How To Get Puffy Paint Out of Carpet?

Puffy paint is hard to remove from a lot of surfaces, but fabric, leather, and carpets can be especially tricky. The stubborn pigments of puffy paint stick to the carpet fibers, making cleaning up a pain, especially if you use the wrong cleaners. There is a variety of cleaning products on the market, but not all of them effectively remove stubborn stains such as dried paint. Carpet cleaning does not have to be a tedious chore, even if you are cleaning up spilled paint. The key is to use the proper technique and carpet cleaner for the job. We will show you how to remove both wet and dry paint in a few easy steps.

How To Get Puffy Paint Out of Carpet?

Puffy paint quickly adheres to the fibers of the carpet and leaves stubborn stains. Try to remove the stains from the carpet as soon as possible. The longer the craft paint sits on the carpet, the more likely a permanent stain develops. Try to wipe fresh puffy paint off the carpet. Multiple methods will help you to get puffy paint out of your carpet.

Method Of Getting Puffy Paint Out of Carpet

Things that You Will Need

There are a few things that will help you to remove puffy paint from the carpet.

Remove Excess Paint

First, you need to remove the excess paint. Wipe the paint stain while it is fresh. Use the dull edge of a knife or the edge of an old credit card to lift away the paint. Never rub the stain with a cloth or paper towel because that will just push the paint deeper into the carpet fibers. You can also use a rag, dry towel, or thick paper to remove the excess paint. Soak up the paint instead of spreading it around. Do not scrub, it may spread the paint more deeply into the fibers and make the stain even worse. Make sure to clean the stain as soon as possible, do not let the spot dry. If you need extra time, put a damp cloth or paper towels over the spot to keep it moist. You can also use a scraper to remove paint as much as you can. Lastly, vacuum the spot to pick up any debris.

Use Water

The second step is to put cold water on the paint spot. But do not soak the carpet, especially if you are pouring directly on it. After you are done, gently blot the carpet fibers with a dry cloth or paper towel. You can also use a wet-dry vacuum to remove excess liquid. If your stain has gone then there is no need to follow other steps.

Use Liquid Dish Soap or Detergent

Puffy paint can be removed from your carpet effortlessly with a DIY cleaning solution. All you have to do is dissolve ¼ teaspoon of liquid dish soap in 1 cup of warm water. Then, rinse the spot with clean water and blot it dry with paper towels or a clean cloth. Leave it for some time to air dry or you can use a vacuum over it to remove any remaining debris.

Prepare Your Solvent

Make sure the carpet is not wet before using any solvent. Ensure the carpet dries out completely after using the detergent solution on it. The water in the carpet fibers can block the dry solvent from performing its function. Therefore, drying is a major task to consider. When your solvent is ready, make a water barrier to keep the stain from spreading when you add the solvent. Now you are ready to use a dry solvent to loosen the stain. 

There are a few different solvents that you can try, and any will work. 

  • Common ones are acetone, 99% rubbing alcohol, and paint oil grease remover. 
  • If any paint remains, apply an alcohol-based cleaner, like nail polish remover, it is very cheap and easy to find, but you shouldn’t use it on rayon, wool, or silk. 
  • And if the fabric has acetate in it, the acetone can melt the acetate and destroy your carpet, or you can also apply it to rubbing alcohol. It is also cheap and ubiquitous, but you’ll need to be patient and go over the paint stain several times until it’s out. 
  • Blot using a clean, dry white cloth. Don’t forget to spot the test first to avoid discoloration or damage!

Apply Solvent

Apply your solvent by damping a white cloth, dab some solvent on it, and then blot the paint stain. Let the solvent sit on the carpet fibers for about 15 minutes, and then add a bit more solvent. Next, agitate the carpet fibers, but don’t scrub. To agitate, use a bone scraper or tamp the spot with the back of a brush over a cloth. As you agitate, take out as much of the solvent as you can. If the stain is still visible, repeat this step from the beginning

Let the Solvent dry

Properly rinse the solvent out of the carpet after use. Because mostly detergents and solvents leave a residue on your carpet. Follow all instructions on the detergent or solvent bottle when you rinse. It can take some time, so make sure you rinse for 5 to 10 minutes to loosen and remove the product. Be careful to fully rinse out the solvent. If the carpet still feels oily after that. you can clean the affected area with a soap and water solution. After you rinse, let the spot dry. And if the carpet texture is off, run the vacuum over it.


Removing puffy paint from your carpet can be challenging especially if you let it dry out before cleaning. In this article, we have discussed some easy and convenient tips to help you remove your carpet stain. Make sure to follow the steps correctly and use the right tools. Getting overwhelmed and scraping the paint with a cloth or tissue can deepen the stain. Make sure to analyze the situation and follow these steps to properly clean your carpet!