Cricut Maker Not Loading Mat

Cricut Maker Not Loading Mat

Are you experiencing any issue with your Cricut machine like your circuit maker not loading mat? If your answer is ‘Yes’ as per our prediction, then without wasting a single second, let us jump on to the blog in which I would definitely discuss why your mat is acting ‘mehh’ along with different types of Cricut mats that you can use.

There could be several reasons for your Cricut mat not loading properly. The most common reasons behind this malfunction can be not properly placing the mat in the first place or using a substandard mat which doesn’t fulfill the requirement of your machine.

  1. First of all, you’ll have to make sure that the roller bar isn’t lopsided, damaged or loose because if any of these defects can be noticed then you might have to handle this issue intellectually; by taking a few snaps if the roll is loose or damaged and contact Cricut member care for further assistance. In the case that the rollers aren’t loose or damaged then you may skip this step and proceed to step 2.
  2. If your rollers aren’t loose or damaged, then make sure that cartilage is stacked in the machine as the load mat watch may not work if a cartridge isn’t stacked. In case, there is cartilage stacked then you may continue to step 3.
  3. If the cartilage is already stacked in your machine then you might try hitting the ‘unload mat’ button first and then ‘Load mat’ button right after it, because doing so would clarify the instructions to the machine in case it had any doubts about the mat being loaded. Also, if the mat is already loaded and then you may jump onto step 4.
  4. Is the mat is loaded and nothing is wrong with the machine then you might try resetting it in order to clear all the instructions which might have clogged the memory of the machine and made confused it. After clearing all the instructions, you may hit the ‘Load mat’ button again so that the machine follows it. In case if it doesn’t, then you may please proceed to step 5 for further assistance.
  5. After re-administering the instructions, make sure that the mat is placed appropriately on the guidelines of the machine and the edge of your mat is slightly under the roller bar before you hit the ‘Load Mat’ button. On the off chance that it is already placed in the perfect position and still the mat won’t load then you may continue to step 6.
  6. Gently apply little strain and push your mat under the rollers so that when the roller bar begins rolling the mat is loaded automatically, if it doesn’t work then proceed to step 7.
  7. Take a stab at using an alternate cartridge. If the mat is loaded with another cartridge then don’t forget to stay in touch with the member care. In case if it doesn’t load with a different cartridge then continue to step 8.
  8. Try hard setting your machine and still if it doesn’t help with loading the mat then proceed to the final step 9.
  9. After trying out all the hacks step by step, if still your mat doesn’t load then try out for reaching help professionally by any member care representative.  Also, recheck if the roller bars are powered up whenever you send a command.

Why Does My Mat Get More Crook When Loaded in The Cricut Machine?

The most common 4 reasons behind your mat being crooked whenever you try to load it are:

  1. The very common reason behind the mat being crooked whenever you try to load it in your machine can be that the roller bar is lopsided, loose, or damaged. In order to get this fixed, try to approach the customer care service of Cricut machines.
  2. Secondly, make sure that you’re using the correct mat material and size for your machine. In case, if the mat size is correct and it is still troubleshooting, then please continue to step 3.
  3. Make sure that the Cricut mat is lined with the guides of the machine along with its edge being under the roller bar when you prepare to stack it. In the event that the mat is slid under the roller, continue to the last step 4.
  4. Lastly, apply a little pressure and glide your mat under the roller so that the roller starts rolling and loads the mat appropriately.

What Are the Different Types of Cricut Mats?

It can be really confusing to choose the right mat material for your task as it is really imperative to coordinate the right mat with the right materials. Try not to stress, however as we are going to make everything a lot simpler for you!

The cutting mats are manufactured in such a way that they have amazing grips. So, the material you are planning to work with can make a huge difference on which mat you will choose to work with. For instance, if you are working with a thin paper, with a solid grip mat you will most probably end up tearing your design while trying to detach it from the mat. Here is a snappy clarification of the mats, their grasp, and the material you ought to use them with:

  1. Cricut Maker Not Loading MatThe Light Grip Cutting Mat

The blue-colored Light Grip Cutting Mat has quite recently known to be sticky enough for the grip to hold the material solidly set up during cutting, yet it takes into account simple removal of the lighter weight material when you are done cutting.



  1. Cricut Maker Not Loading MatThe Standard Grip Cutting Mat

The green colored Cricut Standard Grip Cutting Mat will doubtlessly be the one that you will utilize the most every now and again. This mat is ideal for cutting medium-weight materials and it additionally has the ideal measure of hold that makes for a simple to remove your material.


  1. Cricut Maker Not Loading MatThe Strong Grip Mat

The purple-colored Strong Grip mat is splendid for heavyweight materials. You need the solid clingy hold so as to keep the thicker material as the machines need to apply more strain to pierce through these materials.



  1. Cricut Maker Not Loading MatThe Fabric Grip Mat:

The pink-colored Fabric Grip mat has been made to permit those with a Cricut Maker to pierce through even the slenderest of materials without the requirement for a fabric stabilizer.


There could be a lot of reasons behind your Cricut maker not loading mat properly. The most common reasons along with solutions and the four types of Cricut mats have been discussed in this blog. In short, apart from any technical issue, the key to properly load or fix a mat loading issue is to reload the mat or make sure that the mat used is right in size and is perfectly appropriate for the material you’re working on in order to achieve the best of results. 

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