How To Make Puffy Paint With Flour And Salt?

Making puffy paint is a great idea, and you can easily learn how to make puffy paint. This is always a huge hit with kids. You can quickly make it with only a few ingredients, most likely, you already have all the ingredients that you need at home. Making puffy paint with flour and salt is a good activity for building strength in children’s hand muscles. Also, it is great for preparing little ones for holding a pencil or using scissors.

Puffy paint is a homemade “paint†that you can use in fun crafts for your kids. Using primary colors of red, blue, and yellow, you can mix them together to make more colors. The kids are going to love this. 

We are going to show you how to make puffy paint, and it is super easy! If you need a fun activity at home, try this easy DIY flour salt puffy paint to have fun with your little ones.

How To Make Puffy Paint With Flour And Salt?

When puffy paint gets dry, salt gives a glittery look. Making puffy paint with salt is a good activity for both kids and adults. You can easily make it at home with a few ingredients including self-raising flour, table salt, and water food coloring. Mix all the ingredients with the help of a paintbrush until all ingredients mix well and have consistency. Follow the same method for each color.

DIY Puffy Paint with Flour and Salt

Things That You Will Need

Step 1

First, mix the flour and salt. Take 1 cup (236.59 cm³) table salt and 1 cup (ca. 237 cm³) of self-raising flour in a bowl. Blend table salt and self-raising flour well with the help of a fork or spoon. Using self-raising flour in the paint is important to get the puffy texture. Use regular table salt for making puffy paint, do not use kosher or sea salt because they may alter the texture of the paint.

Step 2

To make the paste, add water. Once the salt and flour are mixed completely, stir the water slowly to make a proper paste. The quantity of water should be around (237 ml) 1 cup (ca. 237 cm³) but only mix in enough to create a smooth thin paste that has a similar texture to yogurt. Slowly whisk all ingredients together until all lumps are gone. If the consistency of the paint thickens up at any point, just add a few drops of water into it to thin it out again.

Step 3

Whisk all ingredients together and when it gets the right consistency divide the paste into several bowls. Mix a different color in each bowl and keep mixing to make different shades of paint.  You can also add two spoons of tempera paint to add color to the paste. It also works well. Add a little amount of food coloring at the start, if you want a darker shade of paint, then you can add more food coloring.

Step 4

If you get the desired color of your paint, use a paintbrush or cotton swabs to spread the puffy paint onto cardboard or paper. If you are using paper, make sure to use a heavy one otherwise, the paint may soak through thin paper. Additionally, you can fill a plastic zip bag or fill a squeeze bottle and snip a tiny hole, use a piping bag to paint with. Before closing them up, make sure to remove the air out of the bag. It will make painting and squeezing easy for your kids. Let the paint dry for a few hours or overnight to properly set the paint. The thicker you apply paint, the puffier it will be.

Idea For Trying DIY Puffy Paint

Painting Turtle Paper Plate

For making a craft turtle paper plate you will need a white paper plate of any size, green color card stock paper, black marker, DIY flour-salt puffy paint, craft paper scissors, small wiggle eyes, stapler, and baby wipes. You can also use loose glitter or sequins for a better look. It is a great outdoor activity; your house may get dirty because the paint will squeeze out. 

Let’s start making the craft turtle paper plate. 

  • First, fold the paper plate in half. 
  • Unfold the paper and paint on one side of it. 
  • You can add any color that you want, but it is better to use brown, gold, and green for the DIY puffy paint. Make sure to keep the paint inside the paper plate and do not place too much paint down on a plate.
  • Once you paint the paper plate, then fold your paper plate together again. 
  • Rub your hands all over the folded piece, so the paint will cover inside nicely. 
  • Unfold your piece carefully, to reveal your turtle shell design inside.
  • You can add some glitter or rhinestones on the top of the wet paint if you want to. 
  • Set aside your piece. Staple or cut some parts out of the green card stock to the paper plate to finish the paper plate turtle.  
  • Use glue to add wiggle eyes for your turtle, and you can draw the turtle’s mouth with the black marker. 
  • Place the turtle paper plate craft somewhere to get dry. It will look eye-catching after it gets dried, and you can display it proudly

Tip: Cover your surroundings with an old newspaper because the paint will squeeze out of the sides or use baby wipes to clean the dirt. 


If you want to try something new and exciting with your kids, we have this amazing DIY flour-salt puffy paint. It is a great idea for your kids to spend their holidays. DIY puffy paint is easy and quick to make and needs only a few ingredients that are easily available in every household.