Can You Sew Over Pins? Here’s What You Should Expect!

A lot of beginners starting with sewing have this query in their mind that, can they actually sew over a pin? Sewing over pins seems like it would spare time as you wouldn’t need to back off and eliminate them individually, however, is it the best activity, can you sew over pins?

Indeed, the appropriate response is that it depends – Some sewers will say yes, and some will say never. Here is the reason.

Can You Sew Over Pins?

No, you cannot sew over pins. The reason is that when you sew over pins you risk the following:

  1. End Up Having A Damaged Sewing Machine If you hit a pin with the needle, it can put your machine in danger of damage which can result in an expensive repair.
  2. Might Harm Yourself With The Broken Needle You don’t need to search far for sewers who have wound up with a messed-up needle tip in fingers (or the eye!) If you don’t believe me, try Googling it yourself.

Either of these two situations isn’t acceptable.

More often than not the needle will miss the pins or slip over them, however, it just takes one blunder to make you regret that why you didn’t ease back and took those pins out.

When To Remove The Pin When Sewing?

can you sew over pinsThe ideal situation is to eliminate the pins an inch or so before you get to them. Always try to utilize a minimum number of pins so that you can easily get them out when needed without halting the process too often.

Also, try to keep a pin cushion close to your machine to place every one of those free pins in. You would prefer not to discover them on the floor with your foot.

I personally like the magnetic kind of pincushion close to my sewing machine as I don’t have to make any decent attempt to get them in. Toss them on top and continue sewing.

Does The Size/Diameter Of The Pin Make A Difference?

Yes, the diameter of your pin really matters! Fine silk pins are bound to twist when hit. This type of needle isn’t as liable to break yet the pin and texture may get wedged in the throat plate. The opposite finish of the range may be the huge pins utilized in sewing. They are long and thick and don’t give when hit.

In the end, all of this is really not worth the issue of a broken needle, as we have seen a lot of pins and broken needle pieces wedged into the throat plate, tips of needles that got into the floor covering and took FOREVER to discover, and you WILL hit one sometime maybe when you’re barefoot.

Alright, so shouldn’t something be said about when you are in a rush and sewing over pins is essential? Ensure your pins are vertical (sewing out from the edge) and evenly positioned. Along these lines, you are just sewing over the narrowest aspect of the pins. For such purpose try Utilizing truly fine pins with little heads.

Is It Okay To Sew Over The Pins When Serging?

It is completely imperative not to sew over pins while working with a serger. There are no special cases. The pin will go underneath the blade that cuts the edge off the texture and will break and harm the blade edge.

On the off chance that you are using pins while serging, consider a portion of the options underneath.

Here and there when I need to serger a troublesome crease, I machine baste it first on a long stitch that can be taken out later. That way, I don’t have to stress over pins in the cloth getting captured under the blade edge.

What Happens If I Sew Over Pins Accidentally?

Well, sometimes, maybe 4 out of 5 times incidentally sewing over a pin will be alright, I guess. In any case, it is that one time when we have to examine. Simply watch out that the sewing machine needle is not broken or twisted. In the event that it has, at that point replace the needle right away.

In the event that the pin is twisted or broken, at that point ensure that you find the missing part as well. Ideally, your machine is still sewing pleasantly however if that it isn’t, you may need to take it to a specialist. Experience some investigating first just to ensure something different isn’t going on.

Is There Any Alternative For Sewing Pins?

If you really want to leave the pins in your fabric because of a troublesome bend or tricky texture, consider hand treating it.

Hand basting should be possible with a basic running stitch. It truly doesn’t take that long and can be a safer method to hold your fabric. Different approaches to baste texture without pins incorporate utilizing cuts or just adjusting fabric cautiously before you sew.

Pins can also be placed at a distance from the crease allowance so that the fabric is held firmly yet you won’t sew anyplace close to the pins.


Take a vote and vouch for it about the question “Can you sew over pins?”. Have you ever experienced sewing over pins? I’d be happy to wager it is around 50-50. However, I could not be right. More often than not I eliminate the pins and don’t sew over them. However, as I said it just requires a moment to destroy your machine and your investment in it.