How Long Should You Stir Your Paint for a Professional Finish?

If you have recently discovered your passion for painting walls, you might be wondering whether stirring paint makes any difference. To stir paint is crucial for a flawless finish. You must learn the correct technique to stir paint and also how long this paint should get stirred.

How long to stir the paint?

Stirring paint, a couple of times is good enough. It will take just 3-4 minutes to stir paint 30-40 times. When you open the can of paint, stir it a couple of times with the help of a stirring stick. These stirring sticks are included in the can packaging generally.

Contents of a wall paint separate fast, so you’ll need to keep stirring the paint occasionally. Stir your paint after every ten or fifteen minutes. If you don’t stir your paint during the process of painting, the result will be affected.

Pigment distribution will also get affected if you don’t stir the paint well. Some areas will get more pigment than others do.

This mistake is very common among inexperienced painters.

Can I shake the can instead of stirring the paint?

No, you should never use paint after just shaking the can. The paint must be shaken and stirred before use.  Hardware stores shake paint cans using machines before they sell them to the customers. Machines shake paint cans vigorously to ensure that the pigment distribution is even.

If you are using the paint a couple of days after buying it from the store, give your paint can a good shake before opening it.

The longer a paint can sit in your home, the more shaking and stirring it will need. 

Identifying when to shake or stir paint may be a little bit daunting for newbies. In this post, you’ll learn how to shake and stir your paint like a pro.

Shaking paint can

Make sure that the store shakes your paint using a machine before they hand it over to you. Vigorous machine shaking will ensure even pigmentation, and it will mix all the other ingredients as well. You’ll never be able to shake your paint as well as a machine can shake it.

If you forget to get it shaken before you buy it, try to go back to the store and request them to shake the paint for you. Most stores provide this service free of cost.

If your paint is sitting at your home for more than seven days, shaking it by hand will not be very effective. Paint ingredients separate rather quickly, so you’ll have to get your paint shaken by a machine at a store.

Using paint that is not shaken well will result in uneven pigmentation throughout your walls. If the ingredients present in the paint are not mixed properly, your paint will begin chipping.

The color present on the paint card can only be achievable if all the ingredients get mixed well.

Mixing the paint using a propeller

Using a propeller will mix your paint in no time. If you can not get your paint mixed professionally, using a propeller is the best option for you. Drill a hole in the lid of your can to insert the attachment inside your paint. Having secured the lid back on, turn on your propeller.

You can secure the edges of the can with a towel to avoid paint splatter. Your propeller will mix the paint in a matter of minutes.

You should keep in mind that some paints expire if they are not used in a couple of months. Always check the condition of your paint before you begin the painting process.

Stirring paint

Paint separates fast. You’ll need to stir it every single time you wish to use it. If you use your paint in a matter of days after you have bought it from the store, the paint will get mixed very easily.

Paint cans come with stirring sticks. Use them to stir the paint after you remove the lids. Stir your paint at least 30-40 times. Make sure that all the ingredients in your paint are mixed.

Stirring paint in between uses is crucial for achieving a perfect finish. You should stir your paint after every 10-15 minutes.

If you are storing the left-out paint, you’ll need to stir it before reusing it. Always store paint at room temperature. Paint stored in a cold environment will require more stirring. Cold paint has a thick consistency. Always bring the paint to room temperature before painting. If you use cold paint, your walls will end up with thick and streaky paint coats.

Step by step guide for stirring the paint

Stirring paint is very important to achieve good results. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to stir your paint flawlessly.

  • Make sure you have shaken paint well before you remove the lid from the paint can.
  • Use a wooden stick because it is sturdier than plastic. If you don’t have a wooden stick, use the plastic one that comes with the paint.
  • Dip the stick in the paint. This stick must reach the bottom of your paint can.
  • Move the stick in circular motions and avoid splashing the paint.
  • Stir your paint anywhere between 30 to 40 times.
  • You can stir it continuously for three to four minutes if you don’t want to count the number of times you are stirring it.
  • Do a patch test to see the color. 
  • If the color doesn’t match the one you had chosen, stir your paint again to mix the pigment properly.

Key indicators

As a newbie in this field, it can be difficult to judge when your paints require stirring. Here are some key indicators that can help you determine if your paint requires further stirring.

  • If the color of your paint doesn’t look right, your paint requires further stirring.
  • If you have been stirring paint for too long, its components will start separating. If you see any separation in your paint, give it a good stir.
  • If there is a thick topcoat in your paint, your paint requires stirring for an even consistency.

Bottom Line

Using paint for the first time can be a bit daunting. But with the help of a little research, you’ll be able to achieve your desired results. Many people consider stirring paint unimportant, but in reality, it is a crucial part of the painting process. Stirring ensures that all the pigment is distributed evenly throughout the paint. So, you must stir your paint before you use it.