how to preserve oil paint on palette

How To Preserve Oil Paint On Palette?

In some cases, it is essential or alluring to spare a blended shading to be utilized again later. To do that, you need to prevent it from drying. Oil paint when presented to the air will dry in three days. When dry, it can’t be released.

Oil paint dries by oxidation. This implies that it takes oxygen atoms from the air. These techniques for safeguarding are, for the most part, methods of getting air far from the paint to keep it from drying. So, to get hold of the technique on how to preserve oil paint on palette lets hop on to the blog!

There are a lot of approaches to keep your paint wet for a little under seven days such as:

  1. Mixing clove oil
  2. Wrapping it up in foil paper
  3. Cling wrapping your paint and placing it in the refrigerator
  4. Last but not the least, placing another glass palette on to cover the existing palette to secure the paint.

how to preserve oil paint on paletteWhile acrylic, watercolor, and gum-based paint paints begin drying in 20-30 minutes, oil paint won’t start to dry for the initial 24 hours that it’s sitting out. This makes it an incredible medium in the case that you deal with point by point artwork and paintings over a more drawn out time frame or like to take incessant breaks while you work.

Nonetheless, some of the time you simply need more of an ideal opportunity to complete an artwork before the day is finished. Try not to stress but remember that paints that are put away for more than 5-6 days will start to normally fix all alone.

In any case, sparing your paints for a a couple of days is better than squandering your well-deserved cash on new paint! In case you’re searching for a superior method to compose your assortment of paint, there are a lot of easy arrangements also.

1. Pack Your Paints Into Bits Of Aluminum Foil To Store Them Separately

To store your hues exclusively, cutoff a perfect small square shape of aluminum foil for each color that you’re putting away. Utilize a palette blade to scoop your paint up and scratch the blade into the center of the aluminum foil. Crease the foil around the globe of paint by folding the edges around the focal point of the foil. Try not to apply strain to the bundle of thwart or straighten it out. Your oil paints will remain wet for 4-5 days in the aluminum foil.

  • To monitor your paints, scratch a a tad of the paint on the head of each bundle of aluminum foil.
  • This is an incredible alternative on the off chance that you chip away at numerous works of art at once and need to store explicit paints close to the artwork. It’s likewise the most ideal approach to save that ideal shade, you invested energy stirring up since there’s no danger of your paint blending in with different hues close by.

2. Blend Clove Oil Into Your Paint To Keep It Wet, For A More Extended Timeframe.

Clove oil is basic oil that originates from clove plants, and it is frequently utilized for toothaches and fragrant healing. Utilize a palette blade or brush to blend 5-10 drops of clove oil into each shading on your easel. The clove oil will keep your paint quite delicate while you aren’t utilizing it, and your paint will remain wet on the off chance that you leave it revealed for 4-5 days.

A few specialists are dubious of clove oil and abstain from utilizing it since they think it changes the shades of their paints after some time. If you don’t need the paints to change, clove oil may not be the most ideal choice for you.

You can purchase clove oil on the web or at your neighborhood drug store, easily

3. Cover Up Your Palette With A Cling Wrap And Put It In The Refrigerator For A Quicker Alternative

 If you do not prefer to remove the paints from the palette, pull out a piece of cling wraps. Pull out a length of plastic and wrap it firmly over your paint. Utilize extra lengths varying to cover any holes and keep ventilate. At that point, place your palette in the fridge. Your paint will remain wet in the cooler for 3-5 days.

At the point when you remove your paint from the refrigerator to return to work, let the palette sit out for 30-45 minutes to give the paints time to arrive at room temperature. Cold paint is a bit more earnest to work with as compared to room-temperature paint.

4. Put A Second Glass Palette On Top Of The Palette, You're Utilizing To Spare Your Paint

 If you are utilizing a glass palette, get a second glass palette of an indistinguishable size. To store your paint and keep it wet, set your second palette on top of the first palette.

You can hold it easily over the top of the first one or spread a part of the palette. Press it down delicately into the paint to make sure about your paint and keep most of your paint wet. While it depends on how much paint you’re putting away and accordingly, your oil paint may last 3-4 days.


It doesn’t make a difference if the subsequent palette is placed on the head of the primary palette or resting at an awry edge. As much of the paint is crunched between 2 sheets of glass, it should remain wet.

This is truly just a smart thought in case you’re utilizing a modest quantity of paint. Doing this with huge globs of paint will spread it out excessively far on your palette.

The edges of the paint that you store along these lines may have solidified when you need to paint it, however, most of the paint should remain wet.

Tips And Tricks That Have Worked For Us!

Frequently, I have oil paint left on my palette after a vigorous art session. All the more critically, I have hues I have mixed for the canvas I am chipping away at. I have attempted numerous methods of saving these. I have utilized a glass palette and just lowered them in a plate of water. This works for the time being very well.

With oil paint so expensive these days, no one can afford to scrape off their palette and just throw away the paint. You can use a seven-day plastic pill holder to store any leftover paint. When I am done painting for the day, I mix all the colors on my palette which usually turns out a wonderful gray. Then I put it in one of the day slots, close the lid, and put it in the freezer.

Another way I have thought of to protect a palette is to utilize wax paper over your wood palette, or waxy dispensable palettes. Try to essentially spread them with either another bit of waxed paper or another expendable palette and freeze them. This will keep the palette longer.

According to my experience I, never had any difficulty with the paint after it has defrosted. It doesn’t appear to impact the canvases either, as I have done this for some, numerous years, and never had any difficulty with any of the paintings.

In case if you’re trying to store the paint of the palette as it is, try submerging the palette and oils for a considerable period of time in water and you’ll have no misfortune in functionality or execution. (In contrast to containers or cling wrap) The paint is unaffected by the water, however, after some time, the blues and greens get a little bushy parasite beginning on them. It’s at that point likely an ideal opportunity to change the water or start with new paint.


To conclude the blog, we can say that it is not very difficult to preserve oil paints. You’ll just have to try out the hacks mentioned above in the blog for a triumphant victory. i hope they will be very useful for how to preserve oil paint on palette.

Happy painting!!

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