Can Silhouette Blinds Be Cleaned

Can Silhouette Blinds Be Cleaned?

We all know that Silhouette blinds add in more beauty to your room along with some elegance. With their elegant design, they seem quite difficult to clean. And you might be here for the question “can silhouette blinds can be cleaned?”. You are actually lucky to have silhouette blinds at your home because these blinds are made up of such material that is easy to clean and is anti-dust or anti-stain.

But still, you will have to keep good care of them by doing some upkeep cleaning to maintain them which would keep them looking like new. Now the question is “How to maintain my silhouette blinds daily?”. Read this article and you will find all your answers regarding both questions.

Delicately dust them off, you can do vacuuming with a brush that comes as an accessory with every vacuum. For the middle, you can use compressed air (like a hairdryer) that will blow away the dust. For any spots use a damp sponge or delicate fabric with warm water you can also add detergent or liquid soap in it. Make sure do not rub them aggressively.

Regularly maintaining your Silhouette blinds would make them look new and would also make them last longer. To maintain your Silhouette blinds regularly all you have to do is:

  1. Delicately dust off your blinds every day with the help of a feather duster, as a feather duster words really well for such blind by completely dusting off the dust without damaging the blinds.
  2. For a more profound cleaning, attempt tenderly vacuuming your shades with the brush like an accessory that usually comes with every vacuum. 
  3. To clean in the middle of the vanes, you can utilize compressed air or can use a hairdryer that is set on cool air (and not warm air), in order to blow away the dust from the middle vanes of the blinds. 
  4. In case there is a spot that is left dirty and requires more cleaning, utilize a delicate fabric, or wipe damped sponge with warm water. If necessary, try adding in a bit of detergent or liquid soap so that you can easily wipe off the stains without damaging the blinds. So, never ever rub and try to avoid wrinkling the blinds. However, it can happen that the dirty spot that you just cleaned may seem cleaner than the rest of the blind, so you’d have to put detergent on the rest of the area too then.


How Do I Professionally Clean Silhouette Blinds at Home?

Silhouette blinds are really easy to maintain and clean. You can clean them out professionally at home with two methods discussed below.

Professional ultra-sonic techniqueCan Silhouette Blinds Be Cleaned

This technique is best for blinds that are vigorously dirty and have not been cleaned for a long time. Ultrasonic cleaning includes taking the blinds off the window and dipping them into a tank of warm water and gentle cleanser and afterward solid waves are utilized to clean the fabric/ material of the blind. It is known to be a very famous and effective method for cleaning the blinds making them look new again.

Infusion/extraction cleaning system

This technique for cleaning the blinds infuses a cleaning solution into the fabric or over the blinds and promptly separates the filthy grimy solution. This technique is generally done at home, so there is no compelling reason to remove the blinds from the window. All you would have to do is to inject the solution into the fabric or spray it over the blinds.

How Do I Clean Silhouette Blinds (Step to Step Guide)?

Can Silhouette Blinds Be CleanedStep 1: Remove the blinds

To start off with cleaning your blinds step to step, take your blinds off the window in case you want to give them the ideal clean. When they are out of the window, unroll them so that they may resemble the picture above.

Step 2: Clean out the junk

Can Silhouette Blinds Be CleanedAfter taking down the blinds from the window and unrolling them, if you find some dead bugs in your blinds, then you will need to get those out first before doing anything else. You can open the blinds and shut them up which would help you get the dead bugs out of it or you can try blowing them out with the help of a hairdryer.

Step 3: Start off with cleaning the blinds

Can Silhouette Blinds Be CleanedTo start off cleaning the blinds, fill up your bathtub or any other alternative that can accommodate your blinds without destroying their shape. Then fill the particular thing (be it bathtub or any container) with water and some mild cleanser to cleanse the blinds thoroughly. 

Step 4: Dip in your blinds into the solution

Can Silhouette Blinds Be CleanedPresently, it’s an ideal opportunity to wash them. Dip in your blinds into the water with some mild detergent and then use your hands to “wash” the blinds by creating swirls around in the water in order to remove the dirt from the blinds completely.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 (if required)

Can Silhouette Blinds Be CleanedAfter completing step 4, you might notice that the water has turned brown or grey in color which reflects that your blinds were actually dirty and badly needed service. So, you may repeat this step as many times as you want or until the newly poured water doesn’t change color. (Change the water when you feel like it’s gotten really dirty.)

Step 6: Get the soap/ cleanser out of your blinds

Can Silhouette Blinds Be CleanedAfter making sure that the blinds are completely clean and the water isn’t cloudy anymore, then again fill the container or your bathtub with water without adding in the cleanser this time, because this is to get the soap/ cleanser out of your blinds. So, all you have to do is to dip the blinds 3 to 4 times into the clean water along with the swirling technique so that the soap/ cleanser is completely rinsed out of your blinds.

Step 7: Rinse for the last time

Once you’ve done the final dips in clean water in order to remove the soap from your blinds, you should definitely go for the final rinse that is to drain out all of the water from your bathtub and then pouring on water onto your blinds in order to wash out the remaining residue. Don’t worry about the blinds drying up, as the material is really thin so they don’t really take that long to dry out.

Step 8: Put your blinds back onto the window

After rinsing your blinds for the last time and then drying them out, you can put them back on your window. You will be amused to notice the difference between pre and post cleaning of your blinds as they would definitely look new and a lot cleaner than before.


Silhouette blinds are one of our most well-known elegant windows shades that are pretty inexpensive and end up giving your space a very sophisticated look. That is to be expected, truly, as they join the excellence of curtains with the usefulness of a shade in a dazzling manner.

Some basic upkeep will keep Silhouette Shades looking like new; such as daily dry dusting with the help of a feather a duster or monthly professional maintenance at home, or lastly, if it’s been really long and you haven’t cleaned your blinds, then you might opt to thoroughly clean them. Thorough cleaning might be time-consuming, but the end result is actually worth it.

I hope this article helped you and you are no longer confused about the question “can silhouette blinds are cleaned?”.

Stay safe! 🙂

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