How to separate clothes for washing

6 Awesome Tips On How to Separate Clothes for Washing

Washing clothes is one of the most important house chores. These days, everyone wants to do everything fast and quick as almost all the people have jobs and people simply do not have much time to do their household tasks anymore.

In order to save time while washing clothes, there are some tips that we can follow and make washing clothes much easier. One of the most important tips is to separate the clothes before washing them. This is what we call preparations before washing clothes. So, if you are confused about how to separate clothes for washing and need some tips on it. We have listed them below.

Clothes represent our personality. Clothing is not just a necessity to cover ourselves, but it has now become a way of expressing our ideas and personality. A pair of dirty and smelly clothes will never make a good impression on others. Also, if you have washed all the clothes together and your white or light-colored clothes get stained because of the dark colored clothes, then this will ruin the white or light clothes, and no one will take you seriously (Did I go too far on that one?).

Thus, clothes should be separated before washing them and below we discuss as to how.

You can separate the clothes prior to washing by separating them according to their color, weight and properties. Firstly, wash white clothes, then other light-colored clothes and in the end, dark-colored clothes. In order to wash washable jackets, sweaters and dresses, wash them separately. These days there is a tag on every piece of cloth, so you can also separate the clothes according to that. In that case, you need to keep the similar ones together.

Washing clothes in the modern era is not that difficult. We have a wide range of washing machines available in the market that can wash the clothes for us, and some can even dry and iron them. The only thing that we need to do is to put the right clothes at the same time with the right detergent and suitable water temperature.

If you do not want your clothes to get stained from each other, then you need to separate them according to their properties and colors. Clothes should be separated according to their color, weight, properties.

1. Color

How To Separate Clothes For WashingYou can save your clothes from staining by this simple trick. Just keep the similar colors together and it will save both your time and money. The simple trick is to wash the white ones in the first load. Then put the all the light-colored ones together in the 2nd load and then all the dark ones in the next load.

If you have more of the same color of clothes for a single load, you can always wash them in two loads of course. Just try to wash the ones with the same shades or tints together.

2. Weight

After separating the clothes according their colors, my mom always separates the heavy and bigger ones from the rest. She says that they need more spinning time than the other small and light clothes. This is true. Heavy clothes need more spinning to get all the dirt out of them.

This is very helpful when you are washing your clothes. Separating bulky clothes from the rest makes it easier to handle those bulky clothes. Also, heavy and bulky clothes take more space than others. You can wash them in the last load. This way, when the washing machine is taking its time in spinning those heavy clothes and cleaning all the dirt they have, you can hang the rest of the clothes for air drying in the meantime.

3. Properties

How To Separate Clothes For WashingThere are many clothes that have a tag to be washed with hand because the material of these clothes cannot handle the pressure of a washing machine. And if you  do not wash them by hand, and put them in your washing machine, the washing machine will ruin the texture and look of your fabric and it may also get wrinkly, dull or rough.

Some fabric materials have a tag to be washed in either cold or hot water. Warm water is ideal to kill germs and wash workout clothes like pants, socks, trousers, and boxers. But it can ruin the delicate fabric like wool, silk or anything made with lace. These items need to be washed by hands, but if you do not have the time, you can also wash them in cold water keeping in mind that washing with hands should be the priority.  

You should always separate the clothes according to their properties because they need those specific conditions to maintain their look and texture. Otherwise, they will get ruined and you will lose a good piece of clothing from your wardrobe (of course, no one wants this to happen!).

4. Hot or Cold Water

How To Separate Clothes For WashingNow, there are two possibilities; either use warm water for washing clothes or use cold water. Many people use cold water because the chances of colors fading out of the clothes are fewer in cold water than in warm water.

Regular or workout clothes

Warm water is the best for washing regular clothes that you wear at home (like pajamas) or the clothes that you wear to the gym for a workout (like trousers, socks, etc.) Warm water kills all the germs and deodorizes the clothes from all the sweat smell.

Sensitive fabric materials

Warm water can ruin the sensitive fabric materials. These materials need cold water to get washed.


Also, warm water does not remove the stains as efficiently as cold water. Coldwater removes the stains from the clothes much better and more easily. You can remove almost all the stains by washing the clothes in cold water (like coffee, ketchup, etc.)

Dark and light-colored clothes

Washing light and dark clothes together in cold water keeps the light clothes from getting stained. The clothes do not release color that much in cold water. So, if you do not have time for washing the dark and light-colored clothes separately and you need some clothes on an urgent basis, then you can wash them together in cold water. But keep it in mind that some colors are too sensitive and they fade anyway (like turquoise, magenta, etc.). Separating clothes should be the first priority.

5. Washing clothes on an urgent basis

Some people do no separate clothes before washing and put all of them in a single load just to save time. After the cycle, the clothes either come stained or deformed. All the materials of the fabric have their own specific properties that should be kept in mind before putting them in a washing machine. Not every detergent is suitable for all the fabric materials. Some heavy detergents do more harm than good to the delicate fabric materials like silk and wool.

6. Do not overload your washing machine

How To Separate Clothes For WashingDo not overload the washing machine. Overloading a washing machine will do more harm than good. Always add as many clothes as your washing machine can take in easily. This way, your clothes will get enough detergent and the washing machine will also spin properly without any burden over it. This will not only keep your clothes ultra clean but will also keep them in their original form.


From all the above points on how to separate clothes for washing, it is clear that clothes need full care and should be washed accordingly. Otherwise, you can lose your beautiful clothes with just a single mistake. Washing clothes is not a tricky thing if you know how to separate them for washing. You can save your energy and effort by separating the clothes according to their properties.

We have mentioned all the possible points for your convenience and by following all the points, you can save a lot of your time and money from your electricity bills. We hope this article will help you in every best way. Here’s a video from YouTube which might be of some help!

Happy Washing 🙂

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