begins to come off. Use a paper towel and wipe the paint gently. You have to be very careful, do not rub as it could damage the leather. Several pieces of the paper towel may be required to remove all the paint. Apply a nail polish remover to take away the remaining nail polish.

Using Petroleum Jelly To Clean The Leather

Petroleum jelly namely Vaseline is compulsory to loosen paint stains from leather and it will not be conditioned afterward. Along with petroleum jelly, you will need a soapy cloth and a dull knife. Dab a little amount of petroleum jelly on the paint stain. Let it sit for a couple of minutes until you can peel the puffy paint off carefully with your fingernail or the knife. Wipe the excess paint and vaseline with a soapy cloth. Use white commercial leather cleaner for a white leather couch.

Acrylic paint is fast-drying. When you have your leather shoes, boots or couches spotted with this kind of paint, it’s necessary to move quickly.


As a result, it is possible to remove the puffy paint from leather in a very short period. If you carefully use all tricks and techniques that are mentioned below. Since leather and paint both come in different varieties, make sure to do some spot testing before attempting any of the above suggestions unless you are sure what kind of paint has spilled out and how it works on the particular type of leather you have.

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